Harrietta Turner

Over the last few years there have been a lot of reports of gold and silver dust appearing upon people - mainly in Christian Full Gospel meetings. Oil is dripping from hands. Some have also received gold coins, gems. But lately, from what I’ve read, these latter are mainly to individuals in their homes and yards.

Others are receiving angelic manifestations seen above them as flowing beautiful transparent figures and circles of faint light referred to as angel orbs.

Photos, slide shows and U-tube videos have been sent out over the Internet showing all of these. Two of URL’s are at the end of this article.

[ page on orbs on this site ]

Naturally there have been strong speculations as to the sources of these phenomena in Christian circles. I haven’t yet heard of any non-Christians receiving any of these miracles except the angel orbs. And I haven’t read of any non-Christians expressing their views on these.
So I believe that we can safely assume that this is a Christian issue … and we call it an issue because of the disagreement and various opinions aired, especially lately, among Christians, particular over the Internet.

It seems that the main questions arising about these miracles are
Firstly What is the source?.
And Secondly What is the purpose?

The Source
It seems that there are 3 possibilities being considered as the Source :
1st They are given supernaturally from God.
2nd They are faked in some way .
3rd They are from the devil and are thus demonic manifestations.

1. My own belief and that of many is that these are from God because:
They manifest in Christian meetings or Christian homes to mostly those known to be reliable Christians of long-standing. And I personally have received the silver dust. I think some don’t believe because they haven’t received any of these miracles or haven‘t wanted to.

2. A few say these miracles are fake or staged (thus not real).
Those who believe this have related their reasons or experiences elsewhere and I won‘t attempt to go into this.

3. The third belief is that the Source of these signs and wonders is demonic and Satanic because if they aren‘t accepted as being from God or fake then this is the only remaining conclusion. The main reasoning here seems to be that they are not mentioned in the Scriptures. I do have sympathy for those who believe that only what is illustrated in the Bible is from God because I know they do value the Bible as their authority and guide for life … just as we all should. And maybe some Christians don’t yet have the faith to believe His Word and promises in this area of their Christian lives to the effect that He will keep His Word and protect us if we ask. As to the belief they are not Scriptural (although individual prophecies are being received today which are not in the Bible but are accepted as from God)… should we limit God to just His written Word? There is the area of disagreement.

[ Note from Pris: Some can be due to mixture in the lives of those seemingly empowered, ie
FREEMASONRY is rampant in many even christian circles, and many christians practice eastern
occult things like YOGA. This is not a benign practice. There is also serious mixture with new age in many christian church leaders. So we must be discerning. Just because one does see mixture, in some doesn't mean ALL manifestations are "from the devil". There are christians running around making movies on kundalini and saying anything that is manifestation is from that ! That too is ridiculous - As if GOD hasn't been manifesting His power since Jesus & Pentacost !  I have a book on manifestations through the church ages ! Demons often manifest in such meetings to distract people and to try and prevent revival from spreading.  I saw this in India. I urge you to reread John Ch 8 again.  The healing of blindness Jesus did was predicted in the O.T. and no one had healed the blind before.  Also remember that many of Gideons men were disqualified due to fear.]

One astute friend stated that Moses didn’t read in the Bible about God appearing in the Burning bush either but he accepted it. (Of course we are just making the point although we know there was no Bible then … only when Moses began writing it did it begin to be recorded for us all to read). But Moses knew God when he heard His voice. And we should be able to. Scripture confirms this: Jesus said about Himself, the Good Shepherd in the NASV Gospel of John 10:4 “When He puts forth all His own, He goes before them and the sheep follow Him because they know His voice “ verse 5 “and a stranger they simply will not follow but will flee from him because they do not know the voice of strangers.” Therefore we don’t need to be worried about getting mixed up as to who the source of these miracles is because we don’t recognize the voice of Satan or demons as being from God and we don’t follow (or accept) them.

And as to the feeling by some present in these meetings that they have become aware of the presence of some demons and demon activity, as one mature discerning Christian noted, demons did show up constantly in Jesus’ ministry here on earth. So we shouldn’t be surprised if some visit the meetings and even influence or act out through some of those present who willingly open themselves to these spirits. Other Christians may be a MIXTURE of true indwelling Spirit of God and carnality thus influenced to accept and act out strange behaviors.

His Word does say to test the spirits. We are supposed to do this. What test should we use?? God’s Word states that the test is that if the one ministering, teaching, preaching, etc. believes and confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh then he is of God. NASV John 4:1-3 “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the spirit of god: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; and this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming and now it is already in the world.”
Is this the basis on which all Christians are deciding whether to believe whether these miracles are from God or Satan and his anti-Christ spirit who it is prophesied is here to lead astray the very elect by signs and wonders if possible? Matthew 24:24 “For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.”

Just as I was about to send this article out, my computer friend Ron Anderson whose testimony is under personal experiences in this article suddenly wrote me the following which I feel gets to the heart of the matter:

“I think I may know the answer why so many "Christians" simply do not believe in such miraculous Father God-given gifts, is because they have not been a witness to such marvelous things. Then too, they must not know THE Father of lights.
Too much head knowledge maybe. In the world and too much OF it. Having eyes and not seeing, having ears and not hearing, having a heart but not understanding.
Will they believe the lying signs and wonders of Satan that "it is written" about?
There is too much disbelief in the Church!!!”

1st Those of us who have witnessed and received the signs and wonders believe that there is a God-ordained purpose which is to bring us closer to our Lord and enable us to better glorify Him. These miracles come when we are thinking of Him (KJV Malachi 3:16, 17 Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another and the Lord hearkened and heard it and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord and that thought upon His name. And they shall be mine saith the Lord of hosts in that day when I make up my jewels and I will spare them as a man spareth his own son that serveth him ) and often when we are seeking Him, honoring and praising Him above all and the outpouring of these gifts often increase as we worship Him more intensely. But some come unexpectedly. He is the Giver and decides when and where to give them.

2nd Those saying they are fake just seem to believe it is for money or for fame.

3rdly Many see no purpose at all and believe they have a very negative result and are meant to or are having the effect of drawing the focus away from our Lord.

Of course there are abuses. There will always be some who use the gifts for self-glorification, and some who get distracted and get their eyes off our Lord seeking these miracles instead of Him. We, as Christians, are still human, fallible and often led astray - especially young Christians or those who have never fully surrendered to our Lord and have thus been enabled by the Spirit of God to grow in His image and into a close grounded relationship with Him.

I’ve discussed the question of the Sources and the Purpose or lack of it.

However, the bottom line for all of us who are Christians is that we continue to obey the commandments mentioned by the Rich young Ruler in NASV Luke 10:27 … “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind: and your neighbor as yourself.”. Then Jesus said in the Gospel of John 15:12 “This is My commandment that you love one another as I have loved you.” So should we be attacking each other verbally over this issue? I’m sure that according to His Words, we should not. And if we allow ourselves to do that, maybe the next step will be that some might follow the lead of some of those previous American 16th century Christians who burned ‘heretics’ at the stake as witches. Some Quakers, and some of other faiths, were hanged for their beliefs. Maybe some of will soon to be in danger of losing our lives at the hands of other Christians for our beliefs. 


Having been raised as the daughter of a Presyterian minister, and graduating from Peace College, a NC Presbyterian Junior College at that time, and later from Duke University in Durham which was Methodist in heritage, and having been a Director of Christian Education in one Presbyterian church thus I was very involved all of my early years in a denomination which had no atmosphere of hearing of, seeing or believing in miracles. However our Catechism did teach us that the chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. So I was prepared to enjoy Him in all of His beauty of character and to enjoy all of the gifts He chose to bestow. This made it easy to accept His bestowing gold, silver, jewels, angels and whatever else He might lovingly pour upon us.

I received salvation, after I was willing to completely surrender my life fully to the Lord at age 22, through the lay ministry of an Assemblies of God couple wherein I was then introduced to the supernatural.

Liking to read I was blessed to come across the writings of missionaries, the Catholic classics and other good Christian literature. I read about the stigmata of Padre Pio and others and ordered copies of his biography. I accepted this as a gift and sign to him and the others from God. I thought it was a type of identification with the sufferings of Christ bringing more of a oneness with him. I may have prayed to receive this but I don’t remember. I did read of missionary Hudson Taylor’s experience of union with God as described in the book written about this entitled HUDSON TAYLOR’S SPIRITUAL SECRET and I prayed to receive that experience. It was granted to me after several years of great trials.

So in recent years, when I began to hear of the gold dust being received in meetings of Christians, I didn’t doubt it. And I haven’t had any reason to doubt it since. I reminded the Lord (as if He didn’t know) that I couldn’t get to any meetings so I prayed that I would receive this if it pleased Him to grant it. And I didn’t think any more about it. Later I read on the Rivermail computer List the testimony of a Tennessee lady, named Barbara Rufo who lived near my Western NC mountain home. She told of her receiving it so I wrote to her and enquired about it. It was summer at least 3 year’s ago. She just said to go out into the yard in the sun and look at my arms and hands. I uttered a brief prayer and went out but not seeing anything and came back in. Then I felt the inclination to go out and look again and there were sparkles on my arms and hands. I had only heard about gold dust but not diamond or silver dust as it is often called. From then on it has often been on my hands and arms often. One has to be in a bright light to see it sparkle … either outdoors or under a reading lamp. Barbara still has the ‘dust’ also appearing on her skin as I do.

At first I mentioned it to my husband, my son, to Barbara and to a few close friends over the Internet. Also I shared at our non-Full gospel women‘s prayer group and there was no reaction - only quiet acceptance... but I didn’t talk about it much otherwise and no one was interested in seeking it for themselves.

At my Christian Retreat Center called Stonehaven (named after the Stone whom the builders rejected but Who has become the Chief Cornerstone and our Hiding Place and Haven) other than having Barbara visit and give her testimony I didn’t mention it to my guests when they visited. Later someone told me that a gentleman who was a guest and friend had received a fleck on his forehead while the visiting minister prayed with him about other things … no one having mentioned the gold dust or told them about it.

During the spring of 2006 a Stonehaven guest I had just met was talking with me while we sat at the apartment table and a good-sized gold fleck appeared on his right upper cheek. I stopped talking as I was surprised. He had never heard of these miracles nor had I even thought to ever mention them to him. He was happy to learn of them and their appearance.

As the months, after I first received, passed I often saw the shiny sparkles (I refer to them as diamond dust but some call them silver dust) on stationery while I was writing to prisoners or on a book I was reading. Lately, as I’ve been witnessing to others more about their presence I’ve seen them more often - once on my Bible and also on my telephone but more consistently on my arms and hands. I don’t ask for them nor seek them in any way as they have appeared spontaneously since that first time. Nor do I look for them except rarely but they are there and can appear at random times … sometimes immediately after a bath. One of my pet dogs I’d had for 6 years was killed by a truck on the Highway this past week and I noticed more of the dust on me than usual. Our God has said He will never leave us nor forsake us, but being human it helps to see the physical assurance of it just as it is comforting for a Christian friend to write us, phone us, give us a hug and let God use them to transmit His love to us. But the friends aren’t always available. The miracles are as God chooses to bestow them.

This week I sent an e-mail to my friends Ron and Patsy Anderson of Oregon asking for his testimony and what he knows of the gifts. He writes:

“I will go back to the beginning of these gifts of God. Does our heavenly Father give gifts to his children? Most assuredly! Where did our start begin, - about 25 years ago. In fact, the 93 year old lady friend of some 40 years, Nina, whom I took yesterday for an eye appointment, and tomorrow for a doc's appointment, had called up years ago to let us know a man was going to be at, in fact, our very own church, and people received new gold inlays, and not too long ago she showed me hers she had received back then. 

Then about 10 years ago at Portland Foursquare again a young man from Canada came to our church for a week. On Monday and Tuesday he spoke and ministered to the teen youth. Then during the Wednesday night service for us adults, people received the gold inlays and silver fillings, some in the form of a cross. Several people we knew received. After that we heard of the same anointing at Pastor Les Moore's church, which a friend told me about. We were there a couple of nights and quite a few people received the gold and silver fillings. We were told that the night we weren't there fire came out of the two speakers. Right on the heels of that, my wife especially for about a year or so, gold dust would appear on her hands, face, especially on Mother's Day. Once in awhile now a days a bit appears. Generally mine would be one or a few large specks.

Here about three years ago on a Sunday night, the third day of a three day annual Creation conference by archeologist pastor Dennis Swift, he had a lady here from Argentina I believe, that gold dust would fall from her hair, and in about 15 minutes Dr. Dennis' forehead was solid with the gold dust. On his clothes too.

One summer around 2000 Patsy's sister Betty from Bakersfield visited us for several weeks. We talked about the gold dust, and right then some appeared. Then she told me her story about when she was about 9 or 10, and her oldest brother, Ronald about 11 or 12. They lived near Long Beach, CA, and the whole family was fully involved with the healing tent ministry of A.A. Allen. Ronald was Allen's lil' gofer.

This one day while only they were there, Betty sitting inside and Ronald outside, se heard and saw water cascading down at the doorway, and thought Ronald was playing with a water hose. When she went out to find Ronald, he wasn't there but the water was still cascading off the top of the entrance way. She also told other experiences when the people and "Brother" Allen were there how oil would appear on her fingers, and blood on her palms. She would wipe away the blood but it would come again.

So, fast-forwarding now, in the past year I guess, we have the reports, and actuality of gemstones falling from the atmosphere, inside churches, etc. I recently sent off for a tape from Sid Roth of Messianic Vision of his radio interview with Patricia King of Extreme Prophecy, and she spoke of the falling gemstones by the hands of angels. She said the largest stone had the number of 54. She also has written a new book.”

There are photos of the angel orbs taken at Christian meetings and I’ve been told that many are also on the New Age and other non-Christian sites. However, one evangelist friend of mine was preaching a revival in his tent and a mutual evangelist friend of ours was taking pictures. When I sent out a slide show over the Internet of the various miracle gems and angel orbs the friend who took the photos recognized the angel orbs as something that had appeared in the developed photos he took at the Tent revival. He sent me a photo to ask what I thought and that is what they were. Neither of these evangelists had ever heard of these signs and wonders being received around the country today. And when I told the preaching evangelist who was in the photo and owned the tent and sent him a copy of the photo, he wasn’t surprised or impressed. He did tell me over the phone that he had told the people in the congregation one night that angels were standing on each side of him. He also walked into one in his house around that time. But his only interest is in winning souls to Jesus.

We are chosen to be His bride and might He not have chosen these last days before the wedding feast to shower us with beautiful gold, silver, gems as an intended bridegroom often does with His bride? All through the Scriptures- gold, and beautiful gems are told of in reference to His bride and the bridegroom such as in Jeremiah 2:32 it says “Can a maid forget her ornaments or a bride her attire? Yet my people have forgotten Me days without number “. NASV Obviously our Lord is comparing Himself and His relationship to us as the ornaments (the gold, silver, jewels) of a bride about to be married … an interesting comparison to say the least.

All throughout nature, His creation, there are His lavishly bestowed beauties of the colors of the feathers of the Birds, the various hues of the petals of the flowers, the leaves of the trees as they come out in spring, turn darker in maturity and are brilliantly colored ever-changing in dying in the fall. The sunsets and sunrises are ever-varying whether there is an audience to behold and admire them. None of this beauty is needed or necessary. Psalm 19:1 says “The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork.” KJV

There are also many beautiful and useful elements underground such as gold, silver, gems, coal, and oil which He has created. I don’t see it as contrary to His nature throughout the centuries for Him to bestow the actual physical elements of gold, silver, gems, oil or other gifts supernaturally whenever He might choose.

Might He also want to encourage us as the days grow darker with the accompanying greater need for more of His manifested love and care? Some Christians are said to be selling the gems they are receiving supernaturally for money to pay off debts. In the Old Testament the Israelites needed food miraculously. They couldn’t have used money at that time as there was no food to buy. So God provided the manna for that time and that need. He can provide gems or gold coins (as some have received) to be sold to buy food or meet the material needs of ourselves and give us enough to help others whenever He chooses to. We may personally need these items someday soon. I believe that it is best not to limit Him and I don‘t plan to but then He does give us a choice.

Here is the URL for the best Video I've seen explaining and showing the recent Signs and Wonders ... the gemstones, oil, gold and diamond dust, etc.

This is a slide show of many different miracles God is doing today ... there are angel orbs, gold dust, sapphire dust, supernatural gems, angels and fire manifesting.

Harrietta Turner


A lot of this chatter about false prophets and manifestations is really missing an important point.

If people have problems with the "prophetic movement" or various manifestations, does it mean that we are plagued with false Prophets and demonic signs? I don't think so. The source of all this, the jewels, gold dust, and the Toronto - Pensacola business is from the Lord. IT's just that there is 'mixture' in those who are receiving them. These are spiritual gifts, and these gifts get abused.

Merchandising your ministry is abusing a spiritual gift. Using the Holy Laughter refreshing to fleece the sheep is abusing a spiritual gift. Selling words of personal prophecy is abusing a spiritual gift.

Spiritual Gifts do not produce the Fruit of the Spirit. But many think that as long as their gifts are working, that they are right with God! King Solomon had great gifts. If we look at his final end where he turned and worshipped other gods, does that mean he was a false prophet and do we need to remove the books he authored from the bible?

So what does produce Fruit of the Spirit? Seeking the Kingdom first I suppose.

I think that these people will get their chance to repent, but some will go from being like Baalam the Prophet to becoming like Baalam the soothsayer.

God Bless Y'all
Bill Somers

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