Why do you love?
Darcia Sharp
February 19 2004

To understand the love of God, you must experience it. This love truly is everlasting and enduring. It is Eternal love.

We learn through experience the many faucets or depths in His light of what true love is as we are found in the Lord walking in the Spirit. Our souls that are becoming as a fine jewel within reflect the purity of the light of God that His character is manifest to all.

Selfish love derives actions to get a selfish return.

One may desire to appear as though they are loving to others that they observe that we are good and kind for mans approval. Empty words will bring empty result eventually. God sees the heart.

Only true love is lasting and enduring. It cannot be assimilated or performed out of false pretense or simply knowledge of rules or observation of the correct thing to do for approval of man.

The principles of love are not performed as a duty or by selfish motives because the word says you must. We do not salute those that are our enemies or hug them in pretentious actions without God knowing about it. What God knows is the most important thing in every relationship. He knows what is really in our hearts. Before Him we cannot pretend to love or do an action that appears as if we love when we really don't. He desires we know the real and true love that comes down from above. He desires that this love flows through the body of Jesus Christ one to another.

The world lives a life of selfish love that feeds self for rewards. True and Holy love is not something done because we think we should. True, abiding love of God truly, truly loves the one who has offended us and all who have not. All are loved the same. This is a love that the world or natural man cannot comprehend. In this life there is so much acting; it is truly only understood in the Spirit the love of God that flows forth through another as unadulterated, pure and Holy Love. This love does not care about the wrongs. This love covers the multitudes of sins. This love turns the other cheek. This love is ready always to forgive. This love loves their enemies with the depths of love that flows from the very bosom of God in purity and deep acceptance. It is a place enjoined in God by the Spirit walking with Him. This love continuously and eternally is bathed in kindness and desires to please God by abiding in the Word. It is something that is not performed like a law or a rule. It is not something that is done forcing oneself so to be accepted of God or man. IT IS A STATE OF BEING and to have become.

It is actually walking in the manifest character of God who is love.

This same love sent Jesus the Son of God to die that man could live. This love was found in the will of God in obedience is powerful depths.

This love desires to give all, everything that the body be one. This love abides in God and obeys and does as the voice of God says daily; for it is then that this love can be experienced. It is so very one with the One God who is love.

There are a lot of things we can do just to be nice and they are certainly necessary. There is a place in God however that lives, moves and has their being in the depths of the manifest love that moves with such passion for others that it enlarges the heart in the very cavity of our natural body with the movement of the works of the Spirit that flow through in the power of the resurrection. It is understood only in the Spirit. This love would give their life for their friends. Yes and this love would also give their life for their enemies if it was Gods will to do so. This love was sent and died for those who despitefully used others. This love saw past all the negative, fleshly, carnal actions of man and actually died because the bond of love between the Father and Son was strong and without separation for the oneness was so together and intertwined in purpose and character, will and motive. This love cared not for the opinions, actions, and thoughts good or bad of man. This love loves unconditionally and moved in purpose.

When one finally comes to the understanding of this love in depths by the Spirit; they have only just begun to understand the multitude of Eternal weight in wisdom of the Spirit works. There is so much more to learn and experience yet God in His mercy and grace bestows this unto man that they would be one as the Son and the Father are one by the same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead.

It is such a great love that the riches of this world have no value for now the riches of heaven permeates to the core of the soul in satisfaction. It is such a great love that the poverty of this world with the natural eye is replenished with the riches of the Eternal God and understanding is greatly given and peace, rest and confidence and quietness are found in its depths. This great love puts no respect for any man but loves all the same. This love has no desire to please man but for the pleasure of God yet the experience of the encounter in the Spirit together is more that any pleasure that this world could ever give. It is a perpetual existence of longing desire to GIVE THIS LOVE.

This love experiences grief of God when it is rejected in the soul as the union is greatly one with Him yet it continues to extend in mercy and grace and desire greatly to bless.

This is the love that the soul seeks for. There is nothing that can fulfill the desires of man like this love can. All others desires are dissipated when one has given all for this love. This is the love that is only experienced by the Spirit that is put within man by God Himself sent through His Son. One must be conceived of the Spirit to enjoy the clarity and love depths to the furthest point God Himself will take one.

There is nothing that can separate one from this love of God once one has it. Self can cause disruption in relationship with God but His love never dissipates or forsakes anyone that does not blaspheme the works of His Spirit. His mercy endures forever and He is ever ready to forgive anyone who may ask and take one deeper and deeper into His bosom by His arm where His hand holds one into Himself where the depths of love who He is is experienced by His manifest character.

This love truly forgets all wrongs done against another. The blood, the work of the Spirit of God that is wholly love does not hold a grudge nor wish any wrong to anyone ever.

This is the Spirit of the Living God manifest within and experienced by one who is wholly separated unto Him and whom walks in the purity of motive daily in the will of God. Deeper and deeper He takes one to experience yet more and more.

This love is Holy. Seek Him and you will find Him. Know this love. It is indescribable in words. It can't be done and is only understood in the Spirit.

It must be experienced.
God is Love. God is the Word. The Word is Truth. This is true love. Awesome, absolutely Awesome Amen.

Darcia Sharp