The Returning Light to Gods Church-Ps 81:1-5
Dave Hood

Is a Psalm spoken out by priests and Levites on the morning offerings of the Feast of New Moons, the Feast of Trumpets. Psalm 29 is sung in the evening. Celebrated at the start of the month involving the burnt offering – the WHOLE consecration and offering.

Important: ALL the festivals are held according to Mosaic Law and to be celebrated on the same day of each month. Necessary therefore to fix the feast at commencement of the month. Timed and established not by the solar calendar but according to the LUNAR calendar

The feast is determined by the APPROACH of the NEW moon

Determined not by calculation or working out when but by PERSONAL OBSERVATION Not worked out by them, man, but by the course set by God.

Personal observation – was determined by the watchmen, who were placed upon the heights that surrounded Jerusalem. Placed there to watch the skies. The High priest sent each watchman there and each had to watch from his own vantage point.

As soon as one detected the FIRST sight of the moon approaching – he would light a fire atop his place of watch and go to the high priest. Then each in turn – as they personally saw, the moon begin to appear from their own position and vantage point, would also light their own individual fires atop their hill, watch place and go and present themselves before the high priest. This was their testimony and witness to their OWN PERSONAL observation.

As all the other watchmen came forth one by one each bearing his own testimony – theirs would then be a COLLECTIVE observation. The High priest would then say --- and CONSECRATED that day – made HOLY this natural dimension of time.

This was a CELEBRATION of the RETURNING LIGHT OF THE MOON (Gods goodness!!!).

The moon gets its light from the sun and reflects the suns rays to earth. Only 7% of the light is reflected, as the surface of the moon is dark.

Genesis 1:16 God made two great lights, the greater light to govern the day, the lesser light to govern the night. The greater light is the sun. The lesser light is the moon. The greater light is the Son, the lesser light the church.

Psalm 81 is a celebration of the RETURNING light of the moon

The moon in ages past has been eclipsed but is NOW RETURNING and COMING to its FULNESS In the sky of Gods plan set in place and motion before a single foot was formed or a single footprint recorded

The light of the church has been darkened but now appearing and moving to fullness Christ the light in his church and the world.

V3 a ram's horn is sounded at the start of the new moon and when the moon is FULL at the feast

The result of the consecrating period is a HOLY time, God ordained. The signal beacons atop the hill COMMENCE at Mount Olives

It is wonderful to see the City below IN THE VALLEY ringed with fire and every hilltop is a signal the HIGH places are held by God - A God initiated sign to the inhabitants

The fires that are seen are not just upon the hills but seen of EVERY believer in the valley and it will spread. As this is a night time scene, as the fire spreads in the witness in the hearts of the believers IN the valley this fire, this light CONSUMES the darkness. It's at night for it is a NIGHT time watch. Darkness decreases, fire increases, more room made for God, more substance to burn, greater recovery of territory for God. The moon is always seen in the biblical light of PRESTAGING events of great importance.

New moon is reckoned by Individual observation, being ready and watching, this forms a COLLECTIVE witness before the High priest, it is a CONCECRATED HOLY place and TIME, the signal SURROUNDS showing a COMPLETE witness, it spreads, its increases, it consumes, more place for God, more places to watch for him created…and so on…..Please hear…it is a time SET APART for GOD, a TIME SET APART BY GOD

An example of the collective collective witness in the NT came AFTER a time of mocking ACTS 2:14

(a) Peter stood up WITH the 11
(B) Acts 3:11 while he beggar HELD onto John (C) The lost coin – the WHOLE house was swept clean AS she searched for that precious coin, which would MAKE her bracelet COMPLETE – holiness

The signal from God came with the rams horn – signifying and pronouncing – a SIGN of Gods movement in HEAVEN, movement of the next phase of the His Plan

Kings horn used to ANNOINT Kings and for the PURPOSE of calling TOGETHER

V3 decree – ordinance
V4 - statute
A sign of SETTING up something
V4 a DECREE is a law or edict an ENACTMENT of a KING Carried to distant lands and places – a herald A pronouncement of war or peace

Given at assemblies, meeting places and gates, before people, leaders and before ALL gods.

ORDINANCES have with them the idea of imparting grace V5 Statute is a testimony – a rule of grace and its practice shows and depicts and points the WAY to Him a testimony of Him

EXAMPLE used is Joseph Dt 33:13/14 V13 blessing of the land – part of expectation - Heaven above, deep waters - Shows height and depth shows – EXTENT V14 – Best / finest V15- choicest – fruitfulness V16 – best – fullness/favour and dwelling Shows forth HIS excellence Last v14 finest moon can yield – you are Gods moon Vegetables, the produce of the ground Required a full lunar month to bring forth to perfection As the moon PRODUCES dew that is favourable to vegetation to yield produce

The presence of God within the Returning light of His church will produce the right conditions for earth yield, His harvest Growth, perfecting Bringing forth from the land – EVERY MONTH – every month Response to Psalm 80: verses 3; 7; 19


V3 O God
V7 O God Almighty
V19 O Lord God Almighty
All this I obtained 8 years ago ready to fall into place and align with the other witnesses. I feel its time is near. Let a thing be established out of the mouths of TWO witnesses