I want to preface this to say that Howard had an out-of-body experience of the divine kind that led him to some new revelations about what God expects of us in this world and he was led by angels in this experience to a confrontation with God just outside the gates of heaven, where he was unequivocally shown, that doing good works and what  WE THINK is right, is nothing that obeying what GOD tells us through relationship with HIM is really all that does matter.
In the 8th chapter he describes what he was allowed to see about his revelation of second heaven which is the place where Satan's throne is.  Third heaven is the dimension where the throne of God is, and his angels; the heavenly hosts. First heaven is what we can see with our normal vision around us.     Priscilla
Placebo   (exerpt)
Howard Pittman

Ch 8: Demons

     As each type of demon was pointed out to me, I quickly discovered a social order, or rank, that existed among them.  Those at the top of that order were revealed in forms similar to humans.  As we moved down the order, or rank, I saw demons in shapes or forms that looked like half-animal and half-human.  I saw demons in forms resembling animals we know in this present world and I saw demons in forms and shapes so revoltingly morbid that you cannot possibly imagine them.
     At the very top of the order were the warring demons which were the "cream" of Satan's "crop."  They moved about the Second Heaven and even this present, physical world at will always traveling in groups, never alone.  Wherever they went, all other demons moved out of their way.  These warring demons were revealed to me in human form.  They looked like humans with the exception that they were giants.  Appearing to be about eight feet tall, they were rugged and handsomely constructed, somewhat like giant athletes.  All of the warring demons were colored bronze.  They were giant, bronze soldiers.  All of the other demons seemed to be subject to them.
     The second most powerful type demon was also revealed to me in human form and these demons looked like ordinary people.  All of those possessing this area of expertise seemed to group together at about the second place of command.  Chief among this group was the demon of greed and contained within the same group were demons of hate, lust, strife, and a few others.
     The third most powerful type and group of demons were revealed to me in mixed shapes and forms.  Some had human form while others had half-human and half-animal forms.  Others resembled animals in their forms.  These demons possessed skills in the dark arts area such as witchcraft and other related areas.  Also among this group were the demons of fear and the demons of self-destruction as well as those other demons which are expert in mimicking departed human spirits and in manifesting themselves to the physical world as ghosts.  Demons of this group are those who control the Satan worshippers of this world.  
( note from Priscilla - familiar spirits)

     When we got down to the fourth group, or order, all the demons of this rank were revealed in forms other than human.  Some had forms like known animals while others had unknown forms.  In this group were the demons of murder, brutality, sadism, and others related to carnage.
     As we moved even further down the order toward the end of the chain of command, all the demons were revealed in horrible and morbid forms.  Some were so revolting that their appearance produced nausea.  In this group were the demons responsible for sexual perversions.  They are so despised by their own companions that they always seem to be lurking off to themselves while in the Second Heaven and even while in this physical world.  They do not associate with the other demons except in the line of their duty.
     There was another group of demons that I was able to see, but I do not recall much of their ability.  It was purposely taken away from me as I was not permitted to learn or retain too much memory about them.  I don't even know where they rank in order and their form was not even revealed to me.  I am not sure of their entire area of expertise, however, I am vaguely aware of their powerful hold on the flesh.  It seems that this mysterious group of demons work differently from all other demons and are used in only special cases and special situations of which I do not clearly understand.  As I stated, I was not permitted to retain too much in my memory about this particular group of demons.  I was only permitted to retain that portion which I am now reporting to you and this, in itself, is very vague.
     I'm also aware that these particular demons are harder to deal with than any of the rest.  It seems their great strength rests in their ability to remain anonymous in their work in the human being.  Among this group is the one that is able to manifest himself as a form of epilepsy in the human.  I am not sure but I seem to recall that some other demons in some of the other groups also have the ability to mimic epilepsy.  I do not know if demons cause epilepsy, per se, but I do recall very vividly that they can mimic this condition in human beings.
     At one time during this tour of the Second Heaven, I watched the demons within their own related group and I experienced an awful feeling.  It was an overwhelming, oppressive, and morbid feeling.  This feeling came to me shortly after I had entered the Second Heaven and I wondered what was causing it.  It was at this time that I learned that the angel could read my mind because my guardian angel said to me, "That feeling you are wondering about is caused by the fact that there is no love in this world."  The angel was telling me that in this Second Heaven there is not one bit of love!  Wow!  Can you imagine all of those demons serving a master they don't love and the master ruling over beings that he doesn't love?  Worse than that, these companions are working together for an eternity and they do not even love each other.
     I started reflecting on what our physical world, called the First Heaven, would be like without love.  If God had not introduced His love here in our world, then we would be living in a no-love atmosphere like the Second Heaven.  By God giving us His love, we are able to return that love and then love one another.  Can you imagine what it would be like in your own home or your community if it was totally void of love?

     When I was made aware of the fact that no love existed among the demons, I wondered even more about their motivation and zeal.  What makes them work so hard?  What makes them carry out orders so rapidly?  They don't love one another, yet they carry out these orders so quickly and with such zeal that any military organization on Earth would be proud to have such loyal and obedient employees.  I wonder if their motivation could have anything to do with the judgment and sentence that awaits them.  It seems that their first rebellion ages ago while in the Third Heaven, they have reached a place in their existence where they can no longer rebel.  Whatever it is that motivates them seems to excel in their very being while they, in turn, are expressing their fury on the flesh.  

It may just be that the only enjoyment of their entire existence is to create misery for the flesh.  Even though I was permitted to go among them and watch them while they worked, many things were not explained fully or made clear to me.  Some of the things that I saw in entirety, I was not permitted to retain in my memory.  I knew the high order of the demons resented my presence and would have withstood me had I not been under the protection of the Holy Spirit.  One of the warring demons came right up to me and leered into my face, but I did not flinch for I was not afraid.  I knew it would not be me with whom he would have to contend but, instead, it would be He who brought me, the Holy Spirit.  The demons in the middle order seemed to totally ignore me and went about their existence as if I were not there.  Those of the lower order seemed to display slight fear of me or fear of the angel that was escorting me, however, the higher order of demons had no fear of me or the angel.

     My escort informed me that he wanted me to see a demon in the process of actually possessing a human being.   At this point in the trip, I was escorted back through the dimension wall separating the Second Heaven from the physical world.  When we came back into this world, we were in the same hospital with my body but in a different room.  The room appeared to be an employee's lounge.  I saw tables, chairs, dishes with food, and in the room were a young man and a young lady facing each other while laughing and talking.  It was obvious that they could not see me nor the angels, yet I was so close to them I could almost reach out and touch them.  I could hear and understand every word they said.  They thought they were alone and as they laughed and talked, they were unaware of the horrible creature standing between them.  This demon was so horrible in the appearance of his shape and form that I recognized him immediately to be from the lower group, the perverted group.  The angels, the demons, and I were in the spirit in that room and were aware of everything that was happening.  Those in the flesh were only aware of themselves for they could not see or hear us, even though we were back in this physical world.  Since we were in the spirit, we still communicated with our minds.

     I was not really paying attention to the words the two were speaking.  My entire attention was focused upon the demon.  He was a most horrible looking thing, reminding me of an over-grown, stuffed, slimy green frog all out of shape and proportion.  He moved slowly up into the face of the man then, suddenly, like a puff of smoke, he seemed to disappear into the face of the man just as if he went right through the pores of his skin.  When the demon had entered the man, the angel said, "Now it's done."  The angel then proceeded to tell me how it was that this particular man was possessed.  He stated, "The demon made himself desirable and attractive to the human."  The angel then pointed out to me that mankind has a sovereign will, all his own, beyond which the demons cannot come.  He also pointed out to me that the angels could not come beyond that sovereign will of man.  God, Himself, will not violate that will.  We are made in the image of God, therefore, we were given, like God, a sovereign will, the right to choose our destiny.  I was not permitted to retain all that I learned along these lines.

     I faintly recall that there is another process under certain given circumstances whereby demons may possess or be allowed to enter small children.  It seems as though those demons from that mysterious group are the ones that are allowed to do this.  From what I recall about this, it is only under the most unusual circumstances that this can happen.  According to what the angels told me, over ninety percent of all cases of demon activity in human beings is restricted to those humans who are at or over the age of accountability.

     During the course of this talk the angel was giving me, he pointed out that all of God's children have been given power over all demons and can cast them out, however, this power is based on the faith of the Christian.  It will only work when the Christian knows without a doubt what he is doing.  There are certain Christians who have received a special gift in this area.  They are those who have been called specifically by the Holy Spirit to a deliverance ministry and in almost every case, those called to a deliverance ministry have also received the gift of discernment.  When one is commanding demons, it is most important to know what spirit one is dealing with.  In those rare cases where children are possessed, it takes a special effort and divine insight in each case to deliver them.  Such a case was reported in the bible in Matthew 17:14-21.  All Christians potentially have the ability to command demons.

     My escort then told me that they wanted me to see demon activity in the outside world.  I was then escorted outside the hospital directly through the brick wall into the streets of that city.  I was amazed as I watched all the activity of the humans in the physical world.  Going about their daily pursuit, they were completely unaware that they were being stalked by beings from the spirit world.  I was totally flabbergasted as I watched and horrified as I saw the demons in all shapes and forms as they moved at will among the humans.

     While I learned about demons not being able to work in a person's life against their will, I also learned the angels cannot do it either.  Each born again Christian has a guardian angel and before that Christian's life is over, it might take a whole host of angels to keep him.  I learned that guardian angels fight for us, but they cannot fight in the area of our will.  The fighting they do is sort of like protecting our "blind" side.  They oppose the demons when the demons come against us outside the area of our will.  They cannot oppose the demons when they come against us through our own will.  Remember, we are made in the image of God, like God, we have a sovereign will.

     I learned that the demons will fight the angels if they must, but they prefer not to do so.  They find that it is easier and safer to destroy us through our own will where the angels are unable to interfere, rather than go outside our will where they would have to fight angels personally.  Because of this, the demons have developed great skills in the area of deception.  They move through our lives by deceit and trickery and keep us totally unaware of their activity.

     I was made aware of the fact that not all demons are in the Second Heaven.  There are some demons so awesome that they are reserved in chains in Hell, however, Satan and his army of demons are not in Hell, presently.  Neither do they want to be there.  I was not permitted to look into Hell, nor was I permitted to view the chained demons.  I do know that these demons who are chained went beyond the limitations of their domain.

     God in His wisdom has allowed Satan and his demons certain bounds or limitations within which they may work.  They may not go beyond those limitations established by the Lord, however, those demons who are chained in Hell did just that.  Because they went beyond the restrictions established by the Lord, they are now chained in Hell.

     The Bible points out this fact in many places, especially in the book of Jude.  Anytime Satan goes beyond those bounds, he must receive permission from God.  In the case of Job, he was granted the permission, but in Peter's case he was not granted permission.  The demons who work in children under the age of accountability are allowed to do so only after obtaining this special permission.  It was not made plain to me what sort of circumstances must be present for God to grant permission, although it was made clear that in certain circumstances permission is granted.  However, Permission to work in children under the age of accountability is rarely granted.  The majority of the time Satan is denied this special permission, but in these last days we can expect a substantial increase of demon activity, not only in adults but in children as well.  This increased demonic activity is what the Lord warned us about in Mark 13:22 when He spoke of the incredible miracles that false prophets would perform in the last days.  It is difficult to understand why the Lord would allow demons to work through children, but since everyone is born in sin, there is always that potential for evil to be exploited.

     The demons that are reserved in chains did not obtain permission for their activity 
which violated the restrictions established by our Lord.  Their illegal deeds are recorded 
in Genesis 6:2-5.  Because they did not obtain permission, they received immediate punishment.  Specific punishment for the Devil and his demons is scheduled for the 
end-time and is recorded in Revelation 20:1-3.  As you well know, the lake of fire was created for the Devil and his demons as their eternal fate.

     In this age we must be on guard for Satan's fiery darts of deception and temptation that are allowed within the limitations of the Lord's permissive will.  There is a time limit set by the Lord in which the demons may work, but that time period has not yet been fulfilled.  As Christians we are able to have them bound under the authority of Jesus, however, this is NOT permanent.  We can NOT cast them into Hell for only God can do this.  That is why it is very important for someone who has just been delivered to be properly instructed in remaining in the Lord's will lest they become afflicted again.  A Christian CAN cast out demons from a lost person, but unless that person gets saved and abides in the Lord's will, there will be the possibility of the demons returning.  (See Matthew 12:43-45)

     Demons are real individual, spirit beings and they are the ones manipulating all the evil in the world today.  This was shown to me while I was in the spirit world traveling through the street of a city and watching in horror as the demons went about their task of corrupting humans.

     Although humans are spirit beings, we are confined to physical bodies.   The great spiritual warfare that rages today is between the spirit of man and the spiritual forces of evil directed by Satan which are contending for control and manipulation of our fleshly, physical bodies.  Our spirits fight by faith and through our sovereign will; while the Devil and his angels fight through deceit, cunning, trickery and temptation.  You must make no mistake about this war or the weapons involved because the scriptures are plain and emphatic on both.  I actually saw these demons contend for control of that human body.

     It may seem to you that mankind is vastly over-powered by these spirits because these spirits are able to see and hear everything we think, say, and do; we are totally unable to perceive any of their activities.  It is very difficult to fight an enemy you cannot see, hear or feel, but as long as you trust the Lord, you have nothing to fear.  At times, even the strongest Christian may doubt their existence and activities, thus making it easier for them.  However, man was not left defenseless.  Being made in the image of God, man, like God, has a sovereign will and no spirit can violate that will without the permission of the person himself.  Because of this, these demons have developed great skills in deception.  The basic principle of their operations is to make something evil as desirable, beautiful, and non-threatening as possible so that the person being tempted will lower his guard and accept whatever it is that is being used to cause sin.  Once someone is deceived, it becomes easier for the deception to remain.  In the case of possession, it becomes easier for the demon to maintain his control.

     Another great defense man has is the guardian angel.  The guardian angel is not assigned to all mankind, but only to those who are saved and belong to God.  Remember, just like the demons the guardian angel cannot violate the will of any man which is why most of his activity is reserved to protecting that individual outside his sovereign will.  Man's greatest weapon, however, is the word of God.  In his description of the weapons used in our spiritual warfare, Paul listed the word of God (Ephesians 6:11  18) as the only offensive weapon mankind has.  Although vastly outnumbered by these beings (thousands to one individual), man is adequately prepared for battle.  Because of a sovereign will, guardian angels, and the Word of God, man has superior defense and is much more potent in the battle for his soul than the demons.

     Therefore, I say to everyone if you are serious in your commitment to fight this war and win, fear not!  Your commander-in-chief, teacher, healer, and sustainer the Holy Spirit will never leave you nor forsake you.
I believe that all who are called to salvation have a guardian angel.    I have problem with the exclusivity because too many things happened to me before I was saved that showed me God had His angels watching over me since I was born.....Priscilla

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