"Stifled & Rifled"   
Jan 29th, 2016  
Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin
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Stifle- verb. Past tense: stifled; past participle: stifled
1.   Make (someone) unable to breathe properly; suffocate."those in the streets were stifled by the fumes" 
Synonyms: Suffocate, choke, asphyxiate, smother, gag 
2.   Restrain (a reaction) or stop oneself acting on (an emotion)."she stifled a giggle" 
Synonyms:  Suppress, smother, restrain, fight back, choke back, gulp back, check, swallow, curb, silence"Eleanor stifled a giggle"

The still small voice... 
"Elegance and beauty have been perverted in this hour by enemy forces. He seeks to stifle the 5 fold ministry and to pervert what is taught so that those carrying the Man-child do not arise with His presence to save and to heal. But as Peter cried out, "even if you stop us, these rocks would cry out !!" 
In the Armenian revival, as Christians were led out to be slaughtered, they wrote encouragements for one another on the rocks. Their lives were not spared from their murderers!  

You need to understand that many will be stifled and rifled down to shut their testimony down. But just as in that revival, as they carry out their Draconian plans, many more salvations will replace each person executed.  
Pray to make it through what has come to your shores for indeed the tribulations of My people will continue until I arise to destroy their planned kingdom. That day is not afar off as some think. It is close at hand. I am arising in you to destroy that kingdom. For MY KINGDOM will endure forever.  I have called you to bring down their plans through your WORSHIP, prayers, & declarations! Use My word as your sword beloveds! Prophesy to the heavens!!!

To not allow the burden that you see daily of wickedness arising defeat your praises! Shut out the world daily for time in My presence. It is VITAL NOW!  Each person has their own assignments. All have different roles and assignments so DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELVES ONE TO ANOTHER!  Lean on Your Beloved and ask Me to cast off all the distractions for the enemy is a busy fellow trying to keep you so busy so you will not be effective in worship or prayer, or obeying My assignments. My Love, peace and joy inexpressible will see you through! Cling to Me and your path will be enlightened greatly!  

I am "turning on the Light" as you say of your spirit man. You will never be the same. Beauty for ashes, light and truth; you will shine, shine shine in the darkness!!  Nothing will be able to extinguish the light within you as I come to make My you My habitation!
MY KINGDOM HAS NO END!  MY KINGDOM HAS NO END! Again I say, MY KINGDOM HAS NO END!  I will humble the proud & arrogant ones in this hour!"