May 9th, 2013
thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

The Lord said,
“Just as you read in the book [‘The Hope of the Wicked’,] there is a systematic progress towards the goal of the wicked in overcoming all their opposition.  If there were changes that were huge and sweeping, it would not be as effective as all the mind control that has gradually changed all morality.

One step at a time towards calling evil good, and good evil. Step by step they have made their plans in a very systematic order.  I am not always systematic.  I was systematic in creating you and the world. Every system in your body depends on another part of it. It is perfectly made.  But I also love surprises. Thus I have prepared a “systematic” surprise for the wicked, that will throw off balance all that they have planned.  You are a part of that great plan beloveds.  More consecration of all you have to Me is all that is needed. I will do the rest, for my yoke is easy, my burden is LIGHT.

And I have a light show that they will never forget!  So draw close to Me. Draw inward even more, spending more of your time when you can with Me, and unto My Kingdom purposes. Hide the word in your heart, for they will come for the bibles, they will come for anything that speaks of Me or illuminates the word rightly. Speak it to those around you while you can. BE My witnesses ! Share what I have done for you. Don’t hide your light under a basket now, for there is much need for the lost to know the truth now before all this unfolds. A great harvest is underway.

There is murder in their hearts, so don’t underestimate your enemy nor his blackened heart.  Keep the home fires burning though you will have to, at some point, after reviving is underway, go underground. The enemy is already seeking to destroy the forerunners of this movement of God. He also has seen some of the plans I have for you.  Worship and pray beloveds, DECLARE My Word - for nothing can stop what I’m bringing. Though he tries, I will overcome every resistance.

From the beginnings of time he has tried to spoil My plans, as he was lifted up in pride and arrogance.  But remember whose you are !  You are My beloveds, and I am yours.  Do NOT FRET !  Lean on your Beloved, so that you may have strength in the days ahead. Hold to what is within you, not all that is around you.  For I AM your inheritance, as priests of the Lord Most High. I am Your SHIELD and BUCKLER. So come and commune with Me, and let me
whisper My secrets to you.  What you hear in your ear, shout from the rooftops, for the WORLD must hear.  Be not afraid. But be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

Keep your hands clean from the love of money, and keep your eyes from the murder and violence, for they are using these media programs to corrupt people’s minds and hearts to have fascination with evil so that when they carry out their plan, people will not resist, but rather seek to be part of it, to share in the blood lust, making them apathetic and uncaring.  Cold hearts won’t do anything to stop violence.  And hearts grow cold subjected to so much violence.

Leave the past behind, and step into the NOW. For the now will become great as a great awakening approaches.  A great tsunami of My love is on the way to the shores of the nations.  Nations will shake, leaders will some of them be converted and change the course of their nations. For the Lord Your GOD will ROAR out of Zion, and all the nations shall be in derision.”

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