The Great Architect”
Jan 11th, 2009

Henry Kissinger made headlines on January 5 by proclaiming Barack Obama to be the architect of a “New World Order.” He told CNBC that “His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis.”
Albert Pike, a Supreme Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry said “ A Mason doesn’t know what is really going on until he gets up to the higher degrees of Freemasonry. We consciously mislead him. He is intentionally misled by misinterpretation”.
[ from  Freemasonry: Death in the Family by Yvonne Kitchen of Australia ]

“ RENOUNCE Lucifer as the “grand master of the sky and the great ARCHITECT”, and the lie of the “universal fatherhood of God”, which really means here the fatherhood of Satan.”
[ from  Freemasonry: Death in the Family by Yvonne Kitchen of Australia ]

Exerpt again from the above book:

Grand Master Architect – The Tools of the Trade

Adoniram is appointed by Solomon to the the Chief Architect of the Temple, and sole successor to Hiram Abiff. [ this relates to former ceremonies of the levels of freemasonry]  The architect is called “very powerful”. [ There is a diagram of a jewel]
The jewel has a golden triangle with a Hebrew letter on one side, and five columns on the reverse side.  These are the five orders, or pillars of architecture. The six instruments of the Grand Master Architect are:
1.Different Compasses
2.Parallel Ruler
4.Plain Scale
5.A Sector
6.A Slide Rule
These instruments  are instruments of calculation.
Architecture is a huge IDOL within freemasonry. There is even the office of the Great ARCHITECT. The Architecture of the Egyptian pyramids forms the idolatry and witchcraft at the base of Freemasonry. To study, to learn, to develop and to think, are also the IDOLS for a person to be able to become a Master Architect.

The oath is taken:
“My body is to be exposed upon a pyramid to the heat of the sun, to the cold of the night, to the riggers of the wind, and may my blood run slowly, drop by drop till the spirit is extinguished that animates the substance.  May I augment my sufferings if I fail them.  May nourishment be given to me to daily prolong proportionate and sufficient only to preserve a miserable existence as no punishment can sufficiently atone for my perjury.”

Then swords are pointed at the candidate and he is driven twenty seven times around the Lodge and then thrust out of the door.  27= 3X3X3. This is the Masonic false trinity and a prophetic action.  Is is not only total exile, but a sword of murder that follows the candidate out of the Lodge, and remains with him throughout his entire life.

This degree destines a person to move around and round in circles, not being able to progress anywhere, and then being exiled.  This is relevant to employment, health, ministry, families, relationships and the House of God.

Twelve is the apostolic number of GOD.  The true apostolic anointing that is mentioned in the Book of Acts brings forth the building up of the Body of Christ into mature mobilized ministries. It is a building anointing.

Twelve is also the apostolic number of LUCIFER. The twelfth degree establishes the false apostolic of Freemasonry and contends with God’s
Apostolic .  It sets up the idolatry of the Great Architect of the Universe – GAOTU – and brings forth a false building anointing.  The apostle of God is the one who carries the true building anointing, but a Masonic architect will be a false apostle, carrying a false building anointing.

Architects, builders, and other tradesman of the building industry can, knowingly or unknowingly, lay foundations of the false apostolic within the very structures they build if they have not cut their ties to Freemasonry.  As a result, Masonic architecture and other physical items will be steeped with a spirit of the false apostolic.

The things built of Freemasonry become idols of Freemasonry, and are 3
protected by the Masonic guards in the spirit realm [demons].  These guards are very similar, if not identical, to the sphinxes of Egypt who guarded the pyramids.

Spiritually, the false apostolic anointing of Freemasonry is determined to keep the church as a Masonic Temple.  It will always attempt to murder the true apostolic of God. It will point its sword to drive it out of the House of God with great tenacity in order to ensure that the power of the Holy Spirit cannot, and will not, stand in the church.

The guards mentioned in this degree will make every attempt to thwart a person from coming out of the bondages of Freemasonry.

One of the renouncements she recommends at this level is :
“ Renounce GAOTU, the god of the Great Architect of the Universe.”

“The Baphomet God “  p. 35 of  Freemasonry: Death in the Family

The baphomet god is central to freemasonry.  Baphomet is pornography, sodomy and homosexuality, bestiality, polygamy, twisted power, black magic and sex magic.  The connection between false gods and temple prostitution is clearly seen in the higher degrees of Freemasonry.

[ And we wonder why prostitution is so rampant in D.C. and other political arenas ? ]

A Covenant with Baphomet is a covenant with DEATH. This covenant must be broken.  The baphomet god is declared in the occult to be “The FOUNTAIN of ALL RICHES”.

Baphomet written backwards is “Tem O H Pab”, meaning “Father of the Temple of Peace of all men”.  This refers to SOLOMON’s temple.  In addition, by using a Hebrew code of writing known as the Atbash Cipher, Baphomet translates to “SOPHIA”, the Greek goddess of wisdom and
Satan’s BRIDE.
So Baphomet is both Satan and Satan’s bride.
Baphomet represents ALL religions.  Variations of the Baphomet image can be found within every religious order of the World.

Some of the images are:
1.Baphomet is a horned, winged god, combining the characteristics of dog (the Egyptian god, Anubis), Bull ( the god Mithras), and the goat ( the Jewish scapegoat, led into the wilderness to cleanse the sin of Israel).
2.Baphomet is the Egyptian winged serpent of wisdom
3.Baphomet sits in a position resembling the statues of the Celtic stag god.
4.Baphomet represents the astrological Star of Capricorn, the Goat and the Fish of Dec 22- Jan 22.
5.Baphomet is “ the Tarot card of the Devil”.
6.Baphomet is Shiva-Kali of HINDUISM
7.Baphomet incorporates the lotus flame of Buddhism and Hinduism
8.Baphomet’s name is possibly a corruption of Mahomet or Mohammed, Islam’s answer to Jesus.

Alistair Crowley, a 33rd degree Freemason and Satanist, understood well the link between Baphomet, the mediaeval Order of the Knights Templar, and Freemasonry.

He took the name of Baphomet, and went on to become an occult practitioner of, and expert in, sex magic.

Historical evidence suggest that the Order of Knights Templar honoured – if not worshipped – the idol Baphomet , the goat god.  In fact, GOAT is the codeword for GAOTU, the Great Architect Of The Universe.  Baphomet is the god of FREEMASONRY !

Baphomet is Satan himself !

The satanic bible defines him as a demon or fallen angel.  The Baphomet god is a picture of Satan himself.  The two twisted horns are representative of the twisted horns of power and authority of Lucifer.

The semi-circle over the phallus is the atmosphere. Surely the Prince of the Power of the Air – Ephesians 2:2.
The image of the goat is found in the occult pentagram on Baphomet’s forehead – a goat within a goat.  This image links to the Greek god PAN, whose upper body is man and whose lower half is GOAT.

[ Pris note: remember in C.S. Lewis, Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe – the characters known as fauns ]
Mythology states that Pan evolved into Satan.  Essentially Pan and Baphomet are the same thing – Lucifer himself.

The Occult pentagram is often shown with a goat’s head within the five-pointed star, and letters surrounding it. These letters, when read clockwise and starting from the bottom read LEVYThN, the Hebrew spelling of Leviathan – the sea monster of Job 41. This it the nature of Lucifer himself.

The pentagram represents the five elements of witchcraft: air, earth, fire, water and spirit.  In addition, the wings represent air, the lotus flame fire, it is sitting on the earth, and it is surrounded by water.
To further emphasize universal balance, Baphomet is part human [ arms and breasts], part animal ( goat and scales of a fish), part reptile (snakes), and part plant (lotus flame).

The words on the arms of baphomet are “solve et coagula”, which means “solution and coagulation”, a term that was commonly used by alchemists.  Alchemy is the practice of turning metals into gold.  It is the study of magic and a form of witchcraft.  It is occult science.  The term refers to analysis and synthesis, to divide and then unite.

Baphomet causes confusion over one’s sexuality.  Baphomet is androgynous – half female, half male.  The right arm is a female arm and the left arm is a male arm.  It has female breasts while the lower part of its body is veiled, portraying the male sex magic of the Caduceus Rod.
A wand – the Caduceus Rod – represents the phallic nature of the idol, with two serpents wrapped around it. The two snakes control the will and the spirit.  They are guardians, allowing only the “purest of heart to pass into eternal life”.

If a church has foundations of Freemasonry, the idol of Baphomet will be at work, encouraging sexual uncleanness, impurity and sodomy.

Baphomet / Satan represents chaos and order, the symbol of universal balance. The lotus flame is the eternal fire that creates and destroys. The right arm points up and the left arm points down. This declares “as is above as is below”, or “as is Heaven, so is Hell”.  [ blasphemy of course]