Upstream Ministries
No Other Gods - Steve Bell.pdf
Freemasonry_Renouncements_Amanda Buys.pdf
Druidism Renouncements.pdf
Ahab & Jezebel_S.Warner.pdf
Renouncing Eastern Religions.pdf
FertilityCultsDevour Blessings_Amanda Buys.pdf
5 Days in Heaven & Hell  Bernada Fernandez
A Buddhists Conversion to Christianity
Accuser - Dr J Buffington
All Religions are the Same?
Angel of the Lord
Angels: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly
Angels on Assignment - online book
Answer to Where is Witchcraft in the Church?
A Witch Meets Christ
Angels & Demons Revealed - video
Are All Religions the Same?
Are All Religions the Same? diff article
Are You the Victim of Mind Control? 15 Symptoms
Astral Projection & Divination Renouncements
Astrology Delusion

The BLOOD of JESUS - Stephen Charnock
The BLOOD - Jose Alvarez
Bondage of Lying
Breaking the Bondage of a Passive Spirit - Francis Frangipane
Breaking Soul Ties - Beloved Shanna
Buddhism: Testimony of an Ex Buddhist
Buddhism: 10 Questions I'd ask Buddha if I Could

Can a Christian Be Demon Possessed ?
Can A Loving God Send People to Hell?
Catholic Occultism
Catholic Church Practicing White Witchcraft ?
Celtic Witchcraft definitions
Children needing deliverance
Combat in the Heavenly Realm - John Mulinde
Curses - understanding/breaking them - Don Rogers

Deaf & Dumb Spirits   
Deaf & Dumb Spirits - Pris
Dealing with Insecurity
Defense Mechanisms
Definition & Scriptures Against Witchcraft Practices - Priscilla Van Sutphin
Deliverance & Healing Ministry Classes - Kanaan
Most Important Sign You Need Deliverance 
Deliverance in the Ukraine - Rex Burgher 10/28/01
Deliverance Ministry Principles for Every christian -Book
Deliverance from Demons and Curses - Grantley Morris
Delivered from Powers of Darkness - Emmanuel Eni
DeMolay & the Order of Eastern Star - renouncements
Demonically Caused Conditions
Demon Lists by Function from "Tormented"
Demons - Are they Real ?
Demons, Real or Imagined?
Demonization Signs - Chris Bradley
Discernment - Priscilla
Discernment: Training Your Senses - Paul Cox
Divination~Definitions - Priscilla
Divination or Divine ? - Priscilla
A Divine REVELATION OF HELL - Mary Baxter [spanish also ]
A Divine Revelation of HEAVEN - Mary Baxter [spanish also]  
Drug Addiction
Druidism, Freemasonry & Kabbalah - A. Buys

Evidence of Spiritual Oppression
Exercising Spiritual Authority 
Exercising Spiritual Authority Mike Connell
EX MASONS for Jesus site
Ex Masons for Jesus Testimonial Tapes
Ex muslim Testimonies
Ex Muslim - Palestinian Terrorist Testimony
Exposing the Illuminati from Within 
Familiar Spirits - Priscilla Van Sutphin
Familiar spirits, divination, witch, medium and necromancer

For those who doubt that God exists...
Freedom from Generational & Other Curses
Freedom from Witchcraft/Satanism
Freemasonry - Resources and article
Freemasonry: Origins in America  2 hrs
Breaking Curses from the Masonic in Your Life
The Character, Claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry - Charles Finney
Freedom from witchcraft Russ Dizdar
Freedom from MPD/ DID - Russ Dizdar
Freemasonry - Catholic Encyclopedia
Freemasonry - ANTI-Christian quotes
Freemasonry mixture with Christianity
Freemasonry - Midwife to an Occult Empire
Freemasonry - A Cult Incompatible with Christianity
FREEMASONRY : Renouncement Prayers

see also above right prayers by Amanda Buys
Freemasonry - The OTO - Ordo Templi Orientis
From Hell to Glory - Sandy Gibson 9/1/01

Gays & Lesbians, Lesbians & Gays
Generational Curses - 9 ways to Break Them
God isn't FAIR ???
Gods of the New Age video
Halloween: An Invitation to the Occult? - by Chuck Missler
Halloween: 10 Reasons Why Christians Should NOT Celebrate It - J.KA.
Beth, former witch - why you should NOT celebrate Halloween
Healings of Jesus Where Demonic is Mentioned
Hell is REAL, I Went There - Jennifer Perez
HINDUISM Beliefs - Overview BBC
Hinduism vs Christianity
Hinduism & Christianity 
Hinduism & Christianity
Hope for the Wicked - Tedd Flynn [ book recommend]
How Python Infiltrates the Church
Idols in the House - Ted Flynn [ book recommend]
I hate God ! ????
If There Really Was a God, the Innocent wouldn't Suffer ! ???
INFILTRATION of the Church by Satanists/Witches - Russ Dizdar vid
Information on The Black Mass for prayer
Inhibited Worship - Witchcraft in the Church
Is Harry Potter Harmless ?
Is there a God?
Islam vs Christianity comparison
Because they hate - Bridgitte Gabriel
I Was a Sold Out-Goddess Worshipping Witch
Islam: Palestinians celebrating 9-11 (removed) but Jersey people saw people celebrating

Jehovah's Witnesses Cult - Video
Jezebel Wants Your Vineyard
Kabbalah article 
Luciferian Roots of Kabbalah
List of Pagan Practices Forbidden in Bible

The Masonic NEW WORLD ORDER vid 1 of 7
Masonic Rituals for the Blue Lodge - ex masons 
Masonry's Occult Influence 
Mind Control Documentary
Minor Occult Involvement in Your Family History? God seem distant to you?
Moonies - testimony
Mormonism exposed 
Mormons & their Secret Temple Rites vid
MPD - Multiple Personality Disorder Healing
Mormonism vs Christianity - key differances
Mormonism is NOT Christianity 
The Godmakers: Mormons - Video on the Cult
Necromancy - Form of Divination - Priscilla
NEW AGE { also see video at bottom of page }
NWO news
NWO origins vid
Occult Symbols
Occult Signs & Symbols
Occult Symbols - List {plead the blood - New agey site venerating angels}
Of Evil Angels - John Wesley
Order of DeMolay - Freemasonry sponsored groups
Overcoming Witchcraft 
Overcoming Witchcraft - Testimony of ex muslim
PLACEBO - Howard Pittman - online book
Placebo, Ch. 8 - view of second heaven
Praying to Overcome Intimidation- Priscilla
POKEMON Invasion - Charisma 
Prayer & Revival
RANT to Luciferians - Russ Dizdar

Religious Divination - Doug Fortune 
What is a Religious Spirit / Python - Roy Sauzek [ also link to his other resources]
Ritual Abuse Source page
Renouncing Generational Sins-Break Curses
Renouncement prayers Against Kabbalah & Talmud\
Renouncing Maori Occulture
Renouncing Witchcraft Prayer
Renouncing Witchcraft prayer 2
Rebuking Prayer Against Curses
Roots of Paganism
Rosicrucians cult Information

Satanic Symbols of the Occult & Illuminati
Satanism and the "Born Agains" - Irish site on 
Satanism: The Black Mass
Satan's Hoofprints All Over WICCA
Sex Addiction: Cause and Cure
Sexual Bondages - Don Rogers
Shattering the Darkness site: Russ Dizdar
Sickness and the Demonic - someone gets healed of CFIDS through deliverance
Soul Ties - Frank Hammond old vid
  Soul ties - Jennifer LeClaire
Spirit of Rejection - John Eckhardt vid
   How to Reject the Spirit of Rejection
Spirit of Rejection Laura Gagnon
Spiritual Warfare Principles for Every Christian - by Dean Sherman - book recommend
Spiritual Warfare
SRA victim help
SRA - Amanda Buys site has pdfs on this & other related subjects
Stars & Signs in the Heavens - pris
  [ Also see demon lists above ]

Temptations - Spiritual Rape
Territorial Spirits - Don Rogers
Testimony of an EX MASON - Duane Washum
The Problem of Evil 

The Village of Sadness - Ruth Johnson 9/20/01
The WitchDoctor of Seguku - Ruth Johnson 8/01
The Shelter of God Against Witchcraft - Frangipane
The Truth About Psychics
The Wounded Spirit, and Healing
The Year of the Dragon - Chad Taylor
THE TWELVE SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC: Depicting God's Plan of Salvation
Transgenics & Return of the Nephilim Page - His Kingdom Prophecy
UFOs "Identified" by Eric Barger and David Benoit

Warrior's Training Seminar - pdf
What is Channeling? 
When Do You Need Deliverance? Beth
Where have all the demons gone ?
Who is Jesus and What Does it Matter?
Why Cast Out Demons - Steve Bell pdf book
Why GOD Permits Demonic Activity - Don Rogers
Why is there Evil & Suffering?
Why is Witchcraft Dangerous?
Wicca Infiltrates the Churches
Witches infiltrating churches                      
Witchcraft in Believers?
Witchcraft in the church? - Ch 14 of the Harlot Church by Chas.Newbold
Witness in the Stars - E.W. Bullinger 1863
YIN- YANG -What's it about ?
Yoga is NOT for Christians
Yoga Side Effects? Madness, Depression, Heart Palpitations+

Recommended Reading:
A Divine Revelation of Hell - Mary K. Baxter free
A Divine Revelation of Heaven - Mary K. Baxter free
Bold Love - Dr. Dan B. Allender & Tremper Longman III
Divine Revelation of the Spirit Realm - Mary K. Baxter
You Can Be Emotionally Free - Rita Bennett
Transformation of the Inner Man - John & Paula Sandford
Healing the Wounded Soul - John & Paula Sandford
Awakening the Slumbering Spirit - John & Paula Sandford
Freemasonry - Death in the Family - Yvonne Kitchen
Visions of Heaven - H.A. Baker
The Secret Place - Dale Fife
The Pleasures of Loving God - Mike Bickle
War in Heaven - Derek Prince
The Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide - Quin Sherrer & Ruthanne Garlock
Prayer books by John Eckhardt - Prayers to Rout Demons is really important one
Breaking Christian Curses - Dennis Cramer
Deliverance & Inner Healing - John Sandford
Passion for Jesus - Mike Bickle
Love On Its Knees - Dick Eastman
Prayers to Move Your Mountains - Thomas Nelson Publ.
Bringing Heaven into Hell - Merlin Carothers
Glory - Ruth Heflin - ONLINE book
River Glory - Ruth Heflin - ONLINE book
Pursuing Sexual Wholeness - Andrew Comiskey
Living With a Perfectonist- Dr. David Stoop
God's Chosen Fast - Arthur Wallis
Spiritual Warfare - Dean Sherman - YWAM
Tormented - Ken & Nancy Curtis
Freemasonry (exposed) Jack Harris
Behind the Lodge Door- Paul A. Fisher
The Power of Covenant Prayer - Francis Frangipane
Pigs in the Parlor - Frank & Ida Hammond
The Three Battlegrounds - Francis Frangipane
The Beautiful Side of Evil - Joanna Michaelsen
The Accuser - David Alsobrook
Addicted to Love - Stephen Arterburn
Divine Immunity - Francis Frangipane