thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

Morning after arrival in Hawaii
Went out on balcony to be alone with the Lord and worship 
I felt the Lord say " My glory is coming but like other places it will be at a cost. [ had impression of tsunami and earthquakes ] There is much division here instead of forgiveness.  In the mayhem, I will do miracles! "

11/25  5:26 PM  had dinner with family. Kevin, Amy's cousin, told us that there are no fish close to shore lately, that the water is very warm and fishermen have had to go further out to catch fish and sometimes so far, that by the time they get back, fish is spoiled because it took so long ! [ Felt this confirmed what God had told me.
Then met a gal from Long Beach at the beach, who was at the church where the roof fell in day before. She said the building was only 18 yrs old. Felt it also was confirmation of shaking coming.

Then got more for Hawaii 11/25/12 evening

"Hawaii, my heart is for you, not against you, yet there are things that need changing. There is division instead of forgiveness in many hearts. Priorities must also be set in right order! What I do now will shake much free from the dark powers that have tried to keep you from the fullness of what I have for you.  You are a bright and shining star but my glory is coming in greater measure/ power.  You will rise to receive as you are shaken, and washed from the sea flooding some of the land.  I will also wash you free from oppression that has been there from the beginning.
Forgiveness is in My nature and it must be in yours if you are to survive and triumph in the darkness that is coming on the earth.

Slumbering giants will awake & spew forth fire as a sign of the spirit of burning coming as well to purge you free of all animosity and bitter tears from the past and present. The Islanders will know that I alone am God and there is no other !  Even now I will awaken unbelievers with dreams and visions.  Worship Me in the beauty of holiness for I arise to finish the garments for My Bride !  
Kale-aloha Hawaii !  I love you and died for you, so you could live forever in Me."

12/1/12  continuation
There is a smell to the VOG tonight. Can smell it coming through the open window in the bathroom. It stinks really bad of sulfur. I heard the Lord saying " So the stench of idolatry also smells in My nostrils.  There is much good that arises also, but it is bowing to idols that grieves My heart with the sons of men. You appreciate My creation yet deny I am the Creator !
Those who worship idols are like them, remember ?  Deaf and dumb and blind. But I will rip away the veil of spiritual blindness, and I will rout the deaf and dumb spirits overtaking mankind. Awaken, awaken! Put on garments of WORSHIP My people !  Raise up your WORSHIP regardless of what is going on. I AM your Source !  I am Your Honea!  ["sweetheart” or “darling" ] 
[ thought I heard Hanea but yielded no fruit to finding meaning ]

From a brother:
Could the word or name the Lord used be spelled “HONEA” instead? Hawaii has a slang language all their own, that often resembles English terms in some form, & in this case the word ‘honea’ could be the topical slang of the common English word- HONEY? This idea would also fit appropriately in context for use in this Word. I looked up the spelling of “Honea” online & discovered- “it is a Middle English term of endearment, meaning “sweetheart” or “darling…” Obviously, to those who know the Lord to some intimate degree, know He is both very near & very dear! Awesome Word! rick