October 27, 2015    Priscilla Van Sutphin  

"I AM pouring out My oil, and it will resuscitate My Bride! There is no one who can stop the flow of what I will do for those who love Me, over the allurements of the world. There has been an assault on communications everywhere through deaf & dumb spirits working to cause miscommunications and interfering with electronic equipment and airwaves, websites and radio, TV and all manner of communications, mechanical and human! But HE who is your enemy cannot stop the power I will pour out to resuscitate My LOVE, and MY SPIRIT within you, that you can face what is ahead!

Don't be moved by what you see on TV or in the news, but watch because I'm going to CHANGE the dominion in the airwaves and in every other media format, so that I AM GLORIFIED throughout the earth. Even those who seem so far away in their Doctrine and deceived by cult brainwashing and false teaching will be touched, and restored to TRUTH. I AM SENDING MY ANGELS OF TRUTH, to convict and RESTORE. PRAY for your families, PRAY for those around you, PRAY for those at work, or in your neighborhoods. ASK for MY GLORY! ASK FOR SOULS. ASK FOR REVELATION. YOU have not because you ask not! BE EXPECTANT. I KNOW that many of you have lost expectancy due to so many battles, but I WILL RESTORE, and RESUSCITATE ALL I HAVE PUT IN YOU AND MORE!

I AM THE LORD OF GLORY AM I NOT? AND I TOLD YOU WHATEVER YOU PRAY IN AGREEMENT, I WILL DO, IF YOU ASK IN FAITH. AND I WILL GO EVEN BEYOND THAT IN THIS HOUR FOR MY WORD ALSO SAYS THAT EVEN SOME WILL BE SAVED BECAUSE OF THE PRAYERS & INTERCESSIONS OF THE RIGHTEOUS! YOU ARE IN FOR SOME HUGE SURPRISES IN THE DAYS AHEAD. BELIEVE! BECAUSE THE SPIRIT OF THIS AGE IS UNBELIEF!!!! AND IT'S FRIENDS, DOUBT AND SKEPTICISM, WILL BE BROUGHT LOW! I will level the false mountains of authority, and I will shock many with the way I do it, and whom I use to bring My LIGHT and GLORY. So do not think I have forgotten you. Do NOT think that I have passed you by because of your age, or because you're not one of the "beautiful" people.

Vanity is strong in the church that is influenced by the world, and all it's idolatry, but I will bring the haughty low, and every proud thing that is lifted up will be demolished. For I AM THE LORD AND THERE IS NO OTHER LIKE ME. I LIFT UP AND I PUT DOWN. I RESTORE, AND I ALSO DEMOLISH STRONGHOLDS OF THE ENEMY. READY OR NOT, HERE I COME, AND IT WILL BE MY GREAT DELIGHT TO SEE YOUR SUPRISED FACES FOR I LOVE SURPRISES!!!"