Prayers for Financial Freedom

To LOOSE a Financial BIND – by Mary Garrison

You said a minister of the GOSPEL is to eat and live by partaking of the altar gifts, and your tithing plan which is reserved for the purpose of paying your servants who are on the battlefield, and the poor who are in need.  We confess that we have been chosen and sent to do this good work, and that your WORD says that we must be thoroughly furnished for it.  All the riches are YOURS, and all the silver and gold.

Now, in the name of Jesus and by the powers invested in us, we LOOSEN the holds of the devil and his forces, whatever they may be, upon our supply, from those who are holding on to them.  
Father, Your Word teaches us that we CAST down every evil imagination, bringing into captivity every contrary thought of disobedience to the DISTRIBUTION of God’s GOOD SUPPLY TO MEET THE NEEDS OF THE SAINTS.  Therefore we cast down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of YOU in the tithe-plan.
We LOOSE THESE FUNDS.  WE RELEASE OUR SUPPLY AND DIRECT IT TO BE FORTHCOMING to us so that our work and life may go on unhampered.  We now SEND out a ministering spirit to go forth according to Hebrews 1:14, and to bring in these finances. Father, you are able to all grace, favor, and earthly blessing come to us in abundance.  We realize that you are now working on this presented matter, and we await with thankful hearts to receive.  In the name and blood of Jesus, and to His glory.  AMEN


Also begin to BIND the money going to ungodly places from people.  Bind the psychic commands of satanic musicians, artists, actors, businesses, that people lured by them would not be lured anymore.  PRAY against the prayers they pray, that they would fall to the ground, and bind any of their forces from stealing from Christians and BIND the money going to spirits of greed and avarice, that God would frustrate the plans of the wicked and lead those who are to be in HIS Kingdom into the way everlasting.


Handling money in the past in ways that were ungodly can put curses on future generations or blessings.  If after thinking that you’ve been obeying God in all He has asked you to do you don’t have the provision necessary, then check out these areas that could be sources of need to repent for past generations.

Send all evil to the feet of Jesus to be assigned where HE sends it !
Break the curses and renounce all evil acquisition of money, view, pronouncements, or wrong spending of money in your family/ancestral line.
1. Exchange of funds done in ungodly ways
2.      Money spent on prostitutes
3.     Those that did not tithe [breaking devourer off your line
4.     Greed
5.     Stinginess
6.      Those that did not care for the poor, widows, orphans, homeless, etc.
7.     Those who oppressed the poor
8.     Those who unjustly taxed the poor
9.      Masons – who heaped curses through idolatry and wrong spending,
10.    Vows of poverty that were broken [ monks or priest who may have taken such 
        oaths, that would have put curses on ensuing generations]
11.    Usury  [ Ps 15:5, Ex 22:25]
12.    Ungodly ways of making money
13.    Extortion
14.    Those who stole
15.    Drug trafficking
16.    Curses spoken against Christians and their families
17.    Bribes taken against innocent people
18.     Mercenary acts
19.    Gambling
20.    Worship of money and “love of money”.  ( 1 Tim 6:10 )
21. .   Those who TRUSTED in money and SELF EFFORT above trusting in God.
22.     Leprechaun spirits [ trickery and false promise of money through demons]
23.    Those who helped fund KKK or other ungodly organizations.
24.     Upaid wages { James 5:4}
25.     Not forgiving debts – Matthew 6:12
26.     Those who shed innocent blood – break the curse of wandering that originated
        with Cain – Gen 4:12.
27.    Witchcraft curses against finances, all sorcery and divination, santeria and 
28.     All curses of bankruptcy
29.    Ungodly agreements with the enemy in obtaining finances.
30.    Cheating
31.    Those who sold their souls to gain finances.
32.    Those who did not serve the Lord our God joyfully and gladly in the time of 
       prosperity [ Deut 28:47]
33.   Those who sold Christian relics for money.
34.   Those who committed adultery.
35.   Those who did not honor parents. [ this steals from you]
36.    Curses on actual money given to you !
37.    Giving to a ministry NOT ordained by the Lord.
All other curses like the Scottish curse, any other indigenous curses on tribes and nations.

Prayer to Break the Curse of Poverty

Father I come in the Name of Jesus to repent for the sins and transgressions of my ancestors. I repent for all disobedience of Your commands, turning away and listening to the enemy or to other people. Father, I receive the redemption from the curse by the Blood of Jesus and ask you to break all curses of poverty upon my family line and me! I declare that the Blood of Jesus has broken all the curses! 
Lord, I repent for anyone in my family line that offered sacrifices that were not favorable and right. I repent for any withholding of the first fruits, the best portions, and for all wrong motives and attitudes of their hearts. I repent for anger, resentment, and bloodshed of my brother. Lord, please forgive any bloodshed and bring peace to the blood that cries out!

I Am My Brother's Keeper
Lord. would You break all Canaanite curses against us, as today I declare, I am my brother's keeper! Lord, please restore the ground to us and please restore Your promise of blessings and fruitfulness. Lord, please remove any marks on us and break the curse of wandering. Father, please allow my family to come into Your presence again as a chosen, covenant people. 
I repent for all my ancestors that denied justice to the poor, holding ill will and for any unforgiveness against a brother. I repent for shutting our ears to the poor and for exploitation of the poor and crushing them in court. Lord, will You break all curses others have spoken against my ancestors or me because of the guilt of our sins or transgressions. Lord, would you remove any curses that would put up walls of separation between You and us. Hear our prayers again and please open our eyes,our ears, and our hearts. 

I repent for any generational dishonesty, even the smallest, hidden, accepted or self justified dishonesty. I repent for my ancestors that would not forgive debts in the Lord's timing and also for anyone ignoring the poor. I repent for all hardheartedness, tightfistedness, and unforgiveness. Lord, would you restore mercy and cheerful giving in our family line? Please bless us as You promised in Your Word. Lord, I repent for generational idolatry, disobedience, and not following your commands. I repent for not serving You Lord, joyfully and gladly in our times of prosperity.

Lord, please break all curses against us from the locusts, worms, loss, or sinking. Would you break all skies of bronze and ground(s) of iron? Please release any captive sons or daughters and stop the destruction. Lord, please remove all iron yokes, all blindness, oppression, and robbery spirits. Lord, please break the curses of hunger, nakedness, dire poverty, and slavery! 
Lord I repent for any of my ancestors that were unfaithful, greedy, disobedient, thieves, or liars. I repent for breaking the covenant and coveting or keeping the things of the pagans and not totally destroying them as commanded. Lord, please break any curses that have come on my family for the evil they did, especially the curse of destruction by fire.

I repent for all ancestors that were evil and tried to control and frustrate the poor. Lord, I repent for any in my family line that put up security or pledges for another. Lord, please forgive any unfulfilled debts. I break all ungodly covenants, oaths, and alliances. Lord, please remove all traps or snares from the words of our mouth. Please break all sluggard and slumber spirits from us and restore wisdom and ambition.
I repent for all my ancestors that withheld unduly and for those who trusted in riches rather than God. I repent for all ignoring of discipline and correction. I repent for all greed, bribes, and for mere talk and boasting. I repent for inaction, non-performance, and not keeping our word.

Lord, will You break all curses of injustice and shunning and please break any walls between others. Please restore honor to our family. Lord, I repent for all my ancestors that were liars, hasty, lovers of the world and it’s pleasures, proud, arrogant, and selfish. I repent for lack of diligence, oppression of the needy, exploitation, and favoritism. I repent for all rejection of God and any cursing or blasphemy of God. 
Lord, I repent for all family sluggishness, laziness, neglect, lack of judgment or for anyone charging exorbitant interest. I repent for any and all family concealed sins. I repent for spiritual pride in those that would not repent.

I repent for any ancestors that chased fantasies, were stingy, and greedy. I repent for all that did not fight injustice, were unfair, and closed their ears to the cries of the poor and needy. 
Lord, Please Break All Poverty Curses Off of Us and Change Our Hearts 
Lord, I repent for anyone in my family that followed deceptive words and relied on their social or religious identity for salvation. I repent for injustice, the oppressing of aliens, of widows, and of the fatherless. I repent for any idolatry, ungodly sacrifices or worship, all innocent bloodshed, stealing, adultery, perjury, and murder. I repent for all backsliding, rebellion, disobedience, pride, and spiritual pride. Lord, please break all connections and control that the queen of heaven has on my family, and Lord, please restore in us a whole-heartedness. Please make our hearts pure, noble, faithful, and sensitive to you. 

Lord, I repent for all generational idolatry and ask You to remove any spirit of prostitution in our hearts. I repent for all corruption, guilt, sin, arrogance, and unfaithfulness. Lord, I repent for all illegitimacy in our line. Lord, please break all curses against us, the moths, rot, lions, sickness, and sores. Please restore the covenant as promised.  Lord, I repent for all my ancestors that were boastful and proud of their position, standing, and authority. I renounce all love of sin and iniquity. I repent for all who became comfortable, selfish, hoarders, and trusted in their wealth. I repent for all that sold their righteousness, for all slavery, and for any trampling of the poor. I repent for all who were stingy and controlling of wealth.

Lord, would you remove any curse that keeps us from enjoying the fruits of our labor. Please break any poverty curse that has been passed on from Adam to me. Lord, would You remove all curses that there will never be enough. Lord, please restore to us a new purse without any holes. Please break all curses of lack, shrinking, theft, loss, blight, mildew, and hail.
Lord, I repent for everyone that was controlling, deceptive, and put ungodly burdens on others. I repent for those that tried to please man rather than God and accepted praise, honor, worship, or ungodly authority and titles from men. I renounce all religious spirits, spirits of legalism, self-exaltation, and hypocrisy. I repent for all that did not enter the door to heaven and shut it on others. 

I repent for all that were blind guides, and I ask You, Lord, to break all ungodly oaths, covenants, pledges, dedications, and alliances. I repent for all ungodly and insincere sacrifices or for any sacrifice on an unholy altar. I repent for everyone that was unjust, merciless, unfaithful, greedy, and self-indulgent. I repent for any harboring of sin or wickedness. I repent for anyone that rejected, mocked, cursed, or killed the prophets and messengers from God. I renounce any spiritual pride that rebels against repentance, and I apply the Blood of Jesus to all the roots of iniquity. I repent for all my ancestors that would not believe or declare that Jesus is Lord.
Lord please break all the curses that have come upon my family because they were rich, comfortable, well-fed, and accepted the praise of men.
I repent for all generational wrong attitudes about wealth and poverty. 
Please, Lord, Give Me the Mind of Christ in the Matters of Finances

I repent for any ancestors that committed adultery with the queen of Babylon, and enjoyed or benefited from her luxuries. Lord, please break all those ungodly ties and connections. I repent for any that did not come out. Lord, please forgive any sins we share, and remove all plagues for alliance with her. Please remove all plagues of death, mourning, famine, and judgment fire. Lord, please guide us by Your Spirit and Your word into the godly use of wealth and teach us to be faithful servants.
- Richard Sicheneder

Prayer of Agreement to Bless the Jews

Lord, I come to you now asking your forgiveness for anything I have said or done that cursed the Sons of Israel (name specific sins if known). 
I understand your righteous decree, that You will bless those who bless them and curse those who curse them. I now ask you to break any curses on my family or me that are there because of these sins against the Jews. I plead the blood of Jesus and ask to be cleansed from all sin and unrighteousness. 
Lord, I submit to Your plan for my life and ministry that will bless the Jews. I also agree with Your plans and purposes for the nation of Israel. Lord, I want to receive Your heart for Your people, and the courage to do Your will, no matter what the opposition may be. 
Lord, help me to humble myself and make the Jew first in my prayers and ministry to the lost. Lord, release to me provisions and favor to bless and protect the Jews. 
Lord, confirm your message in me with signs and an inner witness of the Holy Spirit. 
In Yeshua's name, Amen
- Earbin Stanciell, MD



We bind you satan and break the curse of poverty, lack, financial reverses , joblessness, and hindrances to financial increase off_____.
{ I honestly feel witches and Satanists, and those of NWO are praying in opposite against all Christians this way and we need to not be ignorant of enemy’s devices}

Father, we desire to be honorable in all that we do and we ask YOU to bless us indeed in all that our hand touch.  We are tithers and givers and we desire You to open the heavens and pour out blessings until there is no  more lack.  You said that if we hearken diligently to Your voice, that blessings would come upon us and overtake us, and that we would be blessed going out , and blessed coming in.

Father we ask YOU to enlarge our tents by bringing abundant increase that we may be a blessing to others.  You give to us power to get wealth, not by might, not by our own power, but by Your Spirit.  We also need Your wisdom, understanding and direction in how to spend the money ACCORDING TO YOUR WILL.  We ask You to command the blessings on our storehouses[ bank accounts] that we may do all that You want us to do to help the poor, the fatherless, the widows, orphans and homeless, so that the people of the earth shall know that we are called by the name of the Lord and they shall fear the name of the LORD.

Father we thank You for opening Your good treasures to us and for blessing the work of our hands so we can be the lender and not the borrower !  You said You would make us plenteous with goods and You have.  You said You would bless the fruit of our body, and in the fruit of our cattle, and in the fruit of our ground, in the land which You have given us, because we are grafted in children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob !  We ask YOU to rebuke the devourer over our finances, our jobs, our families and our bodies, souls, and ministries, and everything You have given us.

Preserve us Oh LORD, so that we have rest on all sides round about. You set a table before us in the presence of our enemies your word  says !
You said the violent take the Kingdom by force ! We direct our violence towards the devil and Your enemies that rise up against us !  They will be smitten before our face and flee seven ways !  The devil has to pay back seven fold ALL HE HAS STOLEN from us, even to all the substance of his household.  We covenant with You Father to not go aside from any of these words, to the right or to the left hand.  You said that we cannot serve You and mammon. We renounce selfishness, and all pride of me, myself and I.

Father, we ask that there be NO GRIEF over our financial blessings because You get pleasure when we prosper and You add no sorrow to Your blessings.  We thank YOU and praise YOU and WORSHIP YOU ALONE ! Increase our TRUST in YOU ALONE. Your Word is a lamp to our feet and a light unto our path that we might not sin against You !  Since Your Word is forever settled in heaven, You magnify Your Word above Your name, and we settle it on earth and say YOU are the KING OF KINGS and the LORD OF LORDS, and JESUS is LORD over our lives and Your Word to establish it that it comes to pass.  We choose to serve YOU all the days of our life so that we can dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever !


I dwell in the secret place of the Most High. Therefore I abide under the shadow of the Almighty !  I will say of the Lord, He is my Refuge and My Fortress  My GOD; in Him will I trust forever !  Surely He shall deliver me from the snare of the fowler [thief] and from the noisome pestilence.  He shall cover me with His feathers, and under His wings shall I trust !  His truth shall be my shield and buckler !
I shall not be afraid of the terror that flies by night, nor of the arrow that flies by day, nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor the destruction that wastes at noonday !  A thousand shall fall at my side, and ten thousand at my right hand, but IT SHALL NOT COME NEAR ME !
Only with my eyes will I behold and see the reward of the wicked !
Because I have made the Lord, Who is my REFUGE, even the Most High, my Habitation, there shall no evil befall me, neither shall any plague come near my dwelling, or anything He has given me.  For HE shall give His angels charge over me, to KEEP me in all His ways.  They shall bear me up in their hands, lest I dash my foot against a stone !  I shall tread on the lion and adder, upon serpents and scorpions , the young lion, & the dragon shall I trample under my feet, and over all the power of the enemy has HE given me authority through JESUS, my LORD! 
Because I have set my love on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith, He will deliver me !  He will set me on high, because I have known God’s name [ El Shaddai, The Almighty God, The All Sufficient One, the God Who is more than enough, Jehovah Rapha, the Lord Who heals me, He is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord Who supplies all my needs].  I will call upon Him, and He will answer me, and show me His salvation [ deliverance, preservation, healing, soundness, wholeness and prosperity of soul].


Satan, I bind you and the spirit of mammon, greed, lust of money, love of money, covetousness of others’ money, idolatry of money, chronic indebtedness, chronic and excessive spending, wastefulness in _____’s life.  The bible says the love of money is the root of all evil, yet it is a necessary commodity for earthly living, and Satan, YOU WILL NOT HINDER money coming to ________to be used in the work of the Kingdom of GOD.  Father, You said that You teach us to profit, and lead us in the way to go, and that we are to eat the riches of the Gentiles, and in their glory or wealth we shall count ourselves fortunate.  

You said that you give us supernatural power to get wealth to establish YOUR covenant, so we expect a miracle harvest because you get pleasure in our prosperity.    Father, You said, that we are to cast our bread upon the waters and that we shall find it after many days.   We are to give a portion to seven and eight, and as we give to others You said to us  it shall be given, full measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over shall men give into our bosom !

Father, You said wealth and riches would be in our house.  You are exalted over all of us, and your reign over us and both riches and honor come from YOU.  In Your hand is power and might; and in Your hand it is to make great, and YOU give strength unto us all.  You said if I obey You, and serve You, I shall spend my days in prosperity and my years in pleasures.  And if I meditate on the Word day and night that I would be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, bringing forth fruit in due season, my leaf or life would not wither, and whatever I do would be prosperous and successful.  

You said if I honor YOU with my riches, and my tithe, that my barns will be filled with plenty and my presses will burst out with NEW WINE.  You also said if I am willing and obedient I would eat of the good of the land and You would supply all needs according to Your riches in glory by Jesus !  Father, I have planted seed in fertile soil, and I ask you to germinate it, reproduce it abundantly , so there will be an abundant harvest.  Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly [ superabundant, excessive, beyond measure] and HE became poor that we might become rich & prosperous by having enough to meet our needs and money to give away to others to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth! 

Your Word says what shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits towards me ?  I will take the cup of salvation [ prosperity, freedom from sin, deliverance from evil] and call upon the name of the Lord.  I will pay my vows unto the Lord now in the presence of all His people.  And I thank You, praise You, & worship You and receive increase now in the mighty name of Jesus according to YOUR WORD.  Thank You Father for being so good to me a sinner.  Thank You Lord that You set a table for us in the presence of our enemies !

    Satan, I bind you and the ruler of the prince of poverty, lack , financial 
    reverses, depression era spirit, looting, arson, stealing, Judas spirit of 
    greed, thievery, fraud, extortion, forgery, stealing, kleptomania, robbing, 
    grand theft, grand larceny, petty larceny, embezzlement, swindling, 
    plundering, looting, burglary, smuggling, robbing spoils of the public, ill-
    gotten gain over_____’s finances, ministry and or business ventures.  I 
    loose money, financial prosperity and hidden riches in secret places [Is 
    45:3] to come from foreign banks, gangsters of all kinds, stolen money of 
    thieves, money from usury, and unjust gain, money hidden in homes, 
    ground, clothing , beds, vaults, lock boxes in savings and loans, banks, 
    sweepstakes, lotteries, inheritances, business needing services, 
    advertising, gifts, ideas, witty inventions, one hundred fold return from 
    offerings, and land sales to be used to get finances for the end time 
    global harvest to meet the needs of _________.

    Father , You said in Ps. 147:15 that He sends His commandment upon the 
    Earth: His Word runs very swiftly, and Hebrews 1:14 says Are not they
   ministering spirits sent forth for us who are heirs of salvation ? So we 
   ask You to send forth Your angels to the north, south, east and west to 
   bring these words to pass very swiftly.  We desire the swift provisions of 
   money to finance the work YOU have called us to do Abba.  You said the 
   blessings of the Lord, they make us rich and add no sorrow to it. You also
   said we can decree a thing and it shall be established, so we declare and 
   decree that YOUR WORD is TRUE and we call those riches to come in 
   speedily to ______in the name and blood of Jesus !

   We cover_______with the blood of Jesus to protect, to guide, and to 
   watch over _______.  The Word says we have overcome satan by the 
   blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony; and satan you cannot cross 
   the bloodline over anything_________operates, owns or possesses in 
   Jesus’ name.
   Father, we bring our offering according to Psalm 96:8-9 that says give 
   Unto the Lord the glory due His name. Bring an offering and come into
   His courts.  O Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness; fear before 
   Him, all the earth and we thank You, praise You, and worship Your name !
   You are the Almighty God Who answers us, because we are Your children,
   And You are the Husbandman to Your bride.  We receive it now, and thank
   You ahead for all You are going to do to preserve us and bless us to give to 
   help establish YOUR KINGDOM in the earth !  We desire to care for the 
   orphans, the widows and the homeless and infirm.  We want YOUR NAME 

    Your Word says that the wealth of the sinner is stored up for the 
   righteous.  Father, You said that the gold and the silver are YOURS and
   that You will give me this wealth that they may know it is YOU, the Lord
   God of Israel, that calls me by name, and this wealth is hidden for the
   end times harvest !   You said, come near you nations and hear; let the 
   earth hear, and all that are in it, the world and all things that come forth
   from it – truth shall spring forth  out of the earth, grass grows for the 
   cattle, and herb for the service of man; that he may bring forth food out
   of the earth; as for the earth , out of it comes bread which heals the 
   heart of man.  The stones of the earth are the place of sapphires: and it 
   has dust of gold: the earth is full of they riches; the earth has He given
   to the children of men.   The Word says “ Hear oh heavens, and give ear O 
   earth; for the Lord has spoken: so I say “ O earth, earth, earth, hear the 
   precous Word of the Lord”.   Give up the oil, the diamonds, the silver, the
   gold, and all the precious treasures- minerals, foods, and all the materials
   that have been deposited and hidden in the earth sot that there will be
   meat in My Father’s house and sufficiency to spread the gospel all over 
   the earth.  We also proclaim that with FAVOR, property and houses, real 
   estate will come to us that we may HOUSE the orphans, and widows, and 
   the poor of the earth, and provide all that is needed to sustain them as 
   the kingdom of man falls.

   Father, we acknowledge that wealth is not only of material things, but of 
   eternal things, and heavenly things.  You can do miracles and multiply food,
   and any good thing we need.  So we ask for this power too, that in times 
   of lack or famine, that You will keep us by YOUR POWER.  We ask that in 
   places of the earth where there is not enough food for people, for children of the earth that YOU will multiply like Jesus did for the multitudes, loaves and fishes.  That You will heal and do miracles for those who haven’t money or access to hospitals and doctors.  That You would multiply food, or even send angels to bring food to the people – that You would demonstrate YOUR GLORY where there is no food by sustaining people supernaturally when necessary Abba, and not allow them to starve !

   We ask YOU to provide supernaturally in situations that seem hopeless 
   And that You send angels to impart GRACE , and strength, hope and 
   Comfort to those in need…like those children in North Korea, or Sudan, 
   And places where there is great oppression !  LOOSE YOUR KINGDOM
    FATHER, and PROVIDE SUPERNATURALLY for those in desperate situa-
    tions !  Father, we ask You to provide EVERY NEED through YOUR 
    RICHES in GLORY.  You have rained down manna, gold, and even jewels in
    Church services all over the nations, and I think for the purpose of eradi-
    cating fear of lack.  You have shown us that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE
    with YOU.  You have even taken pastors in Africa and let them walk on 
    water supernaturally when they had no way to cross…just to show YOUR
    will will never be stopped, no matter what the enemy does.

    Father, give us strength, and explode inside of us with Your Holy Spirit
    that we may endure the evil days that are ensuing !  Grant us GREAT 
    GRACE and FAITH that we may overcome all our fears ! In the name and 
    blood of Jesus, rain down YOUR MANIFEST LOVE that casts down all
    fear !  In the name and blood of Jesus.  Grant us grace to SHARE all we
    are and all we have with those who don’t have.  Let us live as Isaiah 58
    describes. Grant us the grace Lord to overcome our earthly thinking !
    Grant us wisdom from above and REVELATION and UNDERSTANDING
    From Your HOLY SPIRIT, so we know when to do, when to rest, and who
    to do for, and who not to.  Give us discernment Father in the name and 
    Blood of Jesus !

Sometimes people send me prayers and I just post them because I don't think prayers should be
copyrighted since none of us can pray without GOD inspiring us, so they are HIS prayers if we are truthfulwith ourselves.  Jesus said, Apart from ME you can do nothing.  Sometimes people don't send who made the prayer, but it's good so it is posted.  The gospel and the means to get free should be free.