Scriptures to Pray to Oppose the Spirits of Destruction & Violence
(Modify as you are led)

Deut 20:4 NKJV for the Lord your God is He who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.’

Psalm 140 
1 Deliver me, O Lord, from evil men; Preserve me from violent men, Who plan evil things in their hearts; They continually gather together for war. Deliver me, O Lord, from evil men; Preserve me from violent men, They sharpen their tongues like a serpent; The poison of asps is under their lips. Selah Keep me, O Lord, from the hands of the wicked; Preserve me from violent men,Who have purposed to make my steps stumble. The proud have hidden a snare for me, and cords; They have spread a net by the wayside; They have set traps for me. Selah I said to the Lord: “You are my God; Hear the voice of my supplications, O Lord. O God the Lord, the strength of my salvation, You have covered my head in the day of battle.

Do not grant, O Lord, the desires of the wicked; Do not further his wicked scheme, Lest they be exalted. Selah O God the Lord, the strength of my salvation,You have covered my head in the day of battle. I said to the Lord: “You are my God; Hear the voice of my supplications, O Lord. The proud have hidden a snare for me, & cords;They have spread a net by the wayside; They have set traps for me. Selah “As for the head of those who surround me, Let the evil of their lips cover them; Let burning coals fall upon them; Let them be cast into the fire, into deep pits, that they rise not up again. Let not a slanderer be established in the earth; Let evil hunt the violent man to overthrow him.” I know that the Lord will maintain the cause of the afflicted, & justice for the poor. Surely the righteous shall give thanks to Your name; the upright shall dwell in Your presence.

Psalm 23:1 AMPC THE Lord is my Shepherd [to feed, guide, & shield me], I shall not lack.
2 He makes me lie down in [fresh, tender] green pastures; He leads me beside the still & restful waters. [Rev. 7:17.]
3 He refreshes & restores my life (my self); He leads me in the paths of righteousness [uprightness & right standing with Him–not for my earning it, but] for His name's sake.
4 Yes, though I walk through the [deep, sunless] valley of the shadow of death, I will fear or dread no evil, for You are with me; Your rod [to protect] & Your staff [to guide], they comfort me.
5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my [brimming] cup runs over.
6 Surely or only goodness, mercy, & unfailing love shall follow me all the days of my life, & through the length of my days the house of the Lord [& His presence] shall be my dwelling place.

Jeremiah 15: 18 AMPC Why is my pain perpetual & my wound incurable, refusing to be healed? Will you indeed be to me like a deceitful brook, like waters that fail & are uncertain?
19 Therefore thus says the Lord [to Jeremiah]: If you return [& give up this mistaken tone of distrust & despair], then I will give you again a settled place of quiet & safety, & you will be My minister; & if you separate the precious from the vile [cleansing your own heart from unworthy & unwarranted suspicions concerning God’s faithfulness], you shall be My mouthpiece. [But do not yield to them.] Let them return to you—not you to [the people].

20 And I will make you to this people a fortified, bronze wall; they will fight against you, but they will not prevail over you, for I am with you to save & deliver you, says the Lord. 21 And I will deliver you out of the hands of the wicked, & I will redeem you out of the palms of the terrible & ruthless tyrants. AMPC

Exodus 14:14 AMPC The Lord will fight for you, & you shall hold your peace & remain at rest.

1 Corinthians 10:6-10 AMPC Now these things are examples (warnings & admonitions) for us not to desire or crave or covet or lust after evil & carnal things as they did. 7 Do not be worshipers of false gods as some of them were, as it is written, The people sat down to eat & drink [the sacrifices offered to the golden calf at Horeb] & rose to sport (to dance & give way to jesting & hilarity). 8 We must not gratify evil desire & indulge in immorality as some of them did—& twenty-three thousand [suddenly] fell dead in a single day! 9 We should not tempt the Lord [try His patience, become a trial to Him, critically appraise Him, & exploit His goodness] as some of them did—& were killed by poisonous serpents;
10 Nor discontentedly complain as some of them did—& were put out of the way entirely by the destroyer (death).

Exodus 12:23 ESV For the Lord will pass through to smite the Egyptians; & when He sees the blood on the lintel & on the two doorposts, the Lord will pass over the door & will not allow the destroyer to come in to your houses to smite you.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 NKJV Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, & the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ had come. Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ & our gathering together to Him, we ask you, who opposes & exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.

Job 26:6 ESV Naked is Sheol before Him, & Abaddon has no covering.  
NKJV- Sheol is naked before Him, & Destruction has no covering.

Isaiah 33:1 AMP Woe (judgment is coming) to you, O destroyer, You who were not destroyed, & he who is treacherous, while others did not deal treacherously with him. As soon as you finish destroying, you will be destroyed; As soon as you stop dealing treacherously, others will deal treacherously with you.

Isaiah 42:13 AMPC The Lord will go forth like a mighty man, He will rouse up His zealous indignation & vengeance like a warrior; He will cry, yes, He will shout aloud, He will do mightily against His enemies. 

Deuteronomy 32:35 ‘Vengeance is Mine, & retribution, In due time their foot will slip; For the day of their calamity is near, & the impending things are hastening upon them.’

Psalm 94:1 O Lord, God of vengeance, God of vengeance, shine forth!

Jeremiah 51:56 For the destroyer is coming against her, against Babylon, & her mighty men will be captured, their bows are shattered; For the Lord is a God of recompense, He will fully repay.

Nahum 1:2 A jealous & avenging God is the Lord; The Lord is avenging & wrathful. The Lord takes vengeance on His adversaries, & He reserves wrath for His enemies. 3 The Lord is slow to anger & great in power, & will not at all acquit the wicked. The Lord has His way In the whirlwind & in the storm, & the clouds are the dust of His feet.
4 He rebukes the sea & makes it dry, & dries up all the rivers.
Bashan & Carmel wither, & the flower of Lebanon wilts. 5 The mountains quake before Him, The hills melt, & the earth heaves at His presence, Yes, the world & all who dwell in it. 6 Who can stand before His indignation? And who can endure the fierceness of His anger? His fury is poured out like fire, & the rocks are thrown down by Him.
7 The Lord is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble; & He knows those who trust in Him. 8 But with an overflowing flood He will make an utter end of its place, & darkness will pursue His enemies. 9 Whatever you devise against the Lord, He will make a complete end of it. Distress will not rise up twice.

Isaiah 35:4 AMPC Say to those who are of a fearful & hasty heart, Be strong, fear not! Behold, your God will come with vengeance; with the recompense of God He will come and save you.

Ezekiel 25:17 AMPC And I will execute great vengeance upon them with wrathful rebukes & chastisements, & they shall know (understand & realize) that I am the Lord, when I lay My vengeance upon them.

Romans 12:19 AMPC Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave the way open for [God’s] wrath; for it is written, Vengeance is Mine, I will repay (requite), says the Lord.

2 Thessalonians 1:8 Wycliffe in the flame of fire, that shall give vengeance to them that know not God [in the flame of fire, giving vengeance to them that know not God], & that obey not to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jeremiah 51:11 AMPC Make clean and sharp the arrows, take up the shields or coats of armor [& cover your bodies with them]! The Lord has stirred up the spirit of the kings of the Medes [who with the Persians will destroy the Babylonian Empire], for His purpose concerning Babylon is to destroy it; for that is the vengeance of the Lord, the vengeance [upon Babylon for the plundering & destruction] of His temple.

Jeremiah 50:28 AMPC Listen! The voice of those [Jews] who flee & escape out of the land of Babylon proclaiming in Zion the vengeance of the Lord our God, the vengeance [of the Lord upon the Chaldeans] for [the plundering & destruction of] His temple.

Jeremiah 5:29 AMPC Shall I not punish them for these things? says the Lord. Shall I not avenge Myself on such a nation as this?

Deuteronomy 32:41 AMPC If I whet My lightning sword & My hand takes hold on judgment, I will wreak vengeance on My foes & recompense those who hate Me.

Isaiah 1:24 NKJV Therefore the Lord says, the Lord of hosts, the Mighty One of Israel, “Ah, I will rid Myself of My adversaries, & take vengeance on My enemies.

Isaiah 47: 3 NKJV Your nakedness shall be uncovered, Yes, your shame will be seen; I will take vengeance, & I will not arbitrate with a man.”

Isaiah 35:4 AMPC Say to those who are of a fearful & hasty heart, Be strong, fear not! Behold, your God will come with vengeance; with the recompense of God He will come & save you.

Ezekiel 25:17 I will execute great vengeance on them with wrathful rebukes; & they will know that I am the Lord when I lay My vengeance on them.”’”

Isaiah 59:17 ESV He put on righteousness like a breastplate, & a helmet of salvation on His head; & He put on garments of vengeance for clothing & wrapped Himself with zeal as a mantle.

Micah 5:15 “And I will execute vengeance in anger & wrath on the nations which have not obeyed.”

Isaiah 34:8 ESV For the Lord has a day of vengeance, A year of recompense for the cause of Zion.

Jeremiah 46:10 ESV For that day belongs to the Lord God of hosts, A day of vengeance, so as to avenge Himself on His foes; & the sword will devour & be satiated & drink its fill of their blood; For there will be a slaughter for the Lord God of hosts, In the land of the north by the river Euphrates.

Jeremiah 51:6 ESV Flee from the midst of Babylon, & each of you save his life! Do not be destroyed in her punishment, For this is the Lord’s time of vengeance; He is going to render recompense to her.

Isaiah 63:1-6 AMP
Who is this who comes from Edom, With crimson-stained garments from Bozrah [in Edom], This One (the Messiah) who is majestic in His apparel, Marching in the greatness of His might?“ It is I, [the One] who speaks in righteousness [proclaiming vindication], mighty to save.” Why is Your apparel red, & Your garments like the one who treads in the wine press? 
“I have trodden the wine trough alone, & of the peoples there was no one with Me. I also trod them in My anger & trampled them in My wrath; & their lifeblood is sprinkled on My garments, & I stained all My clothes. “I trampled the peoples in My anger & made them drunk with [the cup of] My wrath, & I spilled their lifeblood on the earth.”

Luke 21:22 ESV because these are days of vengeance, so that all things which are written will be fulfilled.

Daniel 8:24 ESV His power will be mighty, but not by his own power, & he will destroy to an extraordinary degree & prosper & perform his will; He will destroy mighty men & the holy people.

Daniel 9:27 ESV And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice & grain offering; & on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate.”

Revelation 11:18 AMPC And the heathen (the nations) raged, but Your wrath (retribution, indignation) came, the time when the dead will be judged & Your servants the prophets & saints rewarded—and those who revere (fear) Your name, both low & high & small & great—& [the time] for destroying the corrupters of the earth.

2 Thess 3:3 But the Lord is faithful, & he will strengthen you & protect you from the evil one.

Psalm 138:7 Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life. You stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes; with your right hand you save me.

Psalm 34:19 Many evils confront the [consistently] righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.

Psalm 57:1 AMPC Be merciful & gracious to me, O God, be merciful & gracious to me, for my soul takes refuge & finds shelter & confidence in You; yes, in the shadow of Your wings will I take refuge & be confident until calamities & destructive storms are passed.

Psalm 20:1 NKJV May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble; May the name of the God of Jacob defend you;

Psalm 5:11 AMPC But let all those who take refuge & put their trust in You rejoice; let them ever sing & shout for joy, because You make a covering over them & defend them; let those also who love Your name be joyful in You & be in high spirits.

Psalm 12:5 5 ESV “Because the poor are plundered & the needy groan, I will now arise,” says the LORD. “I will protect them from those who malign them.”

Psalm 59:1 ESV Deliver me from my enemies, O God; be my fortress against those who are attacking me.

Psalm 140:4 NKJV Keep me, O Lord, from the hands of the wicked; Preserve me from violent men, Who have purposed to make my steps stumble.

Isaiah 61:1 AMPC 
THE SPIRIT of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed & qualified me to preach the Gospel of good tidings to the meek, the poor, & afflicted; He has sent me to bind up & heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the [physical & spiritual] captives & the opening of the prison & of the eyes to those who are bound, [Rom. 10:15.]
2 To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord [the year of His favor] & the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, [Matt. 11:2-6; Luke 4:18, 19; 7:22.]

3 To grant [consolation & joy] to those who mourn in Zion–to give them an ornament (a garland or diadem) of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, the garment [expressive] of praise instead of a heavy, burdened, & failing spirit–that they may be called oaks of righteousness [lofty, strong, & magnificent, distinguished for uprightness, justice, & right standing with God], the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.

4 And they shall rebuild the ancient ruins; they shall raise up the former desolations & renew the ruined cities, the devastations of many generations.
5 Aliens shall stand [ready] & feed your flocks, & foreigners shall be your plowmen & your vinedressers.
6 But you shall be called the priests of the Lord; people will speak of you as the ministers of our God. You shall eat the wealth of the nations, & the glory [once that of your captors] shall be yours. [Exod. 19:6; I Pet. 2:5; Rev. 1:6; 5:10; 20:6.]

7 Instead of your [former] shame you shall have a twofold recompense; instead of dishonor & reproach [your people] shall rejoice in their portion. Therefore in their land they shall possess double [what they had forfeited]; everlasting joy shall be theirs.

8 For I the Lord love justice; I hate robbery & wrong with violence or a burnt offering. And I will faithfully give them their recompense in truth, & I will make an everlasting covenant or league with them.
9 And their offspring shall be known among the nations & their descendants among the peoples. All who see them [in their prosperity] will recognize & acknowledge that they are the people whom the Lord has blessed.
10 I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul will exult in my God; for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation, He has covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decks himself with a garland, & as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.
11 For as [surely as] the earth brings forth its shoots, & as a garden causes what is sown in it to spring forth, so [surely] the Lord God will cause rightness & justice & praise to spring forth before all the nations [through the self-fulfilling power of His word].

Declarations & Decrees for the Nation

I call You FAITHFUL in the midst of what seems so horrible & unexplainable. My trust is in YOU, God. I take You at Your Word, for Your word will not return void unto You. 

Father, You said you would build the ruined places & plant that which was desolate in our land & that who pass by will say that this land that was desolate has become like the garden of Eden. Father we know You are bringing judgment on the wicked, but in Your judgment we ask for mercy on the people of God, & those elect, called to be Yours.

Father, You said, You would multiply the fruit of the tree, the increase of the field & lay no famine upon Your people in the day You cleanse the land from all iniquities & the waste places will be built again. Father we ask for a hedge of protection around Christian families, & those that are Elect, that there would be a TESTIMONY of Your goodness in the midst of judgments. We ask that YOUR people would be a help to all those affected by the judgments of God or the destruction of men!

Satan, I bind you & all spirits of death, desolation, destruction, devastation, waste & famine

& poisoning sent against the nations to steal, kill & destroy through poverty; idolatry; adultery; & defiling the land through fires, winds, whirlwinds, floods, earthquakes, storms landslides, & accidents; traumas & tragedies; through fear or a whirlwind causing distress & anguish; through a snare or a haughty heart coming to cause death, desolation & destruction in our lands.

Father, lift up Your standard in this nation against the spirit of witchcraft! Reveal that You alone are God, & there is no other. Forgive the mockery & grandiosity with which witches & warlocks & those ignorant of You have proclaimed their lies here in the United States Lord. 

Forgive our nation, & release wisdom & revelation in the knowledge of You Father. Pour out Your Spirit upon the earth, let the earth cough up salvation Lord! 

Bring down the strongholds of witchcraft over the nations that awakening may take place & many be brought into the kingdom for such a day as this. Send forth Your angels of revelation glory to loose revelation in the lives of the elect & chosen, that their hearts would be prepared for days ahead, & that those who don’t know how much You love them would be convinced, & all shackles of rejection, unbelief & doubt would be broken in Jesus mighty name!

We speak LIFE, RESURRECTION LIFE to this nation which is in rebellion to You. We ask You to disallow destruction to rule & reign. Do not turn Your turtledoves over to the wild beasts of the earth, Oh Lord. Bring down the principalities & powers of freemasonry & witchcraft Oh Lord. Fight for us Lord! Increase Your angelic hosts over this nation & bring down every fortress of the enemy. 

Cause confusion to the camp of the enemy in Jesus name! Reveal Jesus, & release those in darkness, that they would repent & be delivered from the snares of death. Send forth Your mighty warring angels to destroy the encampments & plans of darkness coming against Your people. In the name & by the blood of Jesus. Thank You Lord that You always hear our cries for help. You are a God close & not far off.

We bind wolf spirits prowling about to devour, vulture spirits causing feelings of being overwhelmed, depression, despair & hopelessness, unclean dog spirits of unbelief & antichrist, evil workers, & concision [ cutting off] over the elect & chosen. I bind spirits that would cause your people to be devoured or persecuted by word curses, gossip, slander, incantations, accusations from the enemy. We bind all spirits of disunity & discord over the church of Jesus Christ. We loose unity, harmony, gentleness & peace & the anointing that destroys the yoke in the name & by the blood of Jesus.

Father, would You send the angel of the LORD to encamp around Your people & the elect, & to fight against those that fight against us? Let the angel of YOUR presence save our nation Abba! Let those that strive against You & Your people be as chaff before the wind; & let the angel of the Lord chase them. Let the angel of the Lord shut the mouths of those who speak curses against us & our families, & send blood soaked truth angels to cause them to KNOW YOU & Your character, & to bind all the works of the flesh over them, & all the strategies of the enemy against them. Jesus alone holds the KEYS to death & hell, & no weapon formed against us shall prosper, In the name and blood of Jesus.

Lord, we ask YOU to rebuke Satan, & to loose his assignments over us & our families, & we bless those who curse us & pray for those that persecute us, & say all manner of evil against us & our nation. We ask You to heap coals of fire on the head of those who speak against us. 

Father REVEAL JESUS to those in darkness & deception, & pull them out of the darkness into the LIGHT of Your love. Let YOUR KINGDOM come & your will be done on earth as it is in heaven in their life.

We bind the Judas spirit of thievery & stealing, the fowler spirit, the spirit of the prodigal son who wasted his substance with riotous living, The spirit of Mammon, the spirit of the rich man that tore down his barns & built bigger, but did not give glory or honor to God, & the spirit of Zacchaeus who stole money from the people of God over those in our nation. I loose the spirit of generosity & good stewardship into believers, & the elect, who will spend money wisely according to the will of God for their life. In the name & by blood of Jesus.

We are God’s battle axe & weapons of war to break in pieces all the evil forces of destruction, devastation, death & the grave over b. You said when we pass through the fire it will not burn us, when brothers & sisters in the nations, & as we pass through the waters they will NOT overwhelm us. WE THANK YOU LORD that You sustain us & protect us from all the evil plans of the enemy. We put all of our trust in YOU Lord.

Forgive us as parents for allowing our children avenues to evil through movies, TV, books, comics, toys, etc. Forgive parents for not protecting them from evil Lord. Forgive us for not educating them in the things of the Lord that are important to their survival & growth in You. Restore prayer & holiness Oh Lord in our sanctuaries & forgive us for Prayerlessness, & our own witchcraft in rebelling against You; For going our own ways & neglecting our time with You. Forgive us for compromises in the church which we have not confronted.  

Forgive us our idolatries Oh Lord to drugs, alcohol, entertainment, perversion & all forms of sexual sins. Forgive our greed, in the church & without Lord. Forgive us for getting too comfortable, that we don’t reach out to the lost. Forgive us for holding on to things as though they could provide the happiness only You can give us. Lord, hear our prayers & cries for justice. There is no justice in the land, when a nation turns from God, You’ve said, & we desperately need YOU Lord to RESTORE Justice in this nation, for apart from YOU we can do nothing.

Father forgive this nation for allowing secret societies to flourish. We repent of freemasonry, rosacrucianism, wicca, witchcraft, druidism , hinduism, islam & all the IDOLATRY - all the worship to SATAN involved in them. We ask YOU to destroy the strongholds of FREEMASONRY in the CHURCH & in the nation. We will not drink from the cup of the Lord, & the cup of demons!

Forgive those churches involved for allowing syncretism in their members, & opening a doorway to Satan in the church. Father BRING DOWN THE IDOLS ALIGNED WITH FREEMASONRY & Mormonism & other cults, in AMERICA in the name & blood of JESUS. CAUSE the priests to weep again between the porch & the altar for all the idolatry of this nation, & all the compromise that has been allowed in the church. Forgive us for the GREED, & idolatry to MAMMON FATHER. In Jesus' name!

Father we need YOU. We are desperate for the Bridegroom to enter His church & restore His order! Restore the mighty fear of the Lord in Your house Lord! Bring the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord into us, our homes, & the church. Rend the heavens & come down Lord! Without Your Spirit we can do nothing! Have mercy on us Oh Lord Forgive our apathetic, prideful & murderous attitudes, our hatred of each other, our jealousies & sibling rivalry, & heal our insecurities. Forgive our doubts & unbelief, the skepticism in our hearts the vies against You. Against YOU alone we have sinned oh Lord! Help us Lord for we are desperate for You. Come & empower Your church Lord. INCREASE Your GLORY! Come down & visit us, pour out Your Most Holy Spirit that we would be made ONE as You are ONE Father. Release the five fold ministry & LOOSE YOUR PROPHETS & APOSTLES TO ESTABLISH THE FIRM FOUNDATIONS THAT WILL RESTORE HOLINESS IN OUR LANDS! LOOSE YOUR KINGDOM LORD! Let Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven in Jesus name!!!!!

Lord, we decree YOUR glory will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea, & that Your Kingdom will swallow up all other kingdoms as it says in Daniel. Replace unrighteous rulers with righteous rulers in all the nations, & replace leaders in all the various places intersecting with governments & the people, like medical leadership, science, technology, business, agriculture, engineering & the like, that all aspects of the lives of people in various governments would be established in Your WILL in the name & by the blood of JESUS.

Father, we prophesy to the dry bones to HEAR the WORD of the LORD & LIVE ! We prophesy to the wind & say come from the four winds of the earth, north; south; east & west, & BREATHE upon the bound, broken, slain, the maimed, the dead in spirit that they might LIVE again. Father, open the graves & unwrap their grave clothes & remove the spirit of death, & destruction & call them forth, even as You did Lazarus, & put Your Spirit in us & all called to be Yours & by your GREAT GRACE cause them to live in their own land & to give honor & glory to Your holy name.

We loose your people to be productive, & to have plenty to help others, to be at peace, to be restored to YOU, & recovered to Your bosom, that we all will walk in the favor of the Lord, & have a prosperous soul that brings forth life & health & blessing into our lives & the life of the elect. Loose angels of provision, breakthrough & restoration & glory to Your people Abba.

Father, give the broken & those who need healing, a blood transfusion, cleanse the capillaries, arteries, veins, valves of the heart, & wipe away all uncleanness & impurity of heart. Cause every leak in the valves, or blood vessels to be sealed. Father cause the pure blood of JESUS to flow through every organ, cell, tissue, capillary, artery, vein & valve of our body, & Purify us according to your word. [ Joel 3:21 ] Cleanse our blood that You have not yet cleansed, for the Lord dwells in Zion [ in us ]. Destroy every weapon formed against us, & our families in the name & blood of JESUS.

Wash us whiter than snow Abba, from the crown of our head to the soles of our feet that we may be vessels of righteousness that You can work through. Thank You for the Holy Spirit who is like a refiner’s fire & a fuller’s soap, & cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We ask for the spirit of Buring to come & to bring conviction & cleansing to wash away all impurities in in our hearts, minds, emotions & body. Bind our minds to the mind of Christ, our hearts to the heart of Jesus, & our wills to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ!

You said, ABBA, that You sent Your word & healed us, & delivered us from destruction. You said we are not to forget ALL Your benefits: because you forgive ALL our iniquities; YOU heal ALL our diseases; you redeem our life from DESTRUCTION; & crown us with loving kindness & tender mercies; you fill our mouth with good things; so that our youth is renewed like the eagle’s. You said we shall not be afraid for the terror by night; nor the arrow that flies by day; nor the pestilence that walks in darkness; nor the destruction that lays waste at noonday, for YOU give Your angels charge over us & our families, to keep us in all YOUR ways. I declare & decree that Your promises are Yes & AMEN & that we have been delivered from desolation, destruction, devastation, despair, dejection, desolation, wasting, & famine in the name & by the blood of Jesus.

Father, You said Your word does not return void, but would accomplish what you sent it for. You said whatever things we desire, when we pray, to believe that we receive them & we shall have them. I thank You & praise You that Your Word will cause the manifestation to come forth in the mighty name of Jesus, King of Kings & Lord of Lords. You said You would never abandon us, but would be with us until the end of all time; that You would NOT leave us orphans. Hedge us about Lord & guard & protect us for YOU are our ROCK,

You are our STRENGTH,

You are our High Tower,