Many people today have tried to get free of addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, spending, overeatting, and other addictions to no avail.  They have tried programs they have tried "Church", and they are desperately wanting relief.

I was a relationship addict, and I tried alcohol for a while in my youth. I tried many relationships looking for love in all the wrong faces in my youth, desperately needing love and comfort for the life of abuse & abandonment I grew up with and not finding any peace.  I was molested as a toddler by an abusive stepfather and by men of O.T.O. freemasonry in a temple ritual. I have lived with perfectionism, and the abuses of conditional love and in judging those, I became the same.  I know what it is to be tormented in your thoughts.  Today, my life is totally changed from where I used to be. I had been MPD, extremely perfectionistic, workaholic and dependent.  I hated men, hated women, hated myself, was controlling and abusive to others.  I felt alone and emotionally "spent".  

Then something wonderful happened, I cried out to God that there had to be more.   I met someone who told me that there was HOPE in Christ Jesus and taught me what the Bible really says. Ironically this was my ex-husband.  I never knew my father, & my mother abandoned me half of my childhood to foster homes.

I  grew up Catholic, and thinking I had already committed "mortal " sins, so I thought there was NO HOPE for me.  But I was wrong, and it was a startling revelation to me, that even I, was loved by God. I'm still working on fully comprehending that.  I had been feeling, at least I could raise my child right, so he would have hope, but now I discovered TRUTH in the words of the Bible, my husband had bought me.

Jesus said " I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  No one comes to the Father, except through Me. "  All have sinned and fallen short of the mark, in comparison to God's holiness, and we all have the ability to come close to God through the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.   Jesus is a person, the second person of the Godhead; the One True Living God. He is the long-awaited Messiah and He is coming back soon again to judge the earth and deliver the godly in Christ.  

He is ABLE, being God, to deliver you from all the pain, all the emptiness, all the addictions, all the insecurity,fears, RAGE and ANGER  that come with abuse and rejection, and conditional types of love.  HIS LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL. EVEN IF YOU BLOW IT, GOD LOVES YOU.He promises, if you surrender your life to Him, that the Holy Spirit will come and guide you into all truth, will comfort you and will never leave you or forsake you. It is a progressive healing He does most of the time. I am still being worked on. I want so much for you to know Him for His LOVE.  Will you take the test at top left in the Navy lettered buttons, and see if inner (soul) healing is indicated for your life?  If so, I pray you will take the time to write me a note so I can pray with you. Take a chance...and see if God won't make a difference in your life too. HE LOVES YOU !......Priscilla

I highly recommend Rita Bennett's book: YOU CAN BE EMOTIONALLY FREE. Its easy reading and demonstrates how to pray for healing emotions. It's on

which talks of the emotional & spiritual roots of diseases.

On the Elijah House site, they have listed qualified counselors in
various states they have trained.
They also have CD's , tapes and DVD's available on their site.
Sometimes you can't find such people, but keep looking and asking.

David Seamonds is also another author I would recommend. HEALING MEMORIES, and he has a couple others that are very good.
Check Amazon for used books if you don't have much money.
Check your local used bookstores for these authors.

If you write me, I can send you pdf books by mail on inner healing if
you need that are in my personal collection if you have no money.

Possible Addictions: 
to Anger, Complaining, Manipulating or Controlling others, Being controlled, Being abused, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Drugs, Sex, Perverse sexual behaviors
Collecting things,  Shopping,  Discontentment
Foods,  Sweets ie: Chocolate, Not eating (anorexia)
Exercise,  Pets / animals, TV, movies,  Videogames
Religion, Intellectualism, Isolation, Vanity, Finding faults in others
Self-hatred, Cleaning house, Procrastination
And almost anything else

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PTSD TESTIMONY - just go to and type in my name to see vids
[I'm not that exciting, but the info I think will help.]
Just click on the words here
I have two Utube channels one is earlier each one has a version of testimony.