1/15/21 01:52 am
Holy Spirit thru Priscilla

Here in and here out, there will be 
so much turmoil either in the earth, 
or in the people. Life has been 
abundant here and for some time, 
will continue, but much harder times are coming, and you must be prepared beloveds. Your eyes must be on ME, and not on your things, or your worries. Cast ALL your cares upon ME for I care FOR you. Leave the past behind in the sense of what life was like, and prepare for tumult. Division is stronger because of the witchcraft that has been allowed to grow in the church & in the world. The church has not even taught what it is, much less prayed in many instances against it. Many a pastor has succumbed to assaults by it from outside because of prayerlessness in the church, and lack of knowledge & lack of teaching.

Therefore I am releasing those I HAVE TRAINED, to teach and to administer deliverance to the captives. These ministers of Deliverance will be dependent on ME for everything they say, and do. They have learned that apart from ME, they can do NOTHING. My FIREY LOVE will be poured out upon My church, but woe to those who mock and spew out bitterness and hatred, and who have grown cold hearted. YOU MUST REPENT, or My glory will destroy you. Woe to those who have fattened themselves on the finances of widows and weaker brothers & sisters without regard to their welfare.

The blessings that are coming to My people are not just for you to swim in self indulgence, but rather for you to be good mothers and fathers to others I will bring to you for help. Pray for the Spirit of Burning to consume anything in you that is not of Me.

Don’t think that I will overlook evil. I came to destroy it. So I say now, REPENT for the Kingdom of God is at hand. Seek My face to ask Holy Spirit to remove any blindness to sin. For many have become lackadaisical about sin. Many have grown weary but know that

I am coming to remove all that has beset you by the enemy, so be not afraid to confess your sins to Me. I’m not here with a hammer waiting to smash you. I’m longing for there to be nothing between us, no idol in your life, that keeps us separated from each other.

Come & lay down at My feet, and rest in My arms of love, for I am pouring out the fire of My love into your hearts, as you humble yourselves before Me. Reconciliation is what I desire, not destruction. You are greatly loved & cherished by Me. Hold on to ME, like your life depended on it, because it does. The wicked wish to extinguish your flame, & destroy you, but I WILL UPHOLD YOU WITH MY RIGHTEOUS RIGHT HAND. I AM yours, and you are Mine. Speak My Word to the heavens, and empower the angels that are fighting for you. TRUST ME with ALL of your hearts, for I love you as no other does. And I AM with you till the end in this battle.

Grievances have been spoken, but I promise you, that I AM FOR YOU, & not against you, and I will be Your rear guard in this spiritual battle. I AM your MaGeeNee, (Shield/ Protector) & I am El Gibbor, the Mighty One of Israel, and NOTHING shall snatch you out of My hand! I AM about to remove all weariness and affliction of souls, that you may fulfill what I have called you to do in this hour. Hold on tight for the ride of your life beloveds!

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