“Serious Consequences”

I couldn’t sleep & came to computer to do a couple 
things, then asked the Lord if He wanted to say 
anything...and heard:

“Serious consequences are coming for those who 
have bludgeoned the populace. Their murderous 
ways will be destroyed. Severe consequences will 
be meted out for those also who gave in to the 
wickedness just for greed. But if they will repent there is hope for them. Illustrations of this are in the story of Moses too. 

Just as some prophets are using this analogy for what is going on now, many died in the desert because of compromise & idolatry. Thus you will see it happen here too. But many hearts are seared & will demonstrate & try to get back at the christians. You all will be very unpopular after the harvest is well under way. For those who are rebellious in their hearts will turn into dark forces murdering & stealing, attacking old &young. Desperation is a very wicked force that tries to overcome FAITH.

It is a form of depression & defeatism as you remember Rick Joyner’s first book showing many climbing the mountain with depression on them symbolized by vultures. They suck the joy of life out of believers & non believers alike, convincing them with lies that I will not sustain them.

Remember the little girl in the holocaust that lived 30 days without food at the end of the war, & how I kept her without her losing weight or being overly tormented with hunger! This is the faith needed for this hour: that you would depend on ME, like a child depending on his parent for sustenance & love. For much desperation will come due to judgments & insanity. But I HAVE GIVEN YOU AUTHORITY to DESTROY the forces of darkness. But if you give into them, then you will not be able to do what I am calling you all to do! STAND & see the salvation of the Lord!!!

Don’t let the defeatism & destruction of the enemy to overwhelm your minds & hearts. I WILL GIVE YOU THE STRENGTH YOU NEED if you will depend on Me, & look to me for ALL you need. So much DEFIANCE fills the hearts of the youth because of the hopelessness loosed. They have seen the corruption due to being more savy in getting information & they are appalled & depressed thinking what kind of a world is this becoming? I have called many of you that are older to be surrogate parents for the youth & children.

As My glory overtakes you, you will be equipped with all you need to do what I ask you to do. So don’t worry about feeling unprepared or entertain any thoughts of disqualification. I qualify who I choose. I will provide for those who like Amy Semple MacPherson gave to the poor & needy, providing them with money for bills, feeding them & housing many. So know that if I call you to do something, I will provide EVERYTHING needed. START PRAISING & THANKING ME NOW, for your PRAISE will bring down principalities & powers of darkness as you worship Me, especially in unity of heart.

There are things that were seen ahead of time that will be fulfilled, but there are also things I will not allow because of the prayers of the saints. Time & events are escalating & there is so much more that will be revealed. Rest in My arms beloveds when you feel overwhelmed with this wickedness you see.
Talk to Me, & rest in My arms so I can give you My perspective on the events of the day. For I will lead you & show you all you need to know.”

Holy Spirit through Priscilla Van Sutphin
www.rumble.com - DreamDecoder