2/2/2022 1:15pm

I will NOT leave you orphans, I’ve said. I keep My Word. Many hard days are ahead. But there will be victory over darkness trying to usurp My Kingdom plans.

OVERTURNING is on the way so don’t despair, even though there will be a fight. STAND & do NOT despair. Shut out the false prophetic voices in the media. STOP listening to them for now. Soon ALL will be overturned & made right. There is a cost for freedom. MANY have already paid for that even in the last couple years.

Don’t think I have not seen your pain & sorrow, your many nights of tears. Your many cries for JUSTICE have been heard. NOW you have to stand strong in the midst of some turmoil in order to overcome this wickedness.

I AM working behind the scenes along with thousands in many nations, raising up mighty men to take a stand for justice. I AM A GOD OF JUSTICE. WORSHIP beloveds! Look ahead to the victory, & though you may see things you never wanted to see, including violence & warring among factions, YOU WILL ATTAIN the victory. Behold the KING of KINGS is at the door. Suddenlies are at the door.