Poetry of Wade Bentley

"over heaven and earth" 
4:20am 9/13/04   wgb

can I call the angels
to sing to your heart
or the blossoms
to lean a bit closer

maybe for the nightingale
to orchestrate your dreams
as the oceans waves softly crash

the wind is blowing
now your way
the Spirit of Heavens Grace proclaims
receive ye now all if Him
His peace His Comfort His joy

smell the fragrance
of rich brown earth
creations fields and garden of life
harvest time approaching now
sharpen your sickle
get ready to grind

signs been seen
in the moon and the stars
the Son of Man riding
with sword in hand
there will be fire from His lips
glory clouds ablaze
five points of Light
plus the morning star
received as a gift

then thousand of ten thousand
of His valiant saints
as He is so now
Word become flesh

watch the night sky's
as they roll east to west
they create in you
a magi's quest
and if your a magi
you'll be carrying precious gifts
orphaned children living in bliss

you are one of His creation
loved from the first
if there were only you
out of all that we know
we know that He
would choose you
over heaven and earth

for one day
this will be gone
calamities loud pop
though you will live forever
there is no end to this
beautiful sound you present

before His Holy Throne
white robe adorned
crowns with no thorns
no tears no death no pain
the jeweled built City
streets of clear gold
jasper and onyx
O my our Lord is bold

Can you see in visions
the pure river
the water of life
clear as crystal
right near the street
on each side
this river clear
the Tree of Life
yielding it's twelve fruit

as its' leaves heal the nations
there shall be no more curse
there shall be no night
no need for lamp
nor light of the sun
for the Lord gives them light.

these I could promise you
my friend and confidant
though the Lord God of All
has taken my spot
He says that it is a done deal
long ago in fact
in that I'll rest and take a nap

but before I lay my head
in His loving hands
know that there is nothing
that could separate us
as Godly friends


return to the land
of common inheritance
walk in peace and dwell there
where trees are plenty
green pond lilies floating
white blossoms mirrored image
airs so clean it sets in trance
child's artful wandering
ancient dreams before the womb
beyond human memories
thread bare cords
this is where I dance
where I sing, where I laugh
in gardens waterfall
this is where I lay prone
the perfected hands
of my Creator
this is where I have returned
  to dust, yes dust
breath life in me
come into the land
of common inheritance
walk in peace and dwell there
where I laugh, where I sing
where I dance
in gardens waterfall
come into the land
of common inheritance
walk in peace and dwell there

©wgb2004 9/9/02


if you have not heard
you are more beautiful
than the sunrise
after a long rainy spell
you're smile would brighten
the darkest of days
obviously more special
than a garden
of well tended flowers
you're eyes sparkle
others see and forget
the pressures of the world
in the fragrance of you're presence
a lingering peace and joy
lasting till the dawn of a thousand dawns
and tonight, sleeping in serenity
you'll dream of valley's and fields
below Heavenly steeped slopes
waking to the sound as water drops
from angel's tears that will never stop
created in His likeness
you shine as the stars
created in His likeness
the stars they shine on you 

©wgb2004 2/25/02


I will make you fishers of men
Gods is hungry for us
He is ravishing for more.
More of the Love He created
In our heart to be returned.
What am I without Him?
Where am I without Him?
I am His hearts desire
Should He not be mine also?
I will hunger and thirst for You
My Lord, my Savior, my King.
I will turn my heart to You
My thoughts on Your righteousness
I will wash daily in Your Word
My eyes will seek out Your Kingdom.
I will witness of Your Love.
My ears will seek out Your Truth
Your Truth of Love, Your Truth of Grace
Your Truth of Hope and guiding Faith.

My failing past is but a testimony
Of Your Power and Mercy.
My present is the Peace
Of Your Abiding Spirit.
My future is the Faith
Of Your promised Glory

Shinning as the Son
As I embrace Abraham's bosom
Shinning as the Son
As I walk through the Gates
Of You're City, the New Jerusalem.

My doubt is removed
By the Faith You granted me.
My fear is removed
By the Love You poured into my heart.
My sin is forgiven, covered by the Blood

Of Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank You for the Gift,
The Gift of Your Son's Salvation.

Do You hear Me,
Do you hear Me calling?
Do you hear me, He's calling you.

8/12/01 ©wgb2004


I have seen the light
and run to it's source
He has guided me
I have felt the pain
of the oppositions harvest
He has ripped the seed
of dark terror
out of my fertile ground

He has planted
and watered empty fields
trimming branches when needed
He has called me as a friend
teaching me the love
of laying down my life
He has loosed me
from the yokes of bondage
freeing this soul of condemnation
He has healed the broken spirit
He has shed His blood for me
He has died that I might live

Jesus Christ my Lord
Jesus Christ my Saviour
Jesus Christ my King

born of a virgin
conceived of the Holy Spirit
raised as a Jew
the seed of David
the branch of righteousness
the sun of righteousness
the Lord, our righteousness
the word of God
the Son of man
the Son of God
He is the alpha
He is the omega
He is the great I AM

8/22/01 ©wgb2004