thru Priscilla Van Sutphin
the still small voice...
"Have you ever seen an orchestra play beloveds?  It requires precise timing to make a beautiful sound does it not?  Well I AM orchestrating a great finale to time and I am pulling out the stops. I AM going to do things in perfect timing. So don't get too excited about the evil you see around you for everything is coming to fulfillment, and you will see ME soon. Pray for your unsaved families, and pray for your friends and neighbors, your fellow employees and understand that I never go without answering your prayers. People have their own wills, but nothing will be the same in this hour.

I AM DOING A NEW THING. Now you will see it spring forth~!!  Do not be alarmed by the violence that will come against you, for I am greater than all they can do. I will be Your Shield and Buckler. I WILL fight for you. They cannot take away your salvation. They cannot throw you in hell, though there will be great pain and suffering, I will raise you above it in a short time, and you will see everything differently. YOU are My own precious possession. I will not allow anything until it's time. This life is fleeing away, so hold on to ME with all that you have. Everything that is perishable will perish. But I AM THE GIVER OF LIFE.
The culture of death around you will be destroyed in the fray, so watch and be alert, for the trumpets are blowing.

Soon and very soon, you will come home to My arms and all this will seem like a dream. LIGHT and WEIGHTLESSNESS will be yours, Eternal HAPPINESS, and Freedom from pain. No more sighing or sorrow in your lives. LOOK FORWARD to LIFE WITH ME. Do what you are made to do while there is still time, and enjoy the glory that is coming to you in this hour, for the ride will be very exciting if you place ALL your trust in ME! Be OBEDIENT when I saw to stretch forth your hand, stretch forth your hand. When I saw to walk on the other side of the street or building, do as I say. Learn to depend on ME and only go where I tell you, lead you to go. LEAN ON ME for directions, moment to moment, hour to hour. For I AM Your Life, and sustenance. I will provide streams in the desert, and food in the wilderness of your lives. Do what you can do, and apart from that, I will do.

After all I AM THE CREATOR of heaven and earth and all that is in this world. I will sustain you even if you have nothing. I sent ravens to Elijah in the desert, and I multiplied food to the widow in Zarepeth. Surely you know ME by now, that there is nothing I can't do. So ask ME to deliver you and yours from all fears and all torment and deception of the enemy, for I AM the KING OF GLORY, and I AM COMING TO POUR OUT MY GLORY IN THOSE WHO ARE MINE. I WILL LEAD YOU step by step. It's orchestration is already planned. I have seen ahead all that will happen, so trust ME to lead you and to do what I see fit."