You were made for a purpose…and as my friend said
…with purpose were you made
Dave Hood

When I made you, you were fearfully and wonderfully made, you were made by me, you were made by my hands.   I spoke,  I prophesied you into being, and I worded you into form and worded you into being.   I knew you before you knew me and I loved you then, even though you did not know me.  I spoke and formed you out of the love that was in my heart for you. My desire was you, before your desire was me.  All the days of my life I waited, like an expectant Father, an expectant parent, for the day you would be given birth to. Like a Father I was present at your forming and present at your birthing. I joyed over you when you came into the air of my life and into the spirit that is my being.

I thought you were wonderful then, I think your wonderful now, you are as the world might exclaim…the bee’s knees, everything about you is wonderful, all concerning you is gorgeous, and you are a blessing to me. I love and like you being in me just as much as you like me being in you. In me you are steady, in me you know your value, your importance to me, important to me because your mine, you and I belong together, you and I need never be apart or separated. For you to me are not just my servant but also my friend, my companion on the way, without you the journey would be lonely and seemingly pointless.

When I see the response to my Spirit in your soul, I am comforted, for you are mine again and there are such dizzy heights of love that I succumb to there when I’m with you. You give meaning and place to MY LIFE, MY LIFE is your life, and all my life is yours for the asking, for the acquiring, you need but ask. Taste me, touch, feel me, love me, long for me, breathe me, see me, be with me and I will be all these things to you.

The way to my heart and its door is open, wide open to you, there is no lock or key needed any more, for with love there are no secrets. Yours are dealt with the blood of my Son, the firstborn of all creation, and He is the first and last before ALL things, even before time. There are no secrets between me and you but there are the many, deep and diverse secrets of my heart waiting for you to explore, longing for you to acquire. Your safe with me, your mind and your manner within me is sound when I’m within you. Trust me with your thoughts, trust me with your thinking, trust me with the things you seek, trust me with all your senses of desire.

I made you, I created, you I performed the sonata of my works for you, the percussion, drum and cymbal of my verve for you. I made and put together the dawn chorus in you and for you that I may be shared, that the love that we have may be complete in and for others. Sounded out like an air of nature and strings divine. I made you for a purpose, to us with one another, to create a love for others sounding the symphony of song, across lake and mountain, within every scene and song. I am the gondola of your Venice, made to drift and travel upon every and all waterways.

I made you not just out of love but in love, in the heart and heat of my desire. I made you for me and me for you. I made you for a purpose and I wish to make that purpose complete and released within you, for until it fully comes, it is only partially expressed, there is more for you and more for me. You were made FOR love and out of LOVE. My purpose is woven in you as are the myriad vessels of my blood, born and integrated into your whole being; your life from the head of your feet to crown of your toe is full to flowing in my Life.

You were made for a purpose, you were made in love and formed in secret, but what I have woven into you I want, wish and desire to make known, to make plain, to make visible, to make and be present where ever we are. You were made for a purpose, that which is placed within you is for use and for the order for which it was placed in your order. You were formed for a purpose and this purpose was to display, show and manifest the Form and purpose which is the I of ME.