Why should they owe you?
Dave Hood

Many of you may know what I am about to say, many of you believe you have already heard. But all that I ask is that you view it through the eyes of the following statement. A Joseph shared his dream with his brothers, it not only affected him, it affected his brothers. Dream the dream, affect the effect.

I was standing at the kitchen sink, preparing the vegetables for a vegetable soup. I had prepared the stock from a fresh chicken carcass the day before. As I did so, preparing to put something into our bodies, the Holy Spirit came firstly, to take something out. As I listened to Him, He ministered the grace He needed me to receive. As a result He made it possible, by putting in this word, the word that I and maybe we need to receive.

My mind was sparked by the thought of the need for forgiving other people. He said to me “why should they owe you, when Jesus has already paid for it, should you demand payment for what already has been paid?” I understood that I need not exact payment for those things done wrong to, or against myself, for Jesus has already paid for that wrong done against me.

So I sought forgiveness, for those who in my opinion, needed exacting punishment upon for their wrongs against me. For as a result I was locking up rights and authorities, I had no right to lock up. I was trying to exact my rights on those who I had no right to exact recompense from, irrespective, if they had done wrong to me.

As a consequence, I was denying their right before God and Gods right before them. So I allowed, thankfully the Holy Spirit to lead me through those areas, I had acted wrongly in. And found forgiveness from the Lord for usurping their rights to be cleared by God in these matters. I also asked the Lord to remove all ties and nets, snares, snags and loops that had come about and remained in place because of this stance. I found myself thanking Him for the light and anointing that breaks the yoke of slavery.

For until I had recognised what I had done to them, even though wronged, I still held them in the devils trap until freedom for them and for me came.

I understood that this was the “peace that passeth all understanding” “that guards hearts and mind in Christ Jesus” for He came to make peace through the shedding of the blood upon the cross. In going through the process…realising…THAT THERE WAS NOTHING FOR THEM TO PAY and neither should I EXACT OR REQUIRE ANY PAYMENT for whatsoever had been done wrong. So I made sure that I asked for forgiveness for EXACTING PAYMENT FROM THEM through my unforgiveness. Any attempt to justify myself is another form of self righteousness. No one is righteous, no not one, except Him. Oh that I might be found with a righteousness that is not my own, but His, Christ Jesus from first to last.

The Holy Spirit showed me what He meant by the peace that passes all understanding. He showed me two cars, travelling one behind one another, on a road from left to right. I was the car that was behind. I saw that whatever my position with and relation to them was, my position with them with God needed to be BEYOND WHERE I WAS. In other words, I had to OVERTAKE them, in order to realise the destination we were both travelling towards, BEFORE, they reached it themselves…lest something else…overtake them and me. So I acknowledged to whom and where it was that I was exacting payment, illegally from, them…demanding USURY, interest so to speak, for their wrong deeds…not just the original amount, but more, usury…we are commanded not to do that…

…And received forgiveness for myself and for them. Releasing myself from that which I had no right to require and releasing them to God and God to them, so that the blessings and peace may descend upon them FROM HEAVEN, this is what Jesus died to give them, WHETHER THEY DESERVED IT OR NOT…it had been paid for by the cross of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit showed me in real terms that He had already gone there TO THEIR DESTINATION and MINE…as HE had gone ahead of ME, so to should I go ahead of them. The first shall be last and the last shall be first. In my minds eye I was in the right position, with the “goods on them”…that is the driving seat, driving behind. I was wrong and needed to get to the place God in Jesus had for me and for them…for God is no respecter of persons.

Friends He has already gone to yours and their destination.

Here I found myself able to ask for the miracle…Stretch out your hand and heal and do miraculous signs and wonders in the name of your Holy Child Jesus. Here the disciples acknowledged that they had been brought together by things that God had ordained, even if through this process there had been wrong things done.

So in seeking forgiveness for holding them to USURY, to account and in changing my mind about how I viewed and held the position…I asked the Lord to open His heart and mind and side to them and me and letting it flow to them and from them in praise and thanks giving to HIM…Seeking forgiveness for judging them wrongly.

He then gave this word…and that, which I heard, was given to me…I now pass on to you. Dream the dream, affect the effect.

“Taste and see that God is good, taste and see and find His rest, prepared for you before the foundations of the earth and its worlds. Taste and see for yourself, for me, for you, for your families, your neighbours, your masters and your friends. Taste the honey, taste the wine, the joy of my approval of my work and my Sons. Taste and see that God is good, God is wise, God is true and God is clean, clear like a running mountain spring. Like the waters of the lake of the Highest mountain lands. Lay aside all that wastes you, that lays you waste, that divides and lays wide the gap between thee and me”.

Here he showed me a chasm between two edges of land, with a deep rift and gorge between the two edges. I saw how in our attitude of unforgiveness, in exacting payment for those who had done wrong to us, we were in fact creating a gap, a rift, an increasing divide between God and OURSELVES. I also saw as I progressed through the process I was drawn towards, that the gap, the divide narrowed; until I saw that it was the thickness of a man that lay between the two edges. Like a fault line of an earthquake stretching many a mile over valley, plain, hill and mountain.

A gap wide enough for just a man, just one man, Jesus alone who spanned the width in Himself alone. This is where I, this is where we, this is where ALL, need to be, need to come to. Grace upon grace, grace to come…for no one comes unless the Father draws them…grace to be…grace to stay.

He continued…”Walk the narrow way; it is the way of faith. Reduce the gap, till you walk only WITH me, till you only walk ON me, till you only walk IN me. The gap between Man and God is so wide, yet so narrow. In faith you stand ON the gap, in faith you stand IN the gap, for when you do you stand WITH Me, IN Me and FOR Me… For I AM the BRIDGE of the Gap”

He continued…”Intercede for your friends, for their finances, for their furs, their inner and outer warmth and covering. You don’t have because you don’t ask…you don’t ask aright…you do not ask for them…they need Me, you need Me, I want them as/ and I want you”

Here He reminded me…Job had a lot…it was lost and taken from Him…It returned…WHEN HE PRAYED and made sacrifices FOR HIS FRIENDS.

He continued…”I need them, I need you. I need you to want them for Me, for Us, for my Kingdom. They are mine, they belong to me. I yearn for them, I want for them; I want them to want Me, so make straight a way for me. Prepare My way into their heart and lives, into their needs, into their lostness and loneliness. I am their Lord and Master, I am their Teacher. As I am yours, so to do I want to be theirs, so they can be mine, Ours, to share many a long hour, so long an hour that it cannot be counted, cannot be measured or understood. I want them as I want you and you ALL to enter my SURPASSION FOR YOU. My season and seasoning for you, that my meat will be textured and flavoured to you and not vile and offensive. I am the bread of heaven, the manna that has come down and in my bread and in my meat there is no poison. Prepare a table for me, for I have prepared My table for you and many others who are to come to my table, my chair and my setting. It is not just for you, but for many others that I have a design and desire to dine with, and for my place that I have for you”.

“Come, enter my rest, enter my mind, my reasoning, my thinking on this. May your ways be my ways and my ways yours and may what is yours be not your alone, but theirs also…My house is not yet full, nor my desire replete, so preach and release, release forgiveness, my good news to the poor that they may be rich and enter the place, that I have for them…

…”as the deer pants for the water, so to does my heart pant for thee and for thine…I am longing and thirsting for you to drink deeper and deeper still, till the longing is lost and the desire and the deer is found”

I then looked up Daniel and read all of Chapter 1.
I then looked up Romans 14:2-3  & 14:4  & 14:5-13

I then heard these two scriptures
Psalm 24:3-6
and He who forgives much, loves much

Many of you may know what I am about to say, many of you believe you have already heard. But all that I ask, is that you view it through the eyes of the following statement. A Joseph shared his dream with his brothers, it not only affected him, it affected his brothers. Dream the dream, affect the effect.

He said…”Why should they owe you…Jesus paid for it…you should not demand payment for what has already been paid for”

We may be weak, but when we are weak we are strong.