Stand Up! Stand Up! Stand Up!
Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

I was watching an excellent sermon by John 
Hagee on what real persecution is, & being 
set apart, & the Lord said, “Stand up, Stand 
up, Stand up!”  This is His usual way of 
starting a word with me, so went to my 
computer to type what I hear.

“I give My glory to those who BELIEVE in Me.  I give measure upon measure to those who walk in faith. Glory to glory, Grace to grace, you progress upon the mountain of faith.  It is easy in this hour of rising antichrists to fail in faith, & give in to fear.  But I have not called you to hopelessness! 

The enemy is working on you heavily to give in to hopelessness, so that you will give in to intimidation of the evil ones, & to the world around you; the people around you who are unbelieving & desolate of faith.

Unbelief is a strong spirit of this age, that wants to abort the end time harvest. But it cannot achieve it’s goal if you CLING TO ME, & The WORD & words I have given you.  Repent of any doubt & skepticisms. 

Repent of any unbelief in your heart & ask Me for more of the gift of faith. STAND UP & SPEAK THE PROMISES, SPEAK OUT MY WORD, & DECLARE IT TO THE HEAVENS, THAT THE ENEMY CAN HEAR! 

Be unafraid, because I AM WITH YOU. I am in you. Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world! I am NOT a man that I should lie, nor a son of man that I should change My mind.  

Know that the kingdom of God is within you! No matter how lifeless you feel from all the pummeling of the enemy, no matter how weak you feel because of infirmity in your body that you’ve endured so long, I AM IN YOU.  I AM WITH YOU. 

I WILL WORK it all to My glory as I come to reveal My sons & daughters to the world!  There is a train full of surprises ahead. I have heard the cries of those who have suffered for the sake of My name, & for what they are about to inherit. Be unashamed. 

Do not let others intimidate you with their accusations & lies. Did I not say, that you are blessed when others hate you & persecute you & say all manner of evil against you falsely? Rejoice & be glad for great is your reward in heaven. 

PRAY for their souls to be sanctified by My glory. Pray for salvation for those who are of the world, & who are jealous or hateful towards you.  

So many now are unhealed who have gone for years hiding their pain, ashamed, & not getting the healing they need. So much of the church is lacking the power & grace that I want to give because they have been taught wrongly. 

They thought it was godly to ignore all the past pain, & have held on to their bitterness, not realizing what it takes to get rid of it, which is to FACE the darkness they endured, & to forgive deep in their hearts, not just superficially. They don’t know how to get fully free.

So they continue to malign others, & be suspicious of others, & to accuse others, then wonder why they are enduring conflict. 

They have no idea they are fighting with ME.  I said, to love your enemies, be good to those who hate you, to PRAY for those who SPITEFULLY USE YOU.  That includes those in the church & in the world. 

It includes those in government who are like weasels caught in the trap of the enemy, & so blind & deaf to the truth, they think they are doing good for the sake of all, but are wickedly carrying out the enemy’s will.

They have made vows to the enemy of your soul that preclude them being able to be fair or just to anyone but themselves & satan.  

But I have a great turn around waiting for the enemy. So focus on ME, & pray for one another, & your nations, that I will become the PRE-EMINENT ONE, in the church, in your families, in the states or provinces you live in, & in Your nations.  

TAKE THE LAND BACK by sowing seeds. GIVE to others, your TESTIMONY of what I have done for you. Not just all you’ve gone through, alone, but how I have seen you through, how I have rescued you from death, how I have healed you, how I have loved you through losses & hard times.

STAND UP for what is right & RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Do not scoff at those who do so or you may find yourself again fighting with ME!!  

I have called for many types of prophets to arise.  I am not the God of cookie cutter prophets!  I have great diversity in who I choose to speak for ME. There are many fronts to this battle!  And each person has their own role.  

Do not despise My dread champions who speak up against false authorities!  Justice is something I treasure, as well as those who speak up for it.  Pray for those who are fighting for justice, even if they are unsaved.  

For I PUT JUSTICE in the hearts of men, & there is great reward for laying down your lives for others. If you ask for it, I will POUR OUT THE SPIRIT OF MIGHT, THAT YOU WILL BE UNAFRAID TO SPEAK WHAT I TELL YOU TO!