Heavenly Hosts - Good and Evil

People have been seeing things in photos taken of meetings of late, and
so I thought to have a page to share these things.  Recently I met some young wiccans at a coffee shop and they had photos of these "orbs" that were taken in an old haunted farm in Silverado Canyon.  You can see a differance between those and the ones in meetings.  

We must be careful not to assume anything about what we see and rightly discern good versus evil.    Pris
Orb in church...we can't assume it is good just because it is in church.  Below is link that shows God's glory cloud while young people are dancing.  Sally saw it here when she got delivered once, and she came up from fainting to see what looked to her like the whole room was cloudy, hazy.  Maria when living here once, woke up after Victor and I had been listening to recorded angel worship and she thought the room was on fire ! She saw smoke in the room and opened the door, as she didn't realize what it was.


This is interesting video of fire dancing, looks like spirits in the fire

Here is video of orbs in a meeting in Pakistan

A cloud of glory  appears over people in worship which is like many have seen is biblical and there are scriptures to support it.  In the background you can see orbs of varying sizes.

In this youtube video you see feathers falling during worship but the guy is mocking and has a cackling chicken and rooster sounds playing while the video is being played.

I had this phenomonen happen one day when on the 55 & 5 freeway interchange. I'd lost my vision for this area getting revival, as I'd prayed for years and years, and I was following a young friend to take her dad's car to the garage.  Suddenly right on that exchange going 60 mph, then slowing feathers were falling just in that place.
I thought maybe I was behind some chicken truck, but what's the chances of that happening just as I was going through at just that time of day ?  God reminded me of the promise to bring revival at the 5 & 55 Freeways area...which is something someone prophesied long ago.
Below is photo taken in a friend's back yard, note the big orb there...right in the middle of the photo...
To the right you see a orbs around guy preaching in India.

Below is Bob Jones speaking and look at the colorful movement around him like in waves.
It made me wonder if they weren't moving to the words of his mouth ?
There has been alot of controversy about him but this is a very interesting photo indeed.
This is a photo a lady sent me of her son's photo when he was a baby...you can see wings...transparent over his face and sparkly things.
Now, look at the following, known to come from likely demonic forces and decide for yourself...
To the right you can see what
looks like water spots, but is not...they are
demonic orbs, hanging around this abandoned horse farm...which is known to have "ghosts"
which we as Christians know to be familiar spirits spoken of in Leviticus.

I met this guy at the coffee shop who was a warlock, and his friend was even more demonized and bragged that he was the grandson of the woman who is the head witch for the largest group of them in the nation.  Satanists, warlocks and witches are very into bragging of their exploits. They can't possibly keep their mischief secret because they are so proud.
In one photo I lost there was  one orb near a girl's hand...the guys who were exploring this old shed where satanic services had been held up in the hilss, said it BIT her.  Demons would bite, angels not.

Left photo os girl dancing...can see presence on here of God's fire.

Close up of one "orb" below. note difference in color in orbs. Some have more bluish tinge.
And I'd seen one that looked green once but
lost the photo.

Again, here are orbs from a church with a blue hue to them.
Below is a photo taken in St Peters Basilica in Rome with ghostly figures in it...these were
vacation photos with a surprise !  My feeling is because of end times, God is allowing us to see
these things to help us discern.

<--Chest and arms
Below is a closer view of bottom and you can skeleton figures - not surprising since all the popes are buried beneath this. And not all of them were very "holy".
Above is same prophet's workshop with many orbs which look like heavenly hosts.  He said they've been multiplying.  Most I've seen in one photo.

Below is a more indepth article on the orbs in churches
Some people called this thing in the right of the photo an angel...I just don't know, but it's interesting.
above - very demonic looking jaws
another chest w/arms and looks like a mantle around the neck..headless.
Below is a very interesting photo. To the left is a figure with triangular head and there's an orb with blue tint to the right of it.  Came from the home of a prophet.
<---Hard to discern but when I lightened photo you could see the figure left.