Glossary of Symbolism
for the book of SONGS of SOLOMON

[note that symbolism here is not always consistent with symbolism in your dreams
this is not a full listing but more specific to Songs ]

Abdomen  the place of God's throne
Achor  Trouble
Alabaster vial  soul of the believer
Amana  integrity and truth
Apple tree  Jesus in the fullness of His love
Arm  Strength ( Prov 31:17, Gen 49:24, Isa 51:9 )
Armory- a storehouse for weapons
Awesome  a mixed feeling of reverence, fear and wonder, caused by
           something majestic and sublime and having the power to inspire
           intense fear
Baali  my master
Banner  friendship, victory
Barefeet  signifies a slave in the presence of his master: also sensitivity
           to the Spirit of God, also in dreams can represent exposure of your
Bath  rabbim  daughter of many
Beauty  holiness
Bed  a place of spiritual rest
Belly  the spirit of the believer
Beryl  Located in the 4th row in the breastplate of the High Priest and the
          tenth stone, the 8th stone in the Holy city ( 4-completion of the New
          creation, 10=fullness of testing, 8= resurrection ) thus signifying that
          through the fullness of testing the New Creation will be completed
          and will bring forth the resurrection. It is green in color signifying
          eternal, never-ending resurrection life.
Bether  separation
Blackness of his locks  God's hiding place where He separates and hides
          Himself in His terrible holiness from the eyes of man (Ex 19:20-21,
          Ps 18:9-12 )
Blue  the presence of the revealed God, the anointing
Breasts, or breastplate  the inward qualities of faith and LOVE,
          righteousness and judgment, revelation and perfection; the balance
          of the two (Ex 28:30, Num 27:21); also the ability to feed others as
          He has loved us.
Breath  that which makes man a living being (Gen 2:7)  Conners says the
          symbol of active life.
Brother  those who do God's will ( Matt 12:48-50 )
Bronze  symbol of judgment, also strength
Burnt offering  a fellowship offering signifying the entire surrender of the
          individual unto God  this was a free-will offering
Carmel  The mountain where Elijah's mighty prayers were heard and
          answered by fire, signifying the ability and power to bring wayward
          people back to God.
Cast metal sea  basin in Solomon's temple where the priests washed their
          hands before entering the Holy place.
Cedar  a type of the saints, the righteous man ( Ps 92:12-15)  Conner says
          power, majesty, beauty, royalty.
Cleft rock  the crucifixion of Jesus   ( John 19:33-34, Ex 17:6)
Chariot  a vehicle for swift movement in the earth, the prophetic anointing;
         [ Priscilla.also trust in our own creation, our ways  some trust in
          horses, some in chariotsbut we will trust in the name of the Lord.]
Cheeks  humility and obedience
Cinnamon and the finest spices  represent a place /  Conner says cinnamon
          Represents fragranceeach spice has their own meaning. Ie: myrrh is
          a symbol of suffering and fragrance.  Cinnamon by the way is sweet
          tasting, yet hot in high amountsand kills certain bacteriais good
          for bladder infections or against e-coli.  The idea beingHe is our
          Fragrant Oneand His spice in usmakes us invulnerable to the
Crown, priestly - judgment, ability to judge righteous judgment
Crystal  clear, transparent, pure, the renewed mind
Cypress Tree  a funeral tree, found commonly growing in the graveyards of
          Judea.signifies death
Dance  a victory over the enemy, expression of joy and rejoicing ( Ex 15:19-
          21, 1 Sam 18:6-7, Jeremiah 31:4 )
Damascus  Oldest city in the East which is noted for the natural highway
         from east to west; it is this great highway which is important here.
Darling  an expression used by David in the Psalms to represent his own soul
         or his life.  Jesus uses this expression to say that His bride is as His
         own soul and an extension of His life on earth.
Den of lions  speaks of spiritual forces in the heavenlies
Diadem  a crown with over two or three fillets signifying dominion over two
         or three countries, hence many diadems is a reference to the dominion
         of the Messiah as the supreme ruler of the earth which is also
         signified by His name, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Dove's eyes  singleness of vision ( doves can only focus on one thing at a
         time), spiritual insight.
East  the mind of Christ, or an openness toward Godaccording to Conner's
         book on interpreting signs and symbols it is a symbol of sunrise, God's
         light and glory arising.
Engedi  a place in the wilderness where David fled to hide;
         ( Priscilla's note:  En Gedi means "spring of a kid", goat being a symbol
         of sinners or sin.  En Gedi is on the west side of the Dead Sea. (due
         east of Hebron)  I believe it represents people covered with death,
         desert places are representative of the absence of GOD.  Also, 2
         Chronicles 20:2 calls En Gedi, Hazazon-Tamar which suggests the
         presence of Palm trees which are symbolic of VICTORY.  The wilder-
         ness of En Gedi is one of the bleakest parts of the wilderness of
         Judah according to Zondervan's Bible encyclopedia. ( Judah means
         praise ).  We come to victory through complete death to self.
Ewes, newly shorn  the mind shorn of the wisdom of this world, which 
         causes it to be deceitful in size and form.
Faith  leaning of the entire personality on God and His Word in absolute
         trust and confidence in His wisdom and goodness.
Fawn  a female deer having the inner quality of a very sensitive spirit.
          ( Deer are representative of the overcomers )
Field  the world  ( Matt 13:38 )
Fig tree  Israel, fruit of the nation of Israel
Fish  men
Flocks of His companions  people who follow men of God
Flowers  the shortness of men's life ( Job 14:1-2 ) also the fading glory of
Footsteps of the flock  Steps or acts of those followers of Jesus who
           through faith and patience inherit the promises of God ( Heb 6:12,
           Heb 13:7, 1 Peter 2:21 )
Frankincense  fragrant spice, used in making the priestly incense, it
           represents the intercessory prayer life of the priest ( Rev 8:3-4)
           and praise ( Isaiah 60:6, Ps 100:4 ) intercession
Garden  soul of the believer, the beauty of the New Creation life within, his
           life in Christ, symbol of growth and fertility.
Garments  all outward attitudes, behavior and external appearances,
           or covering, evil or righteous
Gate  the mind of men, symbol of entrance, power, authority
Gazelle  Jesus in His resurrection life
Gold  the divine nature, symbol of kingdom glory, GOD, kingship
Grain  sons of the kingdom
Grass  symbol of the frailty of the flesh
Green  freshness, vigor, prosperity and that which is flourishing, eternal
           life, new beginnings
Hair  separation unto God,  covering, symbol of the glory of man or beast
Heart  symbol of center of being, life, emotions, motivations
Heel  symbol of power to crush
Horse  symbol of power, strength, conquest
Husband  type of headship, protection, bonder of household
Hyssop  symbol of purification, applied by faith
Iron  strength , affliction, judgment, inflexible rule, crushing
Ivory  symbol of beauty and strength
Jasper  symbol of the glory of God, brightness, beauty
Jewels  symbol of special treasures, the people of God
Kidney  symbol of desire, emotions, the mind as an organ that filters
          The thoughts
Knee  symbol of reverance, humility, bended knee, prayer force
Ladder  symbol of Christ connecting heaven and earth, open heaven
Lamb  symbol of Christ our perfect sacrifice
Land  symbol of earth, man's dwelling place
Leaf  symbol of life amidst prosperity or adversity
Lebanon  symbol of beauty , strength, loftiness
Leopard  swiftness, cruelty, vengeance, ferocity "spotted one"
Letter  symbol of the law of Moses
Light  symbol of GOD or Christ
Lightening-majesty of God, God coming into activity on earth. Associated
           with thunders, voices , earthquake.
Lilies- symbol of beauty and splendor
Linen  symbol of moral purity and righteousnessabsence of man's labors
       or works ( Ez 44)
Lion  kingship, boldness, royalty, courage, good or evil persons
Lips  symbol of our testimony
Man  type of the image and likeness of God
Mantle  spiritual coveringgood or evil
Marriage  union of two, two becoming one
Meat  strong food, good or evil
Midnight  symbol of the end of the age, change of time, new beginning
Moon  symbol of light in darkness, sign of the Son of man, Church shines in
         the darkness
Morning  symbol of a new day, sunrise
Mother  those who do God's will, speaks of the church also since she (bride)
         Is born of God ( Gal 4:19,26, Matt 12:48-50)
Mother's house  the system of GRACE
Mouth  the means by which one expresses that which fills the heart ( can
         also symbolize testimony, good or evil )
Mule  symbol of stubbornness
Music  symbol of joy, praise, worship
Myrrh  an embalming spice, preserves; used in the anointing oil, speaks of
         Healing, used for perfume and for beautifying as it helps smooth
         wrinkles; myrrh and aloes signify suffering love ( John 19:38-40)
         note: myrrh is effective in killing YEAST in the natural which speaks
         of pride or sin ( yeast of the Pharisees)

Nard  symbol of the fragrance of the Bride's love and appreciation for the
Neck  the will ( Conner- strength, beauty, or stubbornness, humility or
hardness of spirit )
Noon  the perfect light of day, the sun in full strength
North wind  negative circumstances that the Spirit of God brings into your
life to cause spiritual growth.
Nose  sense of smell, discernment
Oil  the Holy Spirit
Orchard of Pomegranates paradise of godly thoughts
         ( Conner- Pomegranates are a symbol of fruitfulness, joyfulness.)
Ornaments original Hebrew means something like crown, a golden braided
wreath ( crown-conner: eternal life, rewards, kingship, rulership. )
Oxen  ministers of the gospel, whose who give service to the Lord, the will
being subjected to the Lord ( 1 Tim 5:18)
Palm Tree- the righteous man  ( also symbols of victorydeeply rooted so
         they don't blow over )
Parable  a story in which people, things, and happenings have a hidden or
symbolic meaning
Peace offerings  a fellowship offering, sacrifices offered in communion with
God, free will offering on behalf of those who desired a closer fellowship with God.
Pierced ear  signifies those who through love for their master had chosen
         to be bonded to him as his slave for life
Pillar  the overcomer ( Rev. 3:12 ) ( strength, firmness, support )
Pillar of smoke  the mark of God's presence and the power of the Holy
Pillar of stone  used to mark the place where God spoke with man face to
face ( Gen 28:12-18, 22)
Plumbline  used to measure God's people
Pool  water that is clear and still, signifying a life of great peace and very
         deep calm
Pomegranates  fruit, their seeds are crystal seeds tinged with red, they
signify pure and godly thoughts [ and contain many seedsConner says,
fruitfulness, and joyfulness ]
Powders of the merchant  selling all for the Kingdom of GOD ( Matt 13:45-
Precious stones  the wisdom and knowledge of God  ( symbol also of special
treasures, the people of God )
Purple  Kingly authority, Christ the King of Kings
Red  the blood of Jesus, Christ the Saviour
Rod  authority to rule, chastening, guidance, crushing
Rock  Jesus
Ruby  a red stone signifying the anointing as well as the presence of the
revealed God. [preciousness, value, glories. Since ancient time it has
been a symbol of LOVE ]
Sapphire  a blue stone signifying the anointing as well as the presence of
the revealed God [ also symbol of beauty and hardness ]
Sardius stone  the appearance of One sitting on God's throne, the first
stone in the breastplate of the high priest and the 6th stone of the
Holy City ( one=God, 6= man), thus revealing that the One Who sits in
the midst of the throne is both God and man ( REV 4:2-3); its red
glowing appearance signifies the marks of His passion, having  shed
His blood for the redemption of mankind.
Scarlet thread  redemption
Senir  coat of mail
Seven spirits  (or seven eyes) of God  ( Is 11:2-3)
Sharon  a plain in Judea, the rose is a rambling rose, or some ordinary
flower common to the area [ the Lord once told me in a word that the
flower is purple, but smells like a rose ]
Shepherd's tents  five fold ministry ( Song 1:8, Eph 4:11-13)
Shield  faith
Shulammite  person of peace ( Priscilla: it also in original language can mean
Solomoness  symbolic of the Bride of Christ )
Sister  those who do God's will
Silver  redemption
Snow  God's glory
Solomon  type of Jesus, King of peace
Sons of the east  those who have a heart open towards God ( Gen 29:1)
South winds  positive circumstances the Spirit of God brings into your life
for growth  [ Pris: also represents the spirit of REVIVALthe work of
the Portion of Jacob ]
Steep pathway -  (also secret places of the stairs )  the call to ascend with
the risen Christ.
Stone heap  an altar on which sacrifice is made to Christ
Sun  Jesus ( Ps 84:11, Matt 17:2)  under the sun: natural arena (life
without obedience to God )
Teeth  Ability to appropriate the food of God ( mind meditating on the
Word )  [Conner saysthe sharpness of our testimony ]
Temples  the seat of man's thoughts
Thorns  the cursed earth, the cares of this life  ( sometimes curses if you
see them in the heart of a person )
Thummin  perfections; found inside the breastplate of the High priest and
used to determine the Word of judgment from the Lord, signifies the
perfect measurement by which the believer is being judged and also
judging others (discernment, illumination )
Tirzah  meaning delight
Tower  Strength against the enemy ( Christ our High Tower )
Traveling couch of Solomon  the resting place of the King of Peace
Turtle dove  type of the spirit of God being poured out through the
sacrifice of Jesus
Twins  balance ( Job 11:5-6, Ecc 7:18)

Urim  lights found inside the breastplate of the High Priest used in
determining judgments, the supernatural revelation of the Word of
God; by this revelation God makes known His counsel and His will.
( Ex 28:30, Num 27:21)  [Conner- symbols of the mind of God ]
Veiled  hidden from the world ( 2 Cor 3:15-18 )
Vine  the church
Water  The Word of God [ Conner; also can represent sufferingslike the
waters that overflowed the Jordan ( Josh 3:13) Life circumstances,
and also symbol of the Holy Spirit,flowing ( John 7:37-39) and eternal
life through Christ ( John 4:13-14 )  ]
Well  spirit of the believer [ also symbolic of the Source of refreshment,
source of the water of life ]
Wheat  source of bread, staff of life [Christ and his saintsHe is the
bread of Life ]
Wheel  the spirit of man ( Ex 1:20) [ also transport, speed, circle ]
White  purity, righteousness
Wind  the Spirit of GOD
Wine  joy ( also Holy Spirit poured out in Revival )
Wool  the earthly life that the Lord has cursed, that which causes sweat
    (man's efforts ) [ Ezek 44:17-18, Gen 3:17-19]
Zion  those who trust in the Lord  ( Psalm 125:10) [ symbolic in other
applications also of God's rulership, kingship, worship in Mt Zion ]
Zebulun  dweller, or dwelling ( Gen 30:20 ) [ Hebrew: habitation ]