FEAR is a major root of many other things in our lives…also see article on overcoming fear. You can pray a few everyday!

Priscilla van Sutphin

Job 37:24 AMP   Men therefore [reverently] fear Him; He regards and respects not any who are wise in heart [ in their own understanding and conceit ].  [Matt 10:28.]

Ps 84:12 AMP  O Lord of hosts, blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the man who trusts in You [leaning and believing on You, committing all and confidently looking to You, and that without fear or misgiving]!

Father, help me not to walk in arrogance and self sufficiency, but to put the whole of my trust in you, in everything I say, in everything I do, that I would look to YOU for how to do it, and what to do, and what to say.  Help me to depend on YOU, and not on my own wisdom. Bind my heart to Your heart, my mind to Your mind, and my will to Your will.

Ps 56:4-5 AMP   By [ the help of ] God I will praise His word; on God I lean, rely, and confidently put my trust; I will not fear. What can man, who is flesh, do to me?  5  All day long they twist my words and trouble my affairs; all their thoughts are against me for evil and my hurt. 

By God’s help I will praise His name and praise His Word !  I will lean and rely on God and put all my trust in HIM.  I REFUSE TO FEAR !  What can man do to me if God is for me ?  I will not give in to the fear of man.  I will take up my cross and follow YOU Lord !

Ps 49:5 AMP   Why should I fear in the days of evil, when the iniquity of those who would supplant me surrounds me on every side,

Ps 46:2 AMP     Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change and though the mountains be shaken into the midst of the seas,

Father, the days are getting darker and there is evil all around us.  Men’s hearts are growing colder and we see the signs of the end.  Give us GRACE Lord to walk in courage and give us the Spirit of Might to confront the darkness and not faint in doing good.  We choose to follow YOU and to obey what You want us to do and to say what You want us to say Lord !  We will trust in Your preserving GRACE.

Ps 40:3-4 AMP    And He has put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many shall see and fear (revere and worship) and put their trust and confident reliance in the Lord. [Ps 5:11.]    4    Blessed (happy, fortunate, to be envied) is the man who makes the Lord his refuge and trust, and turns not to the proud or to followers of false gods.

Father, there is power in praise, so fill my mouth with praise by Your GRACE Lord.  Give me a thankful heart and the grace to not walk in pride and unthankfulness.  Keep me from presumptive sins.  Make Your face to shine upon me and grant me the courage, grace, and LOVE it takes to love others unconditionally and to love my enemies in spite of their hatred.  Lord help me to walk in GLORY.  Help me to walk in HOLINESS.  GRANT me GRACE to be and do all YOU want me to be and do.

Ps 36:1 AMP        [A Psalm] of David the servant of the Lord.
TRANSGRESSION [ like an oracle ] speaks to the wicked deep in his heart. There is no fear or dread of God before his eyes. [Rom 3:18.]
Ps 34:11 AMP      Come, you children, listen to me; I will teach you to revere and worshipfully fear the Lord.
Ps 34:9 AMP       O fear the Lord, you His saints [revere and worship Him]! For there is no want to those who truly revere and worship Him with godly fear.

Father,  Give me more of the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord !  You are my
M’Gee’ nee – my Protector and my Shield.  Fill my home with the fear of the Lord.  Fill Your church with the fear of the Lord.  Let the fear of the LORD be in me and around me wherever I go.  I pray it will convict the hearts of the lost and the carnal Christians I run into.  I pray You will fill my mouth with Your Word as I go about my daily tasks, and in the marketplace.  Bring my attention to those that need to hear the truth.  And give me the courage to speak Your TRUTH, no matter what the cost.  Do not let fear of rejection find anything in me !  RELEASE ME FATHER from any fear that would hinder YOU using me in any situation You want !

Ps 34:7 AMP     The Angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him [who revere and worship Him with awe] and each of them He delivers. [Ps 18:1; 145:20.]

Ps 23:4 AMP     Yes, though I walk through the [deep, sunless] valley of the shadow of death, I will fear or dread no evil, for You are with me; Your rod [to protect] and Your staff [to guide], they comfort me.

Thank You Lord , that Your word says the Angel of the Lord encamps around me and that YOU bring deliverance to those who fear YOU !  Father I want freedom from all that so easily besets me !  FILL ME with Your HOLY Spirit!  Fill me with Your FEAR OF THE LORD, that I might walk in TRUTH and obey all Your commands.  I want the ANGEL of the LORD to encamp in MY HOME.  I know that even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, that YOU will give me Your direction and guidance, and Your HOLY SPIRIT will be with me, no matter what I have to endure for the sake of YOUR Kingdom !  You comfort me, because You are the Comforter !  Thank You Lord that You are El Ra’chum, the Compassionate God, and Your mercy endures forever !

Ps 2:11-12 AMP    Serve the Lord with reverent awe and worshipful fear; rejoice and be in high spirits with trembling [lest you displease Him]. 12 Kiss the Son [pay homage to Him in purity], lest He be angry and you perish in the way, for soon shall His wrath be kindled. O blessed (happy, fortunate, and to be envied) are all those who seek refuge and put their trust in Him!  
To kiss You Lord, is to obey You, for You said that He who loves Me, obeys Me.  So grant me the GRACE Lord to obey everything You tell me to do.  Grant me grace to overcome all the weaknesses in my character, all the sin in my life.  Give me overcoming GRACE Lord and help me to rest in You. I put all my trust and hope in You !

Ps 9:20 AMP        Put them in fear [make them realize their frail nature], O Lord, that the nations may know themselves to be but men. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!
Father, bring the fear of the Lord upon the nations, that they may know that YOU alone are GOD !  For Your Word says that when Your judgments are in the earth, the people will learn knowledge.

Ps 85:9-13  AMP
9    Surely His salvation is near to those who reverently and worshipfully fear Him, [and is ready to be appropriated] that [the manifest presence of God, His] glory may tabernacle and abide in our land.
10   Mercy and loving-kindness and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.  11   Truth shall spring up from the earth, and righteousness shall look down from heaven.
12   Yes, the Lord will give what is good, and our land will yield its increase.
13   Righteousness shall go before Him and shall make His footsteps a way in which to walk.

Ps 86:11-12 AMP    Teach me Your way, O Lord, that I may walk and live in Your truth; direct and unite my heart [solely, reverently] to fear and honor Your name. [Ps 5:11; 69:36.]  12     I will confess and praise You, O Lord my God, with my whole (united) heart; and I will glorify Your name forevermore.

Thank You Lord for Your grace ~  help me to live and walk in Your truth Father.  Direct my heart into the love of God and the patience of Christ.
Unite my heart to Your heart.  Fill me with more of Your love, that all fear will be cast down.  Grant me GRACE to worship You and to believe all that you’ve written in Your Word, that I would not give in to fears.  RELEASE me Father from all fear of man, fear of failure, fear of loss, and fear of death.
Give me more wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Your love Lord, that I may know the length, depth, breadth and width of the love You have for me, so I can be filled with the fullness of GOD { Eph 3}.  I love You Lord, but I want to love You MORE.  Fill me Lord with thankfulness for the cross and all You have done for me.  Fill me LORD with YOUR GOODNESS and Mercy and lovingkindness that I may walk as YOUR SON walked.

1 Chron 28:20 AMP            Also David told Solomon his son, Be strong and courageous, and do it.  Fear not,  be not dismayed, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He will not fail or forsake you until you have finished all the work for the service of the house of the Lord.

Est 2:20 AMP       Now Esther had not yet revealed her nationality or her people, for she obeyed Mordecai's command to her [ to fear God and execute His commands ] just as when she was being brought up by him.
Job 3:25-26 AMP      For the thing which I greatly fear comes upon me, and that of which I am afraid befalls me.  26    I was not or am not at ease, nor had I or have I rest, nor was I or am I quiet, yet trouble came and still comes [upon me].

Father, there is nothing I have to fear.  And You said that fear only causes torment.  I pray for a release from all fear in My life and in the lives of my family / loved ones !  I pray for YOU to pour out YOUR LOVE Father, that fear will be driven out.  Make us fearless warriors Father and grant us the grace to walk according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh, in the name and the Blood of Jesus !

Job 4:13-17 AMP        In thoughts from the visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on men,  14   Fear came upon me and trembling, which made all my bones shake.  15    Then a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my flesh stood up!  16   [The spirit] stood still, but I could not discern the appearance of it. A form was before my eyes; there was silence, and then I heard a voice, saying,  17   Can mortal man be just before God, or be more right than He is?   Can a man be pure before his Maker, or be more cleansed than He is? [1 John 1:7; Rev 1:5.]

Ps 90:11-12 AMP    Who knows the power of Your anger? [ Who worthily connects this brevity of life with Your recognition of sin? ] And Your wrath, who connects it with the reverent and worshipful fear that is due You?  12 So teach us to number our days, that we may get us a heart of wisdom.

Father, I know that your heart is wounded when you see the cowering in fear of your servants.
It shows how little we understand of Your love.  Father , please pour out Your GRACE and LOVE, in greater measure than what we have received, that we might be empowered to let go of all the fear and  obey you perfectly at all times.  Let us NOT be afraid of the terror that flies by night or the arrow that lays waste at noonday !  Remind us to put on our armor daily and grant us the grace to RESIST all the taunts of the enemy, in the name and the BLOOD of JESUS !

Ps 103:13-14 AMP    As a father loves and pities his children, so the Lord loves and pities those who fear Him [with reverence, worship, and awe].
14   For He knows our frame, He [earnestly] remembers and imprints [on His heart] that we are dust.

Ps 115:11 AMP    You who [reverently] fear the Lord, trust in and lean on the Lord! He is their Help and their Shield.

Ps 119:120-122 AMP     My flesh trembles and shudders for fear and reverential, worshipful awe of You, and I am afraid and in dread of Your judgments.  121    I have done justice and righteousness; leave me not to those who would oppress me.  122   Be surety for Your servant for good [as Judah was surety for the safety of Benjamin]; let not the proud oppress me. [Gen 43:9.]

Father, grant us the GRACE to come into Your presence with thankfulness and gratefulness, and a heart filled with worship and praise !  And as we lay ourselves before YOU, I pray You will fill us up to the full with Your love and heal us completely of all fears, panic, anxieties and worries.  Help us to TRUST You more, by healing our hearts and delivering us from the lies of the enemy that we don’t even know we have believed Lord ! 
In the name and the Blood of Jesus !

Prov 9:10-11 AMP       The reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord is the beginning (the chief and choice part) of Wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy one is insight and understanding.  11   For by me [Wisdom from God] your days shall be multiplied, and the years of your life shall be increased.

Prov 14:26 AMP   In the reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord there is strong confidence, and His children shall always have a place of refuge.

Prov 14:27 AMP   Reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord is a fountain of life, that one may avoid the snares of death. [John 4:10,14.]

Prov 16:6-7 AMP     By mercy and love, truth and fidelity [to God and man--not by sacrificial offerings], iniquity is purged out of the heart, and by the reverent, worshipful fear of the Lord men depart from and avoid evil. 7  When a man's ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.

Prov 19:23  AMP    The reverent, worshipful fear of the Lord leads to life, and he who has it rests satisfied; he cannot be visited with [actual] evil. [Job 5:19; Ps 91:3; Prov 12:13; Isa 46:4; Jer 1:8; Dan 6:27; 2 Tim 4:8.]

Prov 29:25 AMP   The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever leans on, trusts in, and puts his confidence in the Lord is safe and set on high.

Father, FILL ME UP with the Spirit of the FEAR of the LORD that my person, my home, my family will be filled with Your Most Holy Spirit and not give in to the fear of man over the fear of the Lord.  Fill me with Your Spirit of Might that I may be bold in the face of opposition and speak Your Words with confidence.  Destroy any idolatry to man in my heart Father and help me to lay at Your feet and just soak in Your love and kindness.  Empower me to speak the truth no matter what the cost when You tell me to.

Prov 31:18 AMP    She tastes and sees that her gain from work [ with and for God ] is good; her lamp goes not out, but it burns on continually through the night [ of trouble, privation, or sorrow, warning away fear, doubt, and distrust].

Eccl 7:24 AMP   That which is is far off, and that which is deep is very deep--who can find it out [true wisdom independent of the fear of God]? [Job 28:12-28; 1 Cor 2:9-16.]

Eccl 8:12 AMP        Though a sinner does evil a hundred times and his days [seemingly] are prolonged [in his wickedness], yet surely I know that it will be well with those who [reverently] fear God, who revere and worship Him, realizing His continual presence. [Ps 37:11,18,19; Isa 3:10,11; Matt 25:34.]

Oh Lord, continue to give me the discernment to realize Your continual presence in and around me, that I would not fear man.  Help me to see You as great and powerful as You really are. 

Eccl 12:13 AMP    All has been heard; the end of the matter is: Fear God [revere and worship Him, knowing that He is] and keep His commandments, for this is the whole of man [the full, original purpose of his creation, the object of God's providence, the root of character, the foundation of all happiness, the adjustment to all inharmonious circumstances and conditions under the sun] and the whole [duty] for every man.

Isa 8:12-14 AMP    Do not call conspiracy [ or hard, or holy ] all that this people will call conspiracy [or hard, or holy]; neither be in fear of what they fear, nor [make others afraid and] in dread.  13 The Lord of hosts--regard Him as holy and honor His holy name [by regarding Him as your only hope of safety], and let Him be your fear and let Him be your dread [lest you offend Him by your fear of man and distrust of Him].   14   And He shall be a sanctuary [ a sacred and indestructible asylum to those who reverently fear and trust in Him]; but He shall be a Stone of stumbling and a Rock of offense to both the houses of Israel, a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. [Isa 28:6; Rom 9:33; 1 Peter 2:6-8.]

Father God, let me not displease you by ungodly fear.  Help me to trust in YOU more and more.  Grant me GRACE to not shrink back in the face of fear and enlarge My heart to receive all the love You want to pour into me…for I am Your beloved and You are mine !  Keep me as the apple of Your eye and help me to see My reflection in Your eyes. Help me to see myself as YOU see me. Hold not truth from me oh Lord !

Isa 29:13-14 AMP    And the Lord said, For as much as this people draw near Me with their mouth and honor Me with their lips but remove their hearts and minds far from Me, and their fear and reverence for Me are a commandment of men that is learned by repetition [ without any thought as to the meaning ],  14   Therefore, behold !   I will again do marvelous things with this people, marvelous and astonishing things; and the wisdom of their wise men will perish, and the understanding of their discerning men will vanish or be hidden.

Father, come and do marvelous things in our midst !  We are all bearing the brunt of a world on the precipice of eternity and many foes surround us Oh Lord !  Do astonishing things that surprise us and those we pray for !  Dimay the pride of man in the earth ! Use the weak to confound the mighty ! Break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron. Give us the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places,  Fill us with Your love that casts down all fear that we may extract the precious from the vile in the earth and proclaim Your Kingdom with boldness !  In Jesus’ name !

Isa 33:6  NKJV   Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times, And the strength of salvation; The fear of the LORD is His treasure. 

Isa 35:4-7 NKJV  Say to those who are fearful-hearted, "Be strong, do not fear!  Behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense of God; He will come and save you."  5   Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. 6 Then the lame shall leap like a deer, and the tongue of the dumb sing. For waters shall burst forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert. 7 The parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water;

Oh Lord THIS is the time that this will be fulfilled.  Grant us to be filled with the Spirit of MIGHT, that we might rise to the occasion and destroy the pride of the wicked and make a display of Your LOVE and POWER in the earth.  Lord, even Elijah ran dismayed from jezebel, so give us the MIGHT and boldness and courage to confront that spirit in the earth now !  FILL us with the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord and with YOUR LOVE that NOTHING will shake us from fulfilling YOUR call on our lives !

Isa 41:10-13 NKJV   Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.'  11 "Behold, all those who were incensed against you shall be ashamed and disgraced; They shall be as nothing, and those who strive with you shall perish. 12   You shall seek them and not find them — Those who contended with you.  Those who war against you shall be as nothing, as a nonexistent thing. 13  For I, the LORD your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, 'Fear not, I will help you.' 

Thank you Lord that YOU are EL GIBOR, the MIGHTY ONE OF JACOB and nothing is impossible with YOU !  You are our Strength and our High Tower !  You will confound our enemies and make a display of those who are Your own ! You will defend us in the day of famine and in the face of persecution, YOU will give us strength to love even our enemies !  FATHER, fill us with YOUR LOVE that we can love others as YOU love them, thereby testifying to Your might 
and power in us !

Isa 43:1-3a NKJV    But now, thus says the LORD, who created you, O Jacob, and He who formed you, O Israel: "Fear not, for I have redeemed you;  I have called you by your name; You are Mine. 2   When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;  And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.  When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you. 3 For I am the LORD your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior;

Thank You Lord , that Your promise is to be with us, Emmanuel, God with us, and that YOU will never, never leave us.  Thank You that You will perfect Your love in us, to realize we will never be alone, no matter what happens around us, You are with us.  Even if we can’t feel You, You are there !  Praise You Lord for Your love to us, how precious it is oh Lord !

Jer 5:22-23 NKJV   Do you not fear Me?' says the LORD.  'Will you not tremble at My presence,  Who have placed the sand as the bound of the sea,
by a perpetual decree, that it cannot pass beyond it?  And though its waves toss to and fro, Yet they cannot prevail; Though they roar, yet they cannot pass over it. 23  But this people has a defiant and rebellious heart; They have revolted and departed. 

When fear comes near me Lord, remind me of Your greatness.  Help me to see You as big as you really are.  Heaven is Your throne and earth is Your footstool.  Help me to always be aware of Your sovereignty and power, and how it is so much greater than anything the enemy can throw at us Oh Lord !  Thank You for Your presence Father !  Thank You Most Holy Spirit !  Thank You Jesus for your many interventions in my life that have kept me from harm and death.  Your word says that to God alone belong escapes from death, and You are a faithful, Faithful Father !  Thank You for Your love for me Lord !

Jer 10:7 NKJV   Who would not fear You, O King of the nations? For this is Your rightful due.  For among all the wise men of the nations, And in all their kingdoms,  
There is none like You. 

Jer 20:10 NKJV   For I heard many mocking: "Fear on every side!"  "Report," they say, "and we will report it!"  All my acquaintances watched for my stumbling, saying, "Perhaps he can be induced;  Then we will prevail against him,  And we will take our revenge on him." 

2 Tim 1:7 NKJV   For God has not given us a spirit of fear , but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

When fear surrounds me because of betrayal and the wickedness of others, hold me in Your arms Lord.  Remind me of the comfort of Your arms around me, and how much You love me.  Thank You that I’m Your favorite because I said yes to you…and that was not even of my own Lord, for all I do is by Your grace !  Help me to be quick to forgive and quick to lay the pain at the cross Father.  Heal my heart of any times I have not laid it ALL at the cross.  Heal me of any little hidden pains of the past.  Fill  me with Your love that I can fully forgive from the heart and not just a mental forgiveness.

Hab 3:17-19 AMP
17  Though the fig tree does not blossom and there is no fruit on the vines, [though] the product of the olive fails and the fields yield no food, though the flock is cut off from the fold and there are no cattle in the stalls, 18  Yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I will exult in the [victorious] God of my salvation! [Rom 8:37.]  19 The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds' feet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]!

Mic 7:7-10 AMP    But as for me, I will look to the Lord and confident in Him I will keep watch; I will wait with hope and expectancy for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me. 8 Rejoice not against me, O my enemy!  When I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light to me.  9  I will bear the indignation of the Lord because I have sinned against Him, until He pleads my cause and executes judgment for me. He will bring me forth to the light, and I shall behold His righteous deliverance. [Rom 10:1-4; 11:23-27.]  10 Then my enemy will see it, and shame will cover her who said to me, Where is the Lord your God? My eyes will see my desire upon her; now she will be trodden down as the mire of the streets.

Jer 30:10-11 NKJV 'Therefore do not fear, O My servant Jacob,' says the LORD, 'Nor be dismayed, O Israel; For behold, I will save you from afar, and your seed from the land of their captivity. Jacob shall return, have rest and be quiet, and no one shall make him afraid.  11  For I am with you,' says the LORD, 'to save you; Though I make a full end of all nations where I have scattered you, Yet I will not make a complete end of you.  But I will correct you in justice, and will not let you go altogether unpunished.' 

Jer 32:39-41 NKJV  …then I will give them one heart and one way, that they may fear Me forever, for the good of them and their children after them. 

Jer 33:7-11 NKJV And I will cause the captives of Judah and the captives of Israel to return, and will rebuild those places as at the first. 8  I will cleanse them from all their iniquity by which they have sinned against Me, and I will pardon all their iniquities by which they have sinned and by which they have transgressed against Me. 9 Then it shall be to Me a name of joy, a praise, and an honor before all nations of the earth, who shall hear all the good that I do to them; they shall fear and tremble for all the goodness and all the prosperity that I provide for it.' 

Jer 46:27-28 NKJV     God Will Preserve Israel     (cf. Jer 30:10,11)
'But do not fear , O My servant Jacob, And do not be dismayed, O Israel!  For behold, I will save you from afar, and your offspring from the land of their captivity; Jacob shall return, have rest and be at ease; No one shall make him afraid. 28 Do not fear , O Jacob My servant," says the LORD, "For I am with you; For I will make a complete end of all the nations 

Lam 3:46-48 NKJV  All our enemies have opened their mouths against us. 47 Fear and a snare have come upon us, desolation and destruction.  48 My eyes overflow with rivers of water for the destruction of the daughter of my people. 

Lam 3:56-58 NKJV You have heard my voice: "Do not hide Your ear from my sighing, from my cry for help." 57 You drew near on the day I called on You,And said, "Do not fear !"  58 O Lord, You have pleaded the case for my soul; You have redeemed my life. 

Dan 6:26-27 NKJV  I make a decree that in every dominion of my kingdom men must tremble and fear before the God of Daniel. For He is the living God, and steadfast forever; His kingdom is the one which shall not be destroyed, and His dominion shall endure to the end.  27 He delivers and rescues, and He works signs and wonders  in heaven and on earth,

Dan 10:12-13 NKJV  Then he said to me, "Do not fear , Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand, and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard; and I have come because of your words. 13 But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia.

Dan 10:19 NKJV   And he said, "O man greatly beloved, fear not! Peace be to you; be strong, yes, be strong!"

Hos 3:4-5 NKJV    For the children of Israel shall abide many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacred pillar, without ephod or teraphim. 5  Afterward the children of Israel shall return and seek the LORD their God and David their king. They shall fear the LORD and His goodness in the latter days. 

Joel 2:21-23 NKJV Fear not, O land; Be glad and rejoice, for the LORD has done marvelous things!  22  Do not be afraid, you beasts of the field; For the open pastures are springing up, and the tree bears its fruit; The fig tree and the vine yield their strength.  23 Be glad then, you children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God; For He has given you the former rain faithfully, and He will cause the rain to come down for you

Joel 2:23 NKJV   The former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.  

Amos 3:8 NKJV   A lion has roared!  Who will not fear ? The Lord GOD has spoken! Who can but prophesy? 

Jonah 1:9 NKJV   So he said to them, "I am a Hebrew; and I fear the LORD, the God of heaven, who made the sea and the dry land." 

Mic 7:16-19 NKJV   The nations shall see and be ashamed of all their might; They shall put their hand over their mouth; Their ears shall be deaf. 17 They shall lick the dust like a serpent; They shall crawl from their holes like snakes of the earth. They shall be afraid of the LORD our God, and shall fear because of You.  18   Who is a God like You, pardoning iniquity And passing over the transgression of the remnant of His heritage? He does not retain His anger forever, because He delights in mercy.  19 He will again have compassion on us, and will subdue our iniquities. You will cast all our sins Into the depths of the sea. 

Zeph 3:16-17 NKJV  In that day it shall be said to Jerusalem: "Do not fear ;
Zion, let not your hands be weak. 17 The LORD your God in your midst, the Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love,  He will rejoice over you with singing." 

Hag 2:4-5 NKJV'  According to the word that I covenanted with you when you came out of Egypt, so My Spirit remains among you; do not fear !' 

Zech 8:13 NKJV  And it shall come to pass That just as you were a curse among the nations, O house of Judah and house of Israel, So I will save you, and you shall be a blessing. Do not fear , let your hands be strong.' 

Mal 3:5 NKJV   And I will come near you for judgment; I will be a swift witness Against sorcerers,
Against adulterers,
Against perjurers,
Against those who exploit wage earners and widows and orphans,
And against those who turn away an alien — Because they do not fear Me,"
Says the LORD of hosts. 

Mal 3:16-18 NKJV      A Book of Remembrance 
Then those who feared the LORD spoke to one another, and the LORD listened and heard them; So a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the LORD and who meditate on His name.  17 "They shall be Mine," says the LORD of hosts, "On the day that I make them My jewels. And I will spare them as a man spares his own son who serves him."  18  Then you shall again discern between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves God and one who does not serve Him. 

Mal 4:2-3 NKJV   But to you who fear My name the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings; And you shall go out and grow fat like stall-fed calves.  3  You shall trample the wicked, for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day that I do this," Says the LORD of hosts. 

Matt 10:24-26 NKJV   "A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master.  25 It is enough for a disciple that he be like his teacher, and a servant like his master. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more will they call those of his household!  26 Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known.  

Matt 10:28-31  NKJV   And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.  29  Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father's will.  30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  31 Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.  

Matt 14:26-27 NKJV   And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, "It is a ghost!" And they cried out for fear .  27  But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying,  "Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid."  

Luke 1:11-13 NKJV   Then an angel of the Lord appeared to him, standing on the right side of the altar of incense. 12 And when Zacharias saw him, he was troubled, and fear fell upon him. 13  But the angel said to him, "Do not be afraid, Zacharias, for your prayer is heard; and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son, and you shall call his name John.

Luke 1:50 NKJV And His mercy is on those who fear Him from generation to generation. 

Luke 1:64-65 NKJV  Immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue loosed, and he spoke, praising God. 65 Then fear came on all who dwelt around them; and all these sayings were discussed throughout all the hill country of Judea

Luke 1:74-75 NKJV  To grant us that we, being delivered from the hand of our enemies, might serve Him without fear , 75   In holiness and righteousness before Him all the days of our life. 

Luke 8:37 NKJV  Then the whole multitude of the surrounding region of the Gadarenes asked Him to depart from them, for they were seized with great fear . And He got into the boat and returned. 

Luke 12:5 NKJV   But I will show you whom you should fear : Fear Him who, after He has killed, has power to cast into hell; yes, I say to you, fear Him!  

Luke 12:7 NKJV   But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.  

Luke 12:32-34 NKJV  "Do not fear , little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.  33   Sell what you have and give alms; provide yourselves money bags which do not grow old, a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches nor moth destroys.  34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.  

Luke 18:2-8 NKJV   saying: "There was in a certain city a judge who did not fear God nor regard man.  3  Now there was a widow in that city; and she came to him, saying, 'Get justice for me from my adversary.'  4 And he would not for a while; but afterward he said within himself, 'Though I do not fear God nor regard man,  5 yet because this widow troubles me I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me.'"  6  Then the Lord said, "Hear what the unjust judge said.  7 And shall God not avenge His own elect who cry out day and night to Him, though He bears long with them?  8   I tell you that He will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?"  

Luke 21:25-28 NKJV   The Coming of the Son of Man 
(Matt 24:29-31; Mark 13:24-27)
"And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring;  26 men's hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.  27 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.  28 Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near."  

Acts 2:42-45 NKJV  And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. 43 Then fear came upon every soul, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles. 44 Now all who believed were together, and had all things in common, 45 and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need. 

Acts 5:5-6 NKJV    Then Ananias, hearing these words, fell down and breathed his last. So great fear came upon all those who heard these things. 6 And the young men arose and wrapped him up, carried him out, and buried him.  

Acts 9:31 NKJV     The Church Prospers 
Then the churches throughout all Judea, Galilee, and Samaria had peace and were edified. And walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, they were multiplied. 

Rom 8:15-17 NKJV   For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear , but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, "Abba, Father." 16 The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, 17 and if children, then heirs — heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together. 

Rom 11:20-23 NKJV   Well said. Because of unbelief they were broken off, and you stand by faith. Do not be haughty, but fear .  21  For if God did not spare the natural branches, He may not spare you either.  22  Therefore consider the goodness and severity of God: on those who fell, severity; but toward you, goodness, if you continue in His goodness. Otherwise you also will be cut off. 

1 Cor 2:5 NKJV   For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 3 I was with you in weakness, in fear , and in much trembling. 4 And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, 5 that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. 

1 Cor 16:10-11 NKJV   And if Timothy comes, see that he may be with you without fear ; for he does the work of the Lord, as I also do.  11 Therefore let no one despise him. But send him on his journey in peace, that he may come to me; for I am waiting for him with the brethren. 

2 Cor 7:1 NKJV           The Corinthians' Repentance 
Therefore, having these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. 

Eph 5:19-21 NKJV    speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord, 20 giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, 21  submitting to one another in the fear of God.   
Eph 6:5 NKJV  - Bondservants and Masters - Bondservants, be obedient to those who are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ;

Phil 2:12-13 NKJV  - Light Bearers -  Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; 13 for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure. 

1 Tim 5:20 NKJV   Those who are sinning rebuke in the presence of all, that the rest also may fear .

Heb 2:14-16 NKJV   Inasmuch then as the children have partaken of flesh and blood, He Himself likewise shared in the same, that through death He might destroy him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, 15 and release those who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage. 16 For indeed He does not give aid to angels, but He does give aid to the seed of Abraham.

Heb 5:7 AMP    In the days of His flesh [Jesus] offered up definite, special petitions [for that which He not only wanted but needed] and supplications with strong crying and tears to Him Who was [always] able to save Him [out] from death, and He was heard because of His reverence toward God [ His godly fear, His piety,  in that He shrank from the horrors of separation from the bright presence of the Father].

Heb 12:28-29 NKJV    Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear.  29  For our God is a consuming fire. 

Heb 13:6 NKJV   So we may boldly say: "The LORD is my helper; I will not fear.  
What can man do to me?"   

1 Peter 1:17-19 NKJV   And if you call on the Father, who without partiality judges according to each one's work, conduct yourselves throughout the time of your stay here in fear;  18  knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver or gold, from your aimless conduct received by tradition from your fathers, 19 but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.

1 Peter 2:16-17 NKJV  Honor all people. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king. 

1 Peter 2:18-21 NKJV        Submission to Masters       (Isa 53:7-9)
Servants, be submissive to your masters with all fear, not only to the good and gentle, but also to the harsh. 19 For this is commendable, if because of conscience toward God one endures grief, suffering wrongfully. 20 For what credit is it if, when you are beaten for your faults, you take it patiently? But when you do good and suffer, if you take it patiently, this is commendable before God. 21 For to this you were called, because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that you should follow His steps: 

1 Peter 3:1-2 NKJV - Submission to Husbands - Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word, they, without a word, may be won by the conduct of their wives,   2   when they observe your chaste conduct accompanied by fear.

1 Peter 3:15-17 NKJV    But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear; 16 having a good conscience, that when they defame you as evildoers, those who revile your good conduct in Christ may be ashamed. 17 For it is better, if it is the will of God, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil. 

1 John 4:18-19 AMP   There is no fear in love [ dread does not exist ], but full-grown (complete, perfect) love turns fear out of doors and expels every trace of terror! For fear brings with it the thought of punishment, and [so] he who is afraid has not reached the full maturity of love [ is not yet grown into love's complete perfection ].  19 We love Him, because He first loved us.

Jude 20-23 NKJV           Maintain Your Life with God 
But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit,  21 keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. 22 And on some have compassion, making a distinction;   23 but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh. 

Rev 2:10 AMP    Fear nothing that you are about to suffer. [ Dismiss your dread and your fears! ] Behold, the devil is indeed about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested and proved and critically appraised, and for ten days you will have affliction. Be loyally faithful unto death [even if you must die for it], and I will give you the crown of life. [Rev 3:10,11.]

Rev 11:18 NKJV     The nations were angry, and Your wrath has come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that You should reward Your servants the prophets and the saints, and those who fear Your name, small and great, and should destroy those who destroy the earth." 

Rev 14:7 AMP  And he cried with a mighty voice, Revere God and give Him glory (honor and praise in worship), for the hour of His judgment has arrived. Fall down before Him; pay Him homage and adoration and worship Him Who created heaven and earth, the sea and the springs (fountains) of water.
[In NKJV it is FEAR GOD]

Rev 15:4 NKJV    Who shall not fear You, O Lord, and glorify Your name?
For You alone are holy. For all nations shall come and worship before You,
For Your judgments have been manifested." 

Rev 19:4-5 NKJV Then a voice came from the throne, saying, "Praise our God, all you His servants and those who fear Him, both small and great!"