thru Priscilla Van Sutphin  Oct 9th, 2014

"I am not the dictator in the church. I am not the harsh taskmaster. I wanted willing lovers, not robots, or minions. That IS satan's ploy.  I Am the Lover of your soul, and I love you as no other loves you. There is nothing that can take My love from you, not war, not terrorism, not governments, not enslavement, not any demon can steal My love for you.  I watch over carefully anyone who is My own.  I promised you ABUNDANT LIFE.  Not a life without struggle, but a life where I AM WITH YOU and more than see you through any troubles.

I conquered demons!  I conquered death! I conquered Cancer, diseases, infirmities, and every other Curse. I BECAME THE CURSE. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND, THAT I BECAME THE CURSE AND ALL THAT MEANS?  It means you do not get punished according to all you've done. It means You do not have to "bear up" under a curse forever. You can call upon ME, and I will show you the root, so it can be plucked out. But YOU MUST ASK.  Ask and you shall receive, remember? It requires HUMILITY. Humility enough to ask.  Ask ME to show you why that torment is still there.
Ask ME to show you why that sickness is still there.  Ask Me if there is any redemptive task involved in your suffering. Because ALL WHO ARE GODLY IN CHRIST MUST SUFFER TO A DEGREE, JUST AS I SUFFERED AND OVERCAME.

You asked ME to be like ME. You've done it more than once. Your heart is precious to Me, because you are willing to bear the burdens of this world for the sake of redeeming them from death and hell.  Some of you continue to battle what you do not know for the sake of your children, or to cleanse the family lines. Ask ME to show you for I am eager to show you all you need to know to get through, and break the strongholds of the enemy.  Soon I am thoroughly purging your lives and yes it is process, but there is also timing that is perfect. My power is at hand. Just ask ME, come to Me, BE in My presence, that I can touch you. Don't run away. Don't get anxious because you think nothing is happening.  REST, for in returning and rest is your deliverance.  Do not doubt just because you don't feel something.  I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU REMEMBER?

You are ravishing to ME, because you are so willing to love Me, and to worship Me. I am always here for you. I am always listening. I do NOT get tired of listening to you. I do not get tired of hearing your voice. I never get bored of you. I am a good Husband. I am an attentive Husbandman.  I AM a good Father Who gives good gifts to His children, just because I LOVE YOU.  And those gifts help you to understand ME more, and help you to walk in the light more and more till you are filled with My glory."

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