Transgenics & Return of the Nephilim Page - NEW
5 Days in Heaven and Hell - Bernada Fernandez
A Buddhists' Conversion to Christianity
The Accuser - Dr. J. Buffington

All Religions are the Same ?
Angel of the Lord
Angels: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly
Angels on Assignment - online book
ANSWER to Where is Witchcraft in the Church ?
A Witch Meets Christ
Angels & Demons Revealed - video on Illuminati
Are All Religions the Same ?
Are You the Victim of Mind Control ?
Astral Projection & Divination Renouncement
Astrology delusion
A Time of Departure - Yungen [ end times deceptions book ]
Battle of the Mind - Don Rogers
Beyond Harry Potter - What Else Are They Publishing for Your Children?
Bill Schnoebelen Story, ex Satanic Priest, Vampire, Freemason
The Blood of Jesus - Stephen Charnock
The Blood - Jose Alvarez
Breaking Generational Curses - Spiritual Warfare Ministries
Generational Curses Broken by Jesus - You do not have to live under it !
7 Indications of a Curse
Bondages Through Lies - Don Rogers
Breaking the Bondage of a Passive Spirit - Francis Frangipane
Breaking Family Strongholds - Don Rogers
Breaking Soul Ties - Beloved Shanna
Buddhism: Testimony of an Ex Buddhist
Buddhism: 10 Questions I'd ask Buddha if I Could

Can a Christian Be Demon Possessed ?
Can a Christian Have a Demon ?  YES
Catholic Church Practicing White Witchcraft ?
Celtic Witchcraft definitions
Christian Answers to the New Age - Marcia Montenegro site
"Christian" Occult Symbols
Combat in the Heavenly Realm - John Mulinde
Curses - understanding them - Don Rogers

Deaf & Dumb Spirits
Definition of, and Scriptures Against Witchcraft Practices - Priscilla Van Sutphin
Deliverance Ministry - Kanaan Ministries, S. Africa
Deliverance in the Ukraine - Rex Burgher  10/28/01
Deliverance Ministry Principles for Every christian - book
Deliverance from Demons and Curses - Grantley Morris
Delivered from Powers of Darkness - Emmanuel Eni
DeMolay & the Order of Eastern Star - renouncements
Demonically Caused Conditions
Demon Lists by Function from "Tormented"
Demons - Are they Real ?
Demons, Real or Imagined?
Discernment _ Catherine Brown
Discernment - Priscilla
Discernment: Training Your Senses - Paul Cox
Dismal Spirits of Defeatism - a prophetic word
Divination~Definitions - Priscilla
Divination or Divine ? - Priscilla
A Divine REVELATION OF HELL - Mary Baxter [spanish also ]
A Divine Revelation of HEAVEN - Mary Baxter [spanish also]
Do Good People Go to Hell?
Drug Addiction

Empire of the City -Illuminati News Video
Escape from a New Age Cult
Evidence of Spiritual Oppression - Don Rogers
Exercising Spiritual Authority - Don Rogers
EX MASONS for Jesus site
Ex Masons for Jesus Testimonial Tapes
Ex Muslim - Palestinian Terrorist Testimony
Exposing the Illuminati from Within - Bill Schnoebelen video
Exposing Illuminati  Part 2
Familiar Spirits - Priscilla Van Sutphin
Familiar spirits, divination, witch, medium and necromancer
Follow Up Ministry for Those Who Get Deliverance
For those who doubt that God exists...
Freedom from Generational Curses
Freedom from Generational & Other Curses
Freedom from Witchcraft/Satanism - Refuge Ministries
Freemasonry - Resources and article
Freemasonry: Origins in America
Breaking Curses from the Masonic in Your Life
Freemasons and their family/descendants - Renouncement Prayers
FREEMASONRY: DEATH IN THE FAMILY - book purchase - Yvonne Kitchen, Australia
The Character, Claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry - Charles Finney
Freedom from MPD/ DID - Russ Dizdar course
FREEMASONRY- RESOURCES on Information - click on freemasonry
Freemasonry information  - ex masons for Jesus
Freemasonry - Catholic Encyclopedia
Freemasonry - Christian or ANTI-Christian - Jack Harris
Freemasonry - Midwife to an Occult Empire
Freemasonry - A Cult Incompatible with Christianity
FREEMASONRY : Renouncement Prayers
Freemasonry - The OTO - Ordo Templi Orientis

From Hell to Glory - Sandy Gibson  9/1/01

Gays & Lesbians, Lesbians & Gays
God isn't FAIR ???
Gods of the New Age - I   video
Gods of the New Age Agenda - Video
Halloween: An Invitation to the Occult? - by Chuck Missler
Halloween: 10 Reasons Why Christians Should NOT Celebrate It - J.KA.
Healings of Jesus Where Demonic is Mentioned
Hell is REAL, I Went There - Jennifer Perez
HINDUISM vs Christianity
HINDUISM  Beliefs - Overview
Hinduism vs Christianity & Life After Death
Hope for the Wicked - Tedd Flynn [ book recommend]
How Python Infiltrates the Church
Idols in the House - Ted Flynn [ book recommend]
I hate God ! ????
If There Really Was a God, the Innocent wouldn't Suffer ! ???
In Defense of Hell - Sarah Stewart
INFILTRATION of the Church by Satanists/Witches - Russ Dizdar
Information on The Black Mass for prayer - Dr. Dominguez
Inhibited Worship - Witchcraft in the Church
Is Harry Potter Harmless Fun ?
Is there a God ?
Islam 101
Because they hate - Bridgitte Gabriel
Islam: Truth about Islam - Ex muslim lady video
I Was a Sold Out-Goddess Worshipping Witch
Islamists protest cartoons in Denmark - video
Islamists threaten nukes coming - video
Islamists refuting Auschwitz - video of the lies
Islam:  Palestinians celebrating 9-11
I Will Fight For You - Russ Dizdar

Jehovah's Witnesses Cult - Video
Jezebel Wants Your Vineyard
What is Kabbalah?
Kundalini - see Yoga Uncoiled Carol Matriciana
List of Pagan Practices - Ex Witch Site

The Light Behind Freemasonry - Bill Schnoebelen video
Masonic Influences on American & Mexican history
Masonic Rituals for the Blue Lodge - ex masons for Jesus
Masonry Parallels Ancient Pagan Rites - John Ankerberg
Minor Occult Involvement in Your Family History?
Moonies - link to Christian ministries
Mormonism exposed - page of links
MPD - Multiple Personality Disorder
Mormonism- Freedom in Truth Ministries
The Godmakers: Mormons - Video on the Cult
Necromancy - Form of Divination - Priscilla

NEW AGE   { also see video at bottom of page }
NWO news
NWO - videos on
Of Evil Angels - John Wesley
Order of DeMolay - Freemasonry sponsored groups
Overcoming Witchcraft
Overcoming Witchcraft - Testimony of Ugandan ex muslim
PLACEBO - Howard Pittman - online book
Placebo,  Ch. 8 - view of second heaven
Praying to Overcome Intimidation- Priscilla
POKEMON Invasion - Nancy Justice
Prayer & Revival
RANT to Luciferians - Russ Dizdar

Religious Divination - Doug Fortune
What is a Religious Spirit / Python - Roy Sauzek [ also link to his other resources]
Ritual Abuse Source page
Rosicrucians cult Information
Rosicrucian mind control: former victim speaks

Satanic Symbols of the Occult & Illuminati
Satanism and the "Born Agains" - Irish site on Freemasonry mixture with Christianity
Satanism: The Black Mass
Satan's Hoofprints All Over WICCA
Sex Addiction: Cause and Cure
Sexual Bondages - Don Rogers
Sickness and the Demonic - someone gets healed of CFIDS through deliverance
Soul Ties - Frank Hammond
More on Soul ties
Spirititual Warfare Principles for Every Christian - Online book
SRA victim help
Stars & Signs in the Heavens - pris
      [ Also see demon lists above ]
Temptations - Spiritual Rape
Territorial Spirits - Don Rogers
Testimony of an EX MASON - Duane Washum
The Man Who Talked with Angels - online book
The Problem of Evil - Don Rogers
The Village of Sadness - Ruth Johnson  9/20/01
The WitchDoctor of Seguku - Ruth Johnson  8/01
The Shelter of God Against Witchcraft - Frangipane
The Transformation of Society  Hannah
The Truth About Psychics
The Wounded Spirit, and Healing
The Year of the Dragon - Chad Taylor
THE TWELVE SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC: Depicting God's Plan of Salvation
Transgenics & Return of the Nephilim Page - His Kingdom Prophecy
UFOs "Identified"    by Eric Barger and David Benoit

What is a Forbidden Practice ? - Kathy A Smith
What is Channeling ? Kathy A Smith
What to do when an Exorcism is over?
What the Goddess Cannot Do
When Deliverance Doesn't Deliver
Where have all the demons gone ?
Who is Jesus and What Does it Matter?
Why Cast Out Demons - Steve Bell
Why GOD Permits Demonic Activity - Don Rogers
Why is Witchcraft Dangerous ?
Wicca Infiltrates the Churches
Witchcraft in Believers ?
Witchcraft in the church ? - Ch 14 of the Harlot Church by Chas.Newbold
Without Excuse
Witness in the Stars - E.W. Bullinger   1863
YIN- YANG -What's it about ?
YOGA UNCOILED - VIDEO LINKS - Yoga in the church !!!

Recommended Reading:

A Divine Revelation of Hell - Mary K. Baxter
A Divine Revelation of Heaven - Mary K. Baxter
Bold Love - Dr. Dan B. Allender & Tremper Longman III
Divine Revelation of the Spirit Realm - Mary K. Baxter
You Can Be Emotionally Free - Rita Bennett
Transformation of the Inner Man - John & Paula Sandford
Healing the Wounded Soul - John & Paula Sandford
Awakening the Slumbering Spirit - John & Paula Sandford
Freemasonry - Death in the Family - Yvonne Kitchen
Visions of Heaven - H.A. Baker
The Secret Place - Dale Fife
The Pleasures of Loving God - Mike Bickle
War in Heaven - Derek Prince
The Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide - Quin Sherrer & Ruthanne Garlock
Prayer books by  John Eckhardt
Breaking Christian Curses - Dennis Cramer
Deliverance & Inner Healing - John Sandford
Passion for Jesus - Mike Bickle
Love On Its Knees - Dick Eastman
Prayers to Move Your Mountains - Thomas Nelson Publ.
Bringing Heaven into Hell - Merlin Carothers
Glory - Ruth Heflin - ONLINE book
River Glory - Ruth Heflin - ONLINE book
Pursuing Sexual Wholeness - Andrew Comiskey
Living With a Perfectonist-  Dr. David Stoop
God's Chosen Fast - Arthur Wallis
Spiritual Warfare - Dean Sherman  - YWAM
Tormented - Ken & Nancy Curtis
Freemasonry (exposed)  Jack Harris
Behind the Lodge Door- Paul A. Fisher
The Power of Covenant Prayer - Francis Frangipane
Pigs in  the Parlor - Frank & Ida Hammond
The Three Battlegrounds - Francis Frangipane
The Beautiful Side of Evil - Joanna Michaelsen
The Accuser - David Alsobrook
Addicted to Love - Stephen Arterburn
Divine Immunity - Francis Frangipane

{Check out Dove Ministries on the link page for deliverance related to Freemasonry}

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