Performance Mentality
Aug. 23rd. 2006

“I am breaking down all the performance mentality in My people because there is much activity without it being OF ME.  There are lots of programs and good things being done, but very few LISTENING TO ME.  You justify yourselves by doing good things, but don’t want to look to ME for how I see things !  How can you not see that this is the carnal mind that listens to the enemy ?  Am I a man ?  Am I powerless to do anything in the situation you find yourselves ?  Do you not see that it is UNBELIEF clouding your vision so instead of listening, you DO.  And you rationalize that in the doing I will bless you.

In fact, I love blessing you, but not just because of what you do.  When the doing is what I’ve told you, of course I love that, but when you do just to fill time and space, that is not obedience.  It is quite the opposite.  How can it be so bad you think to yourselves ?  Abraham did a “good thing” and now look at the fruit of that ?!!!!!  People diametrically opposed and walking in religious fervor, causing pain and suffering to the whole world !

Can you see that just doing what SEEMS good is not the same as doing what I SAY.  The lie has been taught that you don’t have to listen, it’s already in the BOOK.  It’s true, that truth fills My Word.  But the application of it I put in your heart.  I don’t want just hearers of course, but doers it’s true.  But to know what I want, you have to have RELATIONSHIP with ME, which assumes you want to KNOW ME.  KNOWING ME must be the preeminent thing for you.  That is what Adam and Eve enjoyed, what Enoch and Noah walked in.  They enjoyed walking WITH ME.

If you walk YOUR OWN WAY, you are not walking WITH Me, but opposite Me.  My sheep hear My voice and they follow me.  Some of you I speak to in riddles, some I speak in dreams and visions, and some I speak with face to face, and mouth to ear, but I SPEAK, to all who are WILLING to LISTEN.
If you are doing all the talking and not listening, it becomes difficult and impossible to hear.  If you become too BUSY with the things of this world, then it is impossible to hear.  So if you will put ME FIRST, then you will take time with Me, and learn to KNOW ME.  You will find I am NOT a harsh taskmaster. That is the god of this world.  I am in LOVE with you. I created you to love and to be loved.  TRUST in MY LOVE above all things, and it will transform your life to one of BELIEF instead of unbelief !  All doubt will flee when you really BELIEVE I am a GOOD FATHER!

A Good Father can be TRUSTED.  TRUST is the KEY issue beloveds.  It is all the experiences of this world that cause mistrust and I am always working to help you to find TRUST and to KNOW MY LOVE above all else.  This way the enemy cannot gain a stronghold over your mind.  His purpose is to cause you to doubt My love and My benevolence towards you, and to defame My intentions.  He accuses you and He accuses Me.  He accuses.  I don’t want YOU to be in league with him, so I do not want you on the side of the accuser !  I want you believing I will do as My Word says, so that you will walk in CONFIDENCE which really causes great consternation to the enemy !

So come before My throne of GRACE with thanksgiving in your heart and know that I love you immensely, and that NOTHING can change that.  It is your own doubts that cause you pain.  Forsake the liar and take EVERY thought captive !  The hour is close to My return, and I am perfecting ALL that concerns you.  Keep close and in communion with ME in this hour so you know what is truth and what is a lie. For I am speaking if you will just wait on ME, and listen.

Luke 1:31-33 AMP  And listen ! You will become pregnant and will give birth to a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus.  32 He will be great (eminent) and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give to Him the throne of His forefather David,  33 And He will reign over the house of Jacob throughout the ages; and of His reign there will be no end. [Isa 9:6,7; Dan 2:44.]

Luke 14:34-35 AMP Salt is good [an excellent thing], but if salt has lost its strength and has become saltless (insipid, flat), how shall its saltness be restored?  35 It is fit neither for the land nor for the manure heap; men throw it away. He who has ears to hear, let him listen and consider and comprehend by hearing!

Luke 15:1 AMP NOW THE tax collectors and [notorious and especially wicked] sinners were all coming near to [Jesus] to listen to Him.

Luke 18:31 AMP Then taking the Twelve [apostles] aside, He said to them, Listen ! We are going up to Jerusalem, and all things that are written about the Son of Man through and by the prophets will be fulfilled. [Isa 53.]

John 8:43 AMP Why do you misunderstand what I say? It is because you are unable to hear what I am saying. [You cannot bear to listen to My message; your ears are shut to My teaching.]

John 8:47 AMP  Whoever is of God listens to God. [Those who belong to God hear the words of God.] This is the reason that you do not listen [to those words, to Me]: because you do not belong to God and are not of God or in harmony with Him.

Priscilla Van Sutphin
Upstream Ministries