10/29/13 1:11
Priscilla Van Sutphin

I thought I heard the word REMORSE
The only reference I saw in concordance was this one to Judas.

Matt 27:3 AMP 3 When Judas, His betrayer, saw that [Jesus] was condemned, [Judas was p afflicted in mind and troubled for his former folly; and] with remorse [with little more than a selfish dread of the consequences] he brought back the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders, [Ex 21:32.]

“ I don’t want you ever to have remorse beloveds because of the choices you make. Thus, there has been much you’ve gone through to get you to the place of condescension, and death to self. Condescension to give up on doing things using the ways of the world, and death to self, that your living and being should be in the Spirit, and not in the ways of the world.

Just as Judas misunderstood that my kingdom was not about restoring glory in the natural as much as wiping away the sin debt of the whole world, so many in this hour are deluded, deceived, and in confusion because what they’ve believed is not lining up with what they are experiencing, what they’ve been taught. Defensiveness is high in those who are greatly rejected, because they are unhealed and the church continues to worry more about services, buildings, and how they look to others, than the real tasks that I was and am concerned with.

How can I build a church on false foundations? How can I build a church where people get along when there is so much false teaching and understanding among my own ? There is so little reliance on ME to understand the Word and it’s application escapes so many because they are unhealed and their minds are unrenewed. So they go the way of the self seekers of the world. They still open their eye gates and ear gates to sinful ways and images of violence and lust.

Who will stand up and proclaim the righteousness of Your GOD? Who will be willing to draw a line in the sand and say that one cannot transgress the laws of God continually, without any effort to seek healing and deliverance, and still have positions of authority in My church? Where is the intimacy with ME? Until there is intimacy with ME, there can be no transformation from grace to grace, and glory to glory.

Selfishness and self centeredness is at an all time high. Pride of defensiveness is rampant so that making peace is unreachable. LAY DOWN before ME, the ALMIGHTY ONE, AND THE HEALER OF YOUR SOUL. COME BACK TO THE PLACE OF INTIMACY WITH ME. LET ME TOUCH YOU. STOP RUNNING AWAY TO DO ALL THE THINGS YOU THINK YOU HAVE TO DO. TAKE TIME FOR FAMILY AND I SHOULD BE THE HEAD OF YOUR FAMILY.

Do you really want ME? Do you really want to spend time with me, like I want to with you? Can you relax in My presence? Can you lay everything you are concerned about at My feet, and allow me to instill peace, and understanding for these times? I am so longing for fellowship. I warned you to take communion, all the more, when you see the signs of the times. So come take communion with ME. Spend time with ME. Get My perspective on things. I am purifying My bride company, and I will break the chains that have tormented or bound you as you WORSHIP.

Come and let ME be your comfort. Let ME take the load off your shoulders. Cry out to ME for all you see going on. It’s like the times of LOT, and your souls are being pummeled with information about alarming and terrible things. All that has an effect on your souls. So take time out, turn off the media for a couple days. Come into the sanctuary of My heart. Lean on ME, and receive My peace.

There is progress on your behalf, even when you rest. As you rest and worship, I WILL TAKE UP THE CAUSE you are concerned about, and move on hearts of those who will move mountains and expose the hidden things. Rest in My presence and lay out the pain you see to ME. I will intercede! I will send out envoys to deal with what is on your heart. I will act on your behalf. TRUST ME. See if I will not destroy all that has encumbered and kept you back from the fullness of what is for you.

There is a cool breeze coming down from the north. I will blow on my garden, and I will revive the trees and flowers that are worn from the heat of the fire. I will blow away the opposition. And winter will bring more cleansing, more healing, more miracles, more answers to prayer. More of all you have prayed for. Be alert for My voice. I am at HAND

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