It is vital to any growth in Christ, to understand how much
Jesus accomplished for you on the Cross, and how very much God loves you.
Derek Prince - The Divine Exchange pdf

If you've had a life of rejection I suggest you also buy the below book 
and read through it...maybe try Amazon for used copies but the link to lectures below
is 24 hours of talks on this subject. God's LOVE is the most important thing you need to know 
for your life. Honestly. See Eph 3:18-21 in the amplified to understand why.
 Mike Bickle - The Pleasures of Loving God
30 of the Many Attibutes of God in Scriptures
Developing Your Love Affair With God
Father's Love Letter Video
Confident in Love before God - audios
Interpreting the Song of Solomon - Helping you to to understand how much God loves you.

Worms in Our Meat - Pris - free for disciples in other nations

Prayers to Overcome Intimidation
Prayers to Overcome Jealousy
Prayers to Overcome Pride
Prayers to Overcome Rejection
Prayers to Overcome Anger

The Bride of Christ - JEWELS IN HIS CROWN
The Bride Adorned 

You can also listen to the worship series on blogtalk radio...
Worship & Social Justice [ Power of Worshipping God] Part 1
   Worship & Social Justice 2,    
    Worship & Social Justice  3    Worship & Social Justice 4

***FREE BOOK OF PRAYERS*** click here to have them send to you
How can I have a better prayer life ?-   Priscilla 
Pray, Don't Curse or Analyze
Prayer - Priscilla Van Sutphin
The Weeping Room-Pathway to Strategy - Jennifer Miller
The Kingdom of God vs the Kingdom of Satan - chart
Kingdom of God vs Kingdom of Satan article - Prof. Johan S Malan. S Africa
Intimacy with God - You Tube video
Heidi Baker interview - 10 min

Prophecy & the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
The GIFT of PROPHECY - Priscilla Van Sutphin  [ work in progress]
Angel of the Lord - Pris
Jeremiah vs Hananiah: Lessons on false prophecy - Priscilla Van Sutphin
Ahab, Jezebel and Elijah - Priscilla Van Sutphin
Elijah's Three Tasks - Bill Somers
Taming the Tongue - Pris [not about the gifts, just controlling the tongue]

Is it more important to obey God than man ?

Renouncing the sins of the generations is important to appropriating all that the cross did for us, 
God does not want us to bear the sin of the generations. Just as all Israel stood before the
Lord for hours renouncing the sins of their parents and grandparents, we need to renounce any
agreement with sinful attitudes and actions of our parents/grandparents and beyond, that we
can live free from any curse that came through their sinfulness.  Idolatry is very common among all 
people groups, so I've included Amanda Buys books on renouncements.

Jezebel is the primary spirit working in the world & the church today, the great Harlot of self on the throne and witchcraft rebellion that says, what I WANT, is more important than what God wants.

The Floating Ax-head     Priscilla Van Sutphin 
The God of Jeshurun - Priscilla  
*****Picture of a Prophet - Leonard Ravenhill *****
Social Justice is God's Idea - Scrips

Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Gifts of the Holy Spirit- defined
Gifts of the Spirit & Character - Pris - You Tube
John Wimber - Gifts of the Spirit Part 1   Part 2   Part 3 vids
Gift of the Discerning of Spirits  {Also see Discernment below Healing section }
2. Discernment - Pris   
3. ANSWER to Where is Witchcraft in the Church ?
4. Medusa the Destroyer in the Church - Pris  [Will corrupt or limit the gifts]
Gift of Miracles
Miracles & Manifestations in the Early Church 1 vid
Miracles & Manifestations in the Early Church 2 vid
Gift of Prophecy
Tongues and Interpretation
The Gift of Wisdom 

Healing Articles ---->

Miracles Follow the Plow - A.W.Tozer
How to pray for healing - Heidi Baker - short vid
Ancient Foundations for Marriage_Amanda Buys.pdf

Prophecy Teachings
Angelology: The Doctrine of Angels - J. Hampton Keathley, III , Th.M. 
Angelic Activity Around the Birth of Jesus
Angels: The Good, The Bad & the Ugly - Sue Bohlin
About Dreams - Kathy Gabler
About Context and Dreams -  Lishan Desta
Understanding the Gift of Prophecy: Is Prophecy Preaching ? - Dr. Wilson
Understanding the Gift of Prophecy: the Purpose of Prophecy today - Dr,Wilson
Understanding the Gift of Prophecy: Beginning to Prophesy - Dr. Wilson
Visions & Revelations - Gablers
What Do I Do With This Prophecy ? -Learning to War- Marty Gabler
Why and How Prophetic People Pray - Marty Gabler

Dream book - Best I've see is:------>
In A Dream, In a Vision of the Night - Susan Riddle  - email me about this

Discernment - Priscilla Van Sutphin
Divination or Divine ? Discerning the False from the True in Prophecy- Priscilla

Angel of the Lord - Pris
Angelic Activity Around the Birth of Messiah - Pris

Restoring Early Church Principles
Worms in Our Meat - Priscilla ---->
The Modern Pastoral System - Frank Viola
Tradition of Tithing - Bob Neumann
Truth Scriptures to Pray Against Deception

Women in the Church
The Release of Women into Ministry - Jackie Pullinger To
Women of Fire - Lee Grady
The Position of Women in the Church: Dr. Stewart
Women in Ministry  -Vera Csada
EQUAL IN CREATION - Fuchsia Pickett
Women Leaders: A Brief History of Women in Ministry - Richard Riss
What Does the Bible Say About Women in Ministry? Betty Miller
Women in the Early Church - Pamela Walford
Junia, A Woman Apostle - Diane McDonnell
Junia: a Female Apostle - Dennis Preato
Removing Biblical Barriers Between Women and their Destiny - K Riss
See more articles about women by Kathryn Riss 
The Truth About Women in Ministry  Don Rousu
Silence that Shouts - Pam Walford
For more on women go to     http://godswordtowomen.org/
The Truth about women in Ministry

Book Stash - PDF's

 General   mp3's - on variety of topics Healing, Confidence in the love of God

Private stash of Mp3's - healing + some important stuff here

Watch live streaming video from larryrandolph at livestream.com
John Paul Jackson starts about 1 hr 24 min
Power Through Prayer_E M Bounds.doc