Oct 23rd, 2004
Priscilla Van Sutphin

I woke up with the words 
“Sabotage expected”. And 
had an unction that the Spirit 
had something to say.

“Within this nation lies another nation who is bent on sabotage. Sabotage of railroad lines, planes, automobiles, hotels, water purification systems, etc. Many of them work at jobs that could cause you great harm & will to cause great harm at the choicest moment in time. Many of these are also good citizens who want freedom like we have it here.

But many are also sleeper agents of destruction. I want you to PRAY for these to be saved. I want you to pray for the muslims here in this nation to get a revelation of My SON this ramaden! Will you love your enemies by praying for them & being bold to witness to them My 

I will thwart much of the sabotage if My people who are called by My name will repent & turn from their wicked ways. I want to bring awakening to the hearts of men in this nation. The best thing you can do to accomplish that is to worship ME & as you rest in me, I will wrest from the enemy all he has done to sabotage your lives & the lives of those you love. Rest in ME & I will REST on you !

I want to woo you My beloveds. You are My bride & the hope of this world. I want to fill you with My LOVE & peace, that the world will be jealous for all I have given you. So COME AWAY WITH ME. And know that I AM is with you. Rest in Me, then we will wrestle down the enemy once I have accomplished IN YOU, what I WANT !

Only I can undo the sabotage that is being done at the moment…all the lies & schemes of wicked men bent on power & devisiveness. Come away & WORSHIP ME. It is time for warring MY WAY. WORSHIP is the KEY to turn the tide of witchcraft. PRAISE Me with the Word. Prophesy to the mountains of destruction & death their own destruction. Prophesy to the winds & the dry bones. PROPHESY! Speak to them what is in My Word. And then watch as My Word becomes LIFE.

Etymology: French, from saboter to clatter with sabots, botch, sabotage, from sabot
1 : destruction of an employer's property (as tools or materials) or the hindering of manufacturing by discontented workers2 : destructive or obstructive action carried on by a civilian or enemy agent to hinder a nation's war effort3 a : an act or process tending to hamper or hurt b : deliberate subversion

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♥️♥️ Pris