12 Signs of the Zodiac


1. VIRGO, the Virgin: A young woman bearing a branch in her right hand and an ear of corn in her left. The "seed" of the woman is to bring the Saviour. Christ (spirit) birthed out of the virgin soul. The sons of God brought forth from the sun-clad woman, the virgin bride of Christ. As Mary brought forth her first-born Son while still a virgin, so the virgin bride brings forth the manchild company before her ultimate consummation of marriage.

2. LIBRA, the Scales: the figure of a pair of balances, with one side up and the other down, as in the act of weighing. All creation is deficient, lowered, subjected to vanity, lacking a little from Elohim. The ministry of
reconciliation restores all things into balance (harmony, oneness) in Christ.

3. SCORPIO, the Scorpion: the figure of a gigantic, poisonous, and deadly insect, with its tail and sting uplifted in anger, as if striking. The sting of sin and death via the carnal mind that infects every man.

4. SAGITTARIUS, the Archer: the figure of a horse with the head of a man with a drawn bow and arrow pointed at the Scorpion. Christ coming into the life as Warrior, conquering and to conquer. The commencement of the process of overcoming.

5. CAPRICORNUS, the Goat: the figure of a goat sinking down in death, with the hinder part of its body terminating in the vigorous tail of a fish. Redemption through death and resurrection. Life out of death. The fellowship of His suffering leading to the power of His resurrection.

6. AQUARIUS, the Water-bearer: the figure of a man with a large urn, the contents of which he is in the act of pouring out in a great stream from the sky. The Sent One who would pour out waters of blessing, the life of the
Spirit on the earth in the former and latter rain. Rivers of Living Water from the innermost part of our being. The outflow of His life.

7- PISCES, the Fishes: the figures of two large fish in the act of swimming. Christ, Head and body, the two fish that would be multiplied, a symbol of God' s grace going out to all the world.

8. ARIES, the Ram or Lamb: the figure of a strong sheep, with powerful curved horns, lying down in easy composure, and looking out in conscious strength over the field around it. The Lamb in the midst of the throne; the Lamb perfected in the Christhead, overcoming all things.

9. TAURUS, the Bull: the figure of a powerful bull, in the attitude of rushing and pushing forward with great energy. Christ coming in judgment, as a refiner's fire. The righteous judgments of God committed to the saints of the Most High.

10. GEMINI, the Twins: two human figures closely united. The Son and the sons. The King of kings and Lord of lords. The lords of the Lord and the kings of the King. Christ reigning in and through His body.

11. CANCER, the Crab: the figure of a crab, in the act of taking and holding on with its strong pincer claws. The power of the Kingdom of God. The glory of being "in Christ." The little flock secure in Him attaining the goal of
His fullness.

12. LEO, the Lion: the figure of a great rampant lion, leaping forth to rend, with his feet over the writhing body of Hydra, the Serpent, which is in the act of fleeing. The Lion of the tribe of Judah prevails. The Serpent defeated. Christ in us is Victor. The Serpent flees. The battle ends. Victory is secure!

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