The Womb of Preparation, Waiting on God
Clo DiPlato
October 18, 2002

     The Lord spoke to me in my spirit to consider the life of Moses.    He was taken out of the womb, and into the water.   He was taken out of the water, and  into Egypt.   He was taken from Egypt to the backside of the desert.  He was taken from the backside of the desert back to the palaces of Pharoah.   He was taken from the palace of Pharoah through the Red Sea.  He was taken through the Red Sea to the wilderness.      Every stage of the life of the great deliverer has one thing in common:  He had to WAIT. 

  He had to WAIT to be born.  He had to WAIT in that little ark made of bulrushes to be rescued out of the waters by an Egyptian Princess.    He had to WAIT in the household of Pharoah through revelations and processes of training that would equip him for becoming a great leader and  deliverer.  He especially had to WAIT for reality to sink deep down into his soul that his true brethren were not of the household of Egypt.   His true brethren were those captives held in the bondage to the hard taskmasters raised up by the very one who had reared  him  to be a prince in his house!  When Moses finally "got it",  it cost him everything  that he had gained in Egypt, and  he fled to the backside of the desert, to Midian,  where he had to "wait" for a burning bush experience.   An experience that would cause him to "turn aside" to see what the Lord had to say to him.   He had to wait for the revelation that God is the Great "I Am".  

  Did Moses know that his posture through all of this was  "waiting"?    Did he know that in each advancing stage of his life, the waitings would become more intense, more dramatic, and filled with more hours, days, weeks, months and years?   Did he know that he would be on the back side of the desert for 40 years tending sheep?   Had someone ever come to Moses, laid hands on his head, and given him a "prophetic word" that revealed to him the mighty call of God on his life?    Was he immediately filled with awe and wonderment that God was going to use him in such a powerful and wonderful way?

  I think he must have had a prophecy like that because he sought to fulfill it in himself when he saw the Israelite and the Egyptian in a heated contention, and he rose up to slay the Egyptian.  He thought it was his time to step into the greatness of the prophetic words which had been spoken into his life.   But instead, he ended up having  to flee to the backside of the desert where he would spend many years in anonymity.    Many years waiting for the promise, and by that time  he may have been so discouraged, he didn't even give the promises of God a second thought.  I wonder what the word of the Lord was through the mouth of Jethro to him at that time. Was Jethro encouraging him to stand on God's promises despite the negativity of the circumstances, or had hope even lifted from the spirit of Jethro?    Did Moses have a little "reviving in his bondage", or was every day a spiritually dead and dry one just as his desert surroundings until the life and light of God was seen present in a bush that burned with fire without being consumed? 

Beloved, David waited on the Lord.  The Psalms are filled with the word "wait" in all forms, and the instructions and encouragements to wait on the Lord are profuse.     David waited patiently for the Lord, and God inclined unto him and heard his cry.   Isaiah encourages us to wait on the Lord to renew our strength.    Run your references in a good Bible concordance on the word "wait", and see how it's a word full of hope and promise and blessing to those who will patiently fulfill it's inherent command.   

I know people who "wait" on God, and receive visions, and manifestations, and the most blessed impartations from Him.    They wait for God with intensity of spirit, soul and body poised before Him with all diligence and patience.    They let nothing distract them from His presence and what He will say to them in that place of waiting on the Lord.    Because of their obedience to wait on God, their lives are filled with a special outflow of power and anointing.     They receive substance from God others only dream of because they are patient enough to possess their souls and wait before Him.    It's a very beautiful, mystical (in a GOOD way) and honorable thing to be one who waits on God.    God raises up people who will wait on Him.   He will not be left without a witness to His power and His glory in the earth, and there is NOTHING He does in this earth apart from those who pray and wait faithfully upon Him!!    Yes, there are those who by discipline and design choose to give their lives to waiting upon the Lord.   

But then there is Moses.     Moses represents that one who is part of a "prophetic people" upon whom is thrust the very demonstration of God to dramatize the force and power of WAITING ON GOD infused into every aspect of the life.   

From the day you were formed in the womb,  the pressures of God began to settle in upon you, and life has been full of choices NOT made by yourself, but made by Another.    Your whole life has been the experience of waiting for God, and waiting on God, but it's never been so much about sitting solemnly in a  quiet room to reflect on spiritual things or to bring yourself into a posture of prayerfulness in the presence of the Lord.    Yes, those times will come.    The times will come when you will be drawn aside to seek the Lord.  The times will come when you'll find a quiet place to search your heart before Him, read His word with a special attentiveness, or get away to a place of retreat specifically for the purpose of waiting on God.   But there is something bigger at work in your life than your own arbitrary choices of response to God's wooing you aside to pay attention to Him. 

  The Lord has designated that through the very natural processes of waiting, you are demonstrating unto principalities and powers as well as all of Creation that there is a resonant cry for God and His intervention impregnating all that exists through time and all the ages.   It cannot be constrained to a set time of the day, or a church in a city, or a room in your house.   Therefore God has purposed that your circumstances and your very being are impregnated with the spirit of waiting.     Was the being of Moses filled up with the awareness of the affliction of God's people in their Egyptian bondage?   Day in and day out, was he "waiting on God" for that dynamic time of God's intervention into the affairs of men?   At times, did he feel like he would literally die because of the pressures and agonizing of the burden he carried for his brothers in the land of Goshen? 

The Lord has literally cocooned you into a position of waiting on Him and  for Him through the circumstances of your life.   He is bringing to bear activity in your life which thrusts your innermost being into a posture before God of crying out from within the depths for God even with groanings which cannot be uttered  to engage you into His plan which He determines to execute through you as you come into that place of preparedness before Him.    It's not a decision you make, rather it's a state of being you are living in and what's happening in your life before God and in conjunction with the prophetic word to your life is NOT your own ability to react in a right way to God's spirit, and the leading of His Spirit, but it's by the design of Almighty God who rules in the heavens above, and in the affairs of men here on the earth.     Your waiting on God has not to do with your own determination to do such a thing.   It has to do with a greater master plan to bring you through the paces  and through the stages predetermined by God to walk you into His ultimate purpose in your life, and through your life. 

A couple of days ago,  I heard someone who is  in the "Moses cocoon" of waiting on God lamenting that it had been 25 years since the promises of God had been spoken over his life.   He was boldly and impatiently declaring, "IT'S TIME.   IT'S TIME!!"   He felt that all he had been through in preparation for the promises had been long enough, and that time for his release had come.     A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a brother in the Lord in great distress that the Lord wasn't moving in his life in a quicker manner.    My mind immediately turned to Moses long stint on the backside of the desert, and how that God was transforming him into the meekest man on the face of the earth through the experience.    When we are declaring, "IT'S TIME,  IT'S TIME outwardly, there is something inwardly crying out from the depths to God, "Oh Lord, have your full way in me, and DON"T STOP until you have fully completed the work you've set out to do in my life!   Nothing LESS than coming fully into the image and likeness of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

Beloved, within the womb of waiting on God through the circumstances of life.......waiting for Him to appear in power to your situation, waiting for Him to bring some solid answers to your problems, waiting for Him to do some great things through you as He has promised the inner man of the spirit is  being formed, being fully developed into maturity so that the bigger picture of God's plan to bring His deliverance, His life and power to a creation held in captivity is being wrought in your life.    

When your whole being is caught up into the intense dealings of God directed toward a master plan He wishes to enforce through those He would select to use even as He chose Moses, "waiting on God" is not a religious experience and  neither is it an ethereal mystical mood.    It is the very womb of preparation for the manifestation of the Sons of God in the earth!! 

As David waited on the Lord with a heart full of worship and trust in God,  let us find those times of  separation unto the Lord  in the place of communion  with Him.    And as we leave that sweet place of His Presence,  let us go onto understanding the reality of the life truly sanctified to the spirit of waiting even as God has called us to watch for Him and wait for Him that His going forth through our lives would be even as it was through His servant, Moses. 

  All of  our days, we will be waiting upon God.   It's the womb from which God is birthing His Master Plan of ushering His  glorious Kingdom into our lives!    My soul, wait thou only upon God!!!

In His Great Name and Glorious Love,

Clo DiPilato