My Testimony

I was born in Virginia, Dec. 1946.  My mother was the daughter of a Pentacostal Holiness preacher who used to do tent revivals, both maternal grandparents of mostly DUTCH extraction.  My father, whom I never knew, was half Russian, half Czech - the Russian Grandfather who came here, speaking 17 languages was Jewish, I was told. My mother always told me my father was Jewish.  My mother’s family interfered with their relationship I was told because of prejudice.  So I never met my real father.  They were of the Khozars in the generations.

My mother abandoned me at birth, and my grandma took care of me for a year and a half.  Then my mother returned and remarried.  My stepfather was very abusive, and I was abused sexually at a young age, while my mother worked at the polio hospital in the evenings.  I was ritually abused in an OTO Freemasonry temple when about 3 yrs old.
Finally she found out about his abuse, and divorced him, after having my sister. 

My mother moved north with us to Chicago and worked and put us in foster homes to care for us.  Again I was molested.  Then we finally came to live with a Catholic family in Wheaton, Illinois.  Although very strict, they took good care of us.  There was a perfectionism in this home that was very hard to adjust to, alot of intolerance, frustration, impatience with me especially because I cried alot.
Finally at age 7, my mother remarried a Catholic man, and we had 6 1/2 years of stability in our home.  I attended Catholic school, we lived in a house near the race track in a different city, where we used to walk to, to pet the horses.  We had summer vacations in Upper Michigan where the air was so clear and the water so clean.  I remember seeing bears, and deer, snakes and frogs. We went swimming in the lake and did diving and jumping off a raft on the lake.

Again she divorced, and we ended up back in the foster home the summer before my high school years.  I say all this as all this back and forth made me feel very disposable and unloved.  I worked hard to go to college so I would have a way of taking care of myself and after years of work and failures, I got a baccalaureate degree in nursing from North Park College in Chicago, which is a Christian college where I was exposed to a very different lifestyle to what I grew up in.  I worked in pediatrics at Children's Hospital in Chicago, then went on to graduate school at UCLA a year and a half later.  I became a Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist.  I worked alot with infants with birth defects and their families.

Many years later after living a very rebellious life in my young adulthood, looking for love in all the wrong faces.  I had a son out of wedlock myself.  I was 32 yrs old at the time and had already had an abortion years before.  My emotions had really been a mess.  I'd been to a psychiatrist in college - referred by my psych teacher when I was identifying too strongly with my patients.

I didn't realize it at the time, that I had more than one personality.  A friend says it was MPD because I was functional.  It was many years later that this would be revealed. When I moved to California, it was really a God thing.  I worked in a hospital that had many oriental patients and I had never worked with these different cultures so it was a blessing.  I learned so much, and continued to work very hard in management.  I had taught undergraduate students for 5 years in Chicago and loved working with college age youth.  But in California, the rules were different and they wanted me to get a doctorate to teach, so I took a job in management, as a change agent, in a Hospital here. 

In 1984 after I had had another abortion, and the father was immobilized emotionally when I told him I was pregnant,  I felt drawn towards going to church with my son on Easter Sunday at a Catholic church.  The priest started talking about why there are only alot of people on Christmas and Easter.  That was the whole of his sermon.  I was agitated.  I felt there was nothing there spoken for my life, and having attended Catholic school in grade school. There was nothing new to help me and I needed help. I felt VERY empty.   So I felt like shouting " Let me tell you why !", but instead I walked out and out loud I said to GOD...
" There must be more than this !"  You see, I knew I was going to hell per Catholic doctrine I'd been taught as  a child,  but was hoping for salvation for my son. I was hopeless.

Well, the Lord answered me within a week.  I met my then to be husband who told me the truth & that there was HOPE for such as me.  He showed me in the bible the truth of God's forgiveness.  It was the most wonderful news I'd ever heard in my life - that I could be forgiven.  I didn't have to say a 1000 Hail Mary's or whatever - I could just surrender my heart to HIM and I could be free!  I was SO grateful, and made a decision at the time to follow Christ.

In the mother who had rebelled and gotten into new age witchcraft lived out here in California.  And though I had a master's degree, I couldn't seem to read the bible and understand. So I bought a Living Bible yearly version and perservered in reading it daily and got through it the first year.  Just that alone brought me some freedom, along with WORSHIP.
I was so depressed, I would play the worship day and night and sing to the Lord, while doing my chores and caring for the boys, which gave me great peace.  I had no idea of the witchcraft that was on me.  There is a literal veil of darkness/blindness over many people that have grown up like this, or who have given in to practicing witchcraft in some form.  There had also been Freemasonry in my family which added to this darkness over my mind and heart. Even the stepfather who my mom was longest married to, where we had stability was into the Shriners, and Knights of Columbus. Shortly after being saved, I began to see spirits out of the corner of my vision, moving around in the house.  This was a bit terrifying.

Over many years of counseling, worship, healing prayer and deliverance, and inner healing, the Lord has brought me forth from the pit into His arms of Love.  I spent years after my husband was unfaithful and divorced me, getting set free from the abuses of childhood, and abuses to myself and others in adulthood.  During a very crucial time 22 years ago after the divorce, I met a woman, Judy, who was a professional counselor and trained by the Lord in inner healing.  Through her coming to my house and holding me and praying with me for hours at a time, weekly, and the Holy Spirit just routing out confessed pain and unforgiveness in my heart, God brought great healing. She continued over a four year period to do inner healing & deliverance with me.  She is my "surrogate mom", and there were many others along the way who were part of my healing. And as everyone, 
I am still in PROCESS.  I'm not where I used to be but not quite all I want to be.

21 years ago I had witches praying against me ( I had been so zealous in my love for the Lord as to do deliverance with those getting out of satanism and witchcraft, even before I was completely healed ) And after the divorce, I found I had fibromyalgia, which many didn't know how to diagnose, so I had been sick up to some years ago for years with it, and a depressed immune system. I also had many viruses growing up including Epstein Barr at 7 yrs, Hep B much later maybe due to hospital stick from a needle. Also had mercury poisoning from redoing of my dental amalgam.  My T cells were low, like someone with AIDS 22 years ago. But everytime I got more inner healing and was able to forgive specific incidents of pain in my life, I got better and better & more anointing came. GOD WHO IS EL GIBOR, the MIGHTY ONE of Israel rescued me and I was even healed from the pain of fibromyalgia.  First He brought me through much repentence from all the issues in my life, and all the rejection that had surrounded me, then, a few years ago healed me physically of the pain from fibromyalgia. This happened April 15th 2003, through Todd Bentley's ministry.  I still have had asthma and chronic candida, and few physical issues but God has promised to heal all.

Even while I was very sick, He had me giving out to the poor in the neighborhood where I lived. I ran a food ministry to the working poor here.  I did English classes for Mexican adults, Children's Bible Study. The Food ministry grew to 65 families before He changed the course of the ministry more to the nations.  I also gave away clothes , dishes, furniture, other things people would give me to give away. I taught swimming classes in the summers to children to get them water safe.  I still give to those in need around me, but He was wanting me to expand to sow into other nations.

I had 10 years alone with the Lord to worship, to read the Word, to pray during the time I was sick.  I had much to overcome, but HE has given me much GRACE and from 1989, when He started speaking to me more prophetically, His voice has never been far to comfort me and to bring comfort to others who have gone through great pain and suffering also.

Just 14 years ago, He brought a precious person into my life and told him to support this ministry, and as he withdrew God brought others to help.  The breakthrough and funds came right when I said YES to the Lord ,to go to Belize.  God had also helped me apply for 501 3C, through my pastor friends at the time.  Then I got offers from people I'd met on internet to go to India, and then Russia.  We started supporting some orphanages in India . All the people I have grown to be associated with overseas are worshippers.  In 2002 we were able to buy keyboards, guitars, etc. for many who had need.  This is a great privilege and a part of the mission of the Lord to raise up the Tabernacle of David in our nations.

I went over a five years period and saw much healing and miracles in these nations as the Holy Spirit poured out His power to manifest His great love and saw many miracles including the deaf and the dumb spoke for the first time, and heard. Now we have supported orphanages in India, Pakistani christian orphans, street children in Russia, Kenyan orphans,
Liberian orphans, Ugandan orphans, and provided some to the poor in Kenya & Congo who were near starving. For a time we supported a discipleship training school in India which
as the leaders there are discipling apostles who work signs and wonders. Now we are linked to two pastors in India who have many others under them, and both are apostolic ministries, moving in signs and wonders and expanding the Kingdom of God in that nation, and caring for orphans. I pray you will consider partnering with us for this huge end times harvest.

I am ever grateful to the Lover of my soul for all He has done in me and for me, and through me.  He is the KINDEST person I have ever known, and worthy of all the glory and honor and praise. He is my Husbandman so I try to do as He says, and He provides for all my needs. Even after His allowing me to go to India & Russia, Romania, Bulgaria Belize, some years ago I got a significant breakthrough in being delivered from some more of the demons associated with the abuse done to me as a child through OTO freemasonry.  GOD'S GRACE is AMAZING !  I am still on my road to complete healing but I am so grateful for all God has done and is doing !  My heart is to see people saved and SET FREE from the enemy's devices, to know the LOVE of God that they may be filled with the fullness of God.
(Ephesians 3)

Love, Priscilla