"Supervised Chaos"
via Priscilla Van Sutphin

The Lord said, "Supervised Chaos" so 
listening to the still small voice, I heard...
    "I AM is watching over you. I AM obser-
ving & drawing you closer to My heart. 
My will is that none should perish.  But in 
this hour there are many who will perish 
in the supervised chaos that will ensue 
from a corrupt & evil plan of the ones caught in their own demonic traps. 

The general welfare of the many is not really the concern of the wicked. All they care about is themselves, & what they covet. You've heard it said, that judgment begins in the house of the Lord. 

So shall it be that the very agents of deception & wickedness will be used to judge those who have not looked to Me for what to do or how to spend their money.  

Weariness & torments are coming against the elect from the activities of those who mix religion & untruths.  It is not My will that you succomb to the plans of the evil one, so I will give you GRACE if you ask for it; My grace to overcome all evil.  

Refrain from taking things into your own hands without seeking My face. Power belongs to the wise, faithful & fruitful. Just as the man who hid his money brought forth no multiplication, but those who sowed, & invested, did multiply what they had, so those who have invested in MY Kingdom, through many means of sowing & reaching out, will be filled with multiplication of harvest & blessings.  

I AM is with you. Remember whose you are!  You are sons & daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD!  There is nothing I won't do for a loyal son & daughter. 

Raise your hands in WORSHIP, & I will fill them with anointing oil that will bring life & healing to the nations! The glory train has been prepared, & is in queue. All I've promised will be accomplished.  

Abrupt changes are on the way beloveds. Do not resist change, but embrace it, knowing I have you in the palm of My hands!  Look UP, for your Redemption draws nigh.

Sometimes the loudest voices seem to get the most attention in this world, but I tell you that My Voice carries more weight! My Voice breaks the cedars in two.  My voice makes the deer to give birth. 

Nothing is done without My foreknowledge, thus I knew what has been planned, long before it happens. I am the master escape artist.  Remember how I disappeared when the crowds began to crush in?  

I AM also able to make you disappear at just the right time so as to avoid violent confrontation & angry outbursts by the crazed & misled. 

Trust Me to lead you through & out like I did Joseph when it was needed!  Listen to the still small voice. I am with you & will never leave you.

Encourage one another in whatever way you can & speak LIFE to one another.  Pray for those among you who are so deluded & deceived. Pray for the leaders in the church & in the world. 

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Pray for the destruction of the enemy's plans, for My glory will be seen throughout the earth as You worship & pray!  

The enemy is trying to wear you down, & tire you out. But I see your heart. I see & hear your thoughts. So you can REST in ME. I AM with you.  

Continue in communion & the Word of life will renew your spirit.  Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivers you out of them all I have said. 

Be not afraid. Rebuke all fear! For that is the enemy's tactic to open the door to witchcraft. Be a braveheart! For I AM is with you, & I will be with you forever & ever."