Holy Spirit thru Priscilla
Transformation is at hand My beloveds! 
Do not give up now on the miracle and changes I AM bringing about. Every detail has been planned. I see everything and know that I already have provided the solutions. Your willingness to wait for Me, and suffer with Me through all the trials is not unseen. I knew you before you were born. I know the hairs on your head. I know every step you will make. And I called you CHOSEN. A Royal Priesthood of believers. I chose you before the foundation of the world. I knew and saw it all. I beheld all the enemy would try to do. But I have many many surprises for him as well as for you! Nothing takes me by surprise.
Throw off all fear and all the lies of the enemy that you are disqualified, or that you aren't going to make it. HOLD TO THE TRUTH OF MY WORD! I am moving and breathing on you, and I am blowing My winds. I AM lifting up the broken, and the world will see so many nameless, faceless ones that are my Gideons, My champions for this end times scenario. They will be amazed, because it won't always be the "beautiful ones". The world is full of VANITY, and so is my church. But I will do extraordinary things through those who seem not extraordinary in the eyes of man. I will do all I've told you and more! YOU WILL BE THE MOST SURPRISED of all as I unfold MY plan!

You might think you have everything all figured out, and you've listened to so much compared to others in the world My western bride, but still you cannot fathom the faith of many of these who are considered the lowly ones. I've told you I have no favoritism, but you still walk in that yourselves because of your flesh. But I will raise up whomever I WILL. And the world and the church will take heed, because Mighty SIGNS AND WONDERS will be the order of the day. It will so often be so shocking to others, they will cower in fear. But they will turn their hearts to the truth by the wonders I do. Just as in Moses' time there were sceptics among his people, there are those today in my church.

Just as he had to deal with so much opposition, you are having to deal with so much opposition from all sides as well. He however was the most HUMBLE of men. He knew without ME, he was nothing. He had his struggles getting free from Egyptian influence, just as you have struggled in your lives. 

But I AM the great equalizer! HA!!! Yes, I am laughing at the enemy's pitiful attempts to think he can disqualify those I have chosen! He is a liar and the Father of LIES! His influence is in your nation so much because of those who worship all gods. But I've had this plan for a long time as you count time. NOTHING CAN STOP MY PLAN! So when I tell you to do something, DO IT! Yes, there are many demonic forces trying to stop you and MY PLAN. BUT JUST STOP and LEAN ON ME! PRAY & SING, and DANCE with ME, and you will overcome all. Stand ON MY WORD and PROCLAIM IT to the heavenlies! SHOUT ALOUD! STOMP your feet and clap your hands for YOU are the VICTORIOUS ONES !

"Turn Arounds, Turn Arounds, Turn Arounds!"
10/6/16 1 pm
The Lord spoke the above to me as I sat down to feed my granddaughter. Waited to hear what else might come...
"DECLARE TURN AROUNDS! DECLARE JUSTICE, AND MY RIGHTEOUSNESS! DO NOT LET UP! Preach My gospel in the midst of the fray at hand. Some things are going to turn around as you speak and pray in faith.

Hold on to ME, I will show My glory in the midst of their "chaos"
in the midst of their dark forebodings & devices of destruction. Greater is HE Who is within you than HE who is in the world. That storm looks great and mean, but I am the GREATER ONE! UNITE IN PRAYER! PRAYER will turn nations. Worship will trample on injustice and take down the bullies. 
Priscilla Van Sutphin