The Nations are in Derision
Thru Pris Van Sutphin
August 20th, 2013

I heard the Lord say,  “ The Nations are coming into derision and as it comes upon them, I will come upon YOU all to be My servants of LIFE, HOPE and RESTORATION.  I AM loosing My Kingdom and MY KINGDOM will be exalted in the earth. My glory will be made known, and NO ONE will have an excuse for not believing in Me.

Startling miracles are beginning to erupt.  Prayers will be more quickly answered.  Just as the wheelchair came in a week, My will will be done and executed decisively, and fulfilled expediently.  I am building FAITH and imparting FAITH to My vessels coming forth as GOLD.  
[ had prayed for guy in motorized w/c who needed a new one and one week later lady at coffee shop gave him a chk for $4000 ]

I am RE-ALIGNING many so they can do what I HAVE PLANNED.
They are getting promotions to places of favor and influence so that more people will be equipped for what is coming.  So don’t despise it when people turn away from you, or you are turned away from them,  or have to move, because I am speaking to change directions and some paths will converge because of destiny, not because anyone is rebellious.

Also don’t think that just because your support base changes, that people are upset or angry at you, but because your alliances are changing for KINGDOM purpose.  I am also bringing together some unlikely alliances in the church due to the need for equipping and directional changes, so do not despise the changes coming. Remember My Father always has your best interest in mind,  and loves you forever and ever.  

There is golden honey pouring out into vessels who have born much grief and sorrow, and much abuse and rejection from some in the organized church. Many have suffered in their bodies for the sake of the church. I am opening eyes, and you will see more miracles related to eye improvement. Eyes damaged from various things will be healed. The Blind will be healed, because I am OPENING THE EYES OF THIS GENERATION to see TRUTH. The eyes of the youth, and young adults need OPENING to truth as they’ve been so deceived. Expect change. Expect REVELATION to EXPLODE on the scene especially among the youth.  Your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions, and it will escalate as a suddenly.

I have always done miracles, but miracles will progressively increase, and hearing will increase following that. EARS will be opened to hear what the Spirit wants to whisper in their ears.  And as hearts are convicted and delivered of unbelief, sudden startling miracles of a creative nature will cause weeping as  Tenderness descends to transform His bride and break every chain.

I have an army that will march through the land, and will not give in to compromise.  There will be much opposition to My plans, but know that I AM WITH YOU and will UPHOLD you with My righteous right hand.  I will stand back to back with you fighting the enemy and guarding your back.  Come to My chambers now while there is still time, and get the blueprint for your lives if you haven’t received it yet, or need more information.  Ask and you will receive.

Song caught my attention: “I will arise and go to JESUS, He will embrace me in His arms, in the arms of my dear Savior, Oh there are 10,000 charms “
[ Come ye sinners poor and needy – Fernando Ortega ]
2nd time in couple days that when it plays I’m so suddenly caught up.