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Radio talk on Apostolic Intercession
150 Scriptures to Praise God pdf
30 of the Many Attibutes of God in Scriptures
Armenian Revival
Cane Ridge Revival
David Brainerd - Intercessor
David Brainerd - Diary exerpt
EM Bounds books on Prayer free
Life & Writings of David Brainerd by Jonathon Edwards
Declaring His Word

(Includes an app for your phone)
Manual for Intercession pdf

How can I have a better prayer life ?-   Priscilla 
How Satan Tries to Stop You from Praying - John Mulinde
The IRISH Revival- Ulster Revival
Madame Guyon - biography & Writings
Manifestations of Holy Spirit - Priscilla Van Sutphin
Morning Prayer - from Jewish Prayer Book
Morning & Evening Prayers for Protection for You & Family
Path 2 Prayer site - articles on revival praying
Pray, Don't Curse or Analyze
Pray the Promises of God.pdf
Prayer - Priscilla Van Sutphin
Prayer Against Death, Desolation and Destruction
Prayers Against Destruction & Violence (new)
Prayers Against Spirits of Perversion
Prayers Against Sorcery
Prayers Against Witchcraft

Prayer of Release from Chronic Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Disorders
Prayer for Release into Intimacy with God
Prayers for Financial Freedom
Prayers for HEALING
Prayers for Standing Against Verbal Attacks
Prayers for Self Deliverance***
Prayers for Restoration of Our Nation
Prayers for the LOST.pdf
Prayers for your Marriage.pdf
Prayer of Forgiveness Towards Parents
Prayers to Dismantle the Roots of Rebellion
Prayers to Overcome Anger
Prayers to Overcome Deception [ also see Truth scrips below]
Prayers to Overcome Intimidation
Prayers to Overcome Jealousy
Prayers to Overcome Fear
Prayers to Overcome Food Addictions
Prayers to Overcome Addictions: Alcohol , Drugs, etc.
Prayers to Overcome Pride
Prayers to Overcome Rejection
Prayers to relase the Fire of God 
Prayers to Release Revelation
Prayers to Renounce Freemasonry/Ancient Roots
Praying Scriptures pdf
Quotes of Intercessors on Prayer
REES HOWELLS - Intercessor pdf
Scripture Prayers for Your CITY pdf
Song of the Bride - Madame Guyon's Interpretation of Songs of Solomon
Towards an Understanding of the Moves & Manifestations of God - Marty Gabler
Trench Prayer
Truth Scriptures to Pray Against Deception & for Love of the Truth
Warring Wisely _ Kathy Gabler
Welsh Revival
William Seymour and the Azusa Street Revival

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These first two books I recommend are really excellent
Prayers to Move Your Mountains  &
Prayer books by  John Eckhardt
Prayers to Rout Demons is an Excellent Source

Seven Guides to Effective Prayer by Colin Whittaker is a book if you can find it used, it will be cheaper, that was such a good inspiration about the lives of great intercessors.
Love on It's Knees by Dick Eastman is another oldie but goody.
PRAYING THE BIBLE by Wesley Campbell is also an awesome book.

Also I highly recommend Amanda Buys website for renouncement prayers.
See her download page, but she has many booklets for sale and they are well researched and excellent. She has put enormous work into them and they are 
really helpful !