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"Einsam Wacht"                Dec 21st 
2011:The Year of Opening Doors  Dec 8th
Alternative Therapy           Nov 18th
You have to shake the tree to get the fruit   Nov 10th
Turn Around is Fair Play      Oct 20th
Chilean Miners Lesson         Oct 20th
Hostilities                      Sept 8th
The Earth Groans             Sept 2nd
Yom Kippur Word             Aug 24th
Revelation Generation         July 28th
Entrapments                   July 8th
Greater is He Who is in You   July 4th
I Am At Hand                  July 1st
The Lord the Righteous Judge  June 8th
Glory is Coming                  May 30th
Narcissistic Tuning of America  May 8th
Strike Force                    Apr. 30th
Prophets of Baal               Apr 16th
The Usurper                    Mar 29th
Removing Old Dead Wood      Mar 13th
Purim Word - "Upside Down"   Feb 27th
Congruent Lines of Demarcation Feb 7th
The Judas Factor               Jan 20th
"More"                           Jan 6th
Bridal Reluctance                            Dec 27th
Zoe Life                                          Dec 9th
Can Anything Good Come out of Nazareth?  Nov 24th
Renaissance Movement          Nov 12th
Adrift at Sea                        Oct 28th
Prepare Yourselves !              Sept 29th
Buried Justice                       July 10th
The Summer of My Discontent  June 24th
Revelations - June 2009 - Dieter Bestandig
Fanciful Feast                      June 6th
Juggernaut                            May 13th
King Forever                         April 19th
Word for Kenya & the Nations    April 10th
Refreshing Breezes for the Weary   April 2nd
Sweet Release                               Mar 3rd
The Angel, The Sword, & The Catch Net - Dieter Bestandig
End Times Service of Angels - D Bestandig
Rising of the Son                Feb 11th
Dominion & Rulership          Feb 3rd
Rise in Temperature           Jan 30th
Get Ready                          Jan 17th
Luxury Hotels                    Jan 10th

Dynasty                        Dec 29th
No More Drudgery             Dec 13th
Vermillion                      Dec 5th
Fighting Fire with Fire         Nov 16th
Lessons from Cappadocia      Nov 12th
Why ?                         Nov 4th
Ode to a "Ho"                 Oct 29th
A Radiant Glory               Oct 24th
One Heart, One Mind        Aug 29th
Cringing & Fawning            Aug 23rd
Facing Forward                Aug 8th
Special Envoys                July 21st
Dark Threads                 July 14th
The Turkey Vulture Brigade  July 10th
The Upbraiding               June 22nd
A Great Deliverance          June 9th
Apathy Languishes            June 5th
A Great Discontentment      June 4th
Mein Kampf                   May 31st
Dream of  Emaciated/Apostate Church  May 23
India, O India               May 24th
Angels, Demons & Paraphernalia May 22nd
What is Success ?           May 10th
Wars & Rumors of Wars     May 6th
Blood on the Altar           May 5th
Let Us Make a Name for Ourselves - Apr 27th
Ethnos vs Ethnos            Apr 26th
Besieged                     Apr 25th
Strident Calls               Apr 22nd
Sleuths &  Proofs           Apr 15th
Flattery Will Get You Nowhere  Apr 12th
Mercury Rising             Apr 7th
A Rain of Mercy           Apr 4th
Infusion not Confusion     Mar 31st
The Unjust Judge         Mar 28th
Extremes                   Mar 24th  
Friable Ventures           Mar 20th
Jettisoned                 Mar 14th
Change of Times          Mar 13th
Loyal Followers            Mar 8th
Resistence Training        Mar 5th
"Exegenesis"               Feb 20th
Illumination                Feb 17th
Dromedary Defeat        Feb 15th
I Am Your Shield         Feb 14th
Corruptability             Feb 11th
The Sorcerer's Apprentice   Feb 10th
Derelict in Duty             Feb 8th
Crank It Up                 Feb 6th
Indictments                 Feb 3rd
Scarborough Affair         Jan 31st
Dirigible                     Jan 22nd
Paraklesis                    Jan 16th
The Day of Your Visitation  Jan 14th
A Wash_Part 2               Jan 7th
Strategic Implementation    Jan 8th


Lattice Work                 Dec 31st
Collapsable Empires          Dec 26th
Light of the World           Dec 23rd
Roots of Pretense            Dec 22nd 
Industrial Waste Removal    Dec 14th
Dream of Cleansing & Confronting   Dec 12th
Desirous of Your Love Oh Lord   Dec 8th
Make Your Heart a Manger       Dec 7th
Exclusivity or Elasticity           Dec 6th
A Wash                           Dec  3rd

Junkyard Dog                  Nov  30th
Intrepid Ones                  Nov 27th
Bottomed Out                  Nov 26th
Comfort Ye My People         Nov 19th
Horizontal Shifting            Nov 15th
Constant Companion            Nov.9th
Afterglow                      Nov 5th

Resting in the Vine            Oct 25th
Demonstrations of Kindness   Oct 22nd
National Holidays              Oct 21st
Fore & Aft                    Oct 15th
The Bear Will Lie Down with the Dogs   Oct 12th
Traumatized or Sanitized ?     Oct 10th
Rise of Antichrists              Oct 8th
Contact Sports                  Oct 3rd

Where is Justice ?               Sept 30th
I Want to Tabernacle With U   Sept 29th
A Costly Perfume                 Sept 24th
Falling Leaves                     Sept 22nd
Yahweh Thunders                 Sept 17th
Doctrines of Demons             Sept 15th
Sign of the Rescued Deer        Sept 11th
Sinister Schemes                 Sept 11th
Life is a Voyage                  Sept 6th
The Latter Times                Sept 1st
Bitter Rantings                   Aug 26th
Instigating Circumstan            Aug 6th
Vision of Interrogation & Word   Aug 1st

The Cadence of Drums           July 24th
Full Restitution                   July 19th
Ripple Effect                     July 17th
Get Up to the Mountains        July 17th
Return of the King               July 8th
The Uncovering                   July 3rd

Urike People Dream              June 26th
See How the Towers Will Fall   June 26th
Word for North Carolina        June 22nd
War is Coming                   June 15th
Racing for the Goal              June 10th
Terror in the Night              June 7th
Grease Spots                     June 2nd

Cursive Opinion                   May 28th
Gestational Offerings            May 20th
Desperation                      May 17th
Neck to Neck                    May 13th
Consternation                     May 8th
Submarine Dream                 May 5th
Giant Carbuncle Excision          May 3rd

Chocolate Icing                   Apr 26th
Nakuru, Kenya - City of Magic to City of Lights                            Apr  18th
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands    Apr 16th
Predominant Order              Apr 10th
Bad Moon Rising                 Apr 6th
Moments Til Dawn               Apr 1st

India AFLAME !                Mar 28th
Conundrum                      Mar 25th
Double                          Mar 23rd
Double Fruitfulness             Mar 20th
Varieties of Winds             Mar 12th
Tyrrany and Justice            Mar 8th
Crescent Moon Alliance:for Israel   Mar 5th
Love and Honesty               Mar 3rd

Word for Africa                  Feb 27th
Sign of the Giant Squid & Fish   Feb 25th
The Thief & The King            Feb 23rd
Glory, Glory, Glory               Feb 15th
Premature Wresting              Feb 11th
Gyrations                          Feb 5th
Revelation Revolution              Jan 27
Fortuitous Advice                  Jan 27
A Perverse & Adulterous Generation Jan 21
Generación Adultera y Perversa      Jan 21
Degradation & Defilement      Jan 18
Transmitters                    Jan 12
Loose Change                    Jan 11,
Truth and Justice               Jan 3
Assemblance of Good           Jan 7
The Coming Great Awakening, Old Wells, Fallen Mantles, and New Fountain  M.Edds      Jan 7th

Growing Stakes                             Dec 30th
What Do You See This Night          Dec 25th
Are You Ready ?                           Dec 19th
Intensity                                      Dec 14th
Resurrection Life is Increasing       Dec 13th
Sola Scriptura or Solo Scriptura?  Dec 11th
Proclamations                                Dec 8th
Trying Times                                 Dec 7th
Transient Glory                             Dec 6th
Rising Stars                                  Dec 5th

Grace, Grace & More Grace           Nov 30th
Granite                                         Nov 28th
Precipice                                      Nov 25th
Replacement Therapy                    Nov 19th
Christmas Comes Early                   Nov 11th
Alternative Therapy                      Nov 11th
Chronos                                         Nov 8th
March,March!  & Word for France  Nov 5th
Perfect Desire                               Nov 3rd

Divine Sustenance____________ Oct 25th
Vision of the Silver Fork                Oct 19th
Fortuitous Bloodshed                      Oct 18th
Dawn of Adversity                         Oct 15th
Two Lanes                                      Oct 11th
Radiating Glory                              Oct 4th
National Advertising or Repentence ?   Oct 2

Sudden Destruction                        Sept 26
Tumult and Anger                           Sept 23
The Ultimate Perversion                  Sept 20
Adversity Comes to Those Unaware  Sept 14
African Dynasties                           Sept 6

Foreboding Influences - Assurance of Impending Glory                                               Aug 27
Performance Mentality                   Aug 23
Stationary Advice                           Aug 21
Sign of Water Under the Waste Bin   Aug 12
Resurgency                                         Aug 12

Exhilarating Wind                       July 20
Shout from the Rooftops             July  15
Lone Ranger & Tonto                   July   7
Liberty & Justice for All            June 30
Southern Comfort                       June 25
Knights in Black Armor                June 18
Hyperbole                                  June 15

SIGN OF A WORM & word for Mexican Americans and Native Americans      June 10

Strength & Conditioning              June 7
Everyday People                          May 31
Miraculous Saves                        May 27
A Raisin in the Son                      May 19
Razed from the Dead                  May 23
Overdone                                    May 20
Training & Reigning                      May 18
Cumin & Rue                                 May 15
Triumph in Christ                         May 6
Dromedary Invasion                     May 1

Transformational Joy                  Apr 30
Serendipitous Changes                 Apr 24 
Rustic Humor                                Apr 21 
Compromises & Kingdom                Apr 17 
Tried and True                             Apr 09 
No Industrial Waste                    Apr 04

Resplendent Glory                      Mar 27 
Intoxication                               Mar 22 
Breakaway                                  Mar 19  
Hot or Cold ?                              Mar 14  
A Controversy                            Mar 11  
Apostolic Fervor                         Mar 3  
Arrested State of Development   Mar 1  

Transpositioning                        Feb-26
Unreliability                              Feb-23
Word for France                       Feb-19
Bright & Shining Stars              Feb-19
Temporary Residency                Feb-15
Prehistoric Roots                       Feb-12
Old Man                                     Feb-4

Times & Seasons                        Jan 30
Tremendous Energy                   Jan-28
Pay Tribute to Your King            Jan-25
Trust in Me                                Jan-23
Ingratiating Grace                     Jan-22
Remembrance                             Jan-18
Mayberry Road                          Jan-13
Unregenerate Hearts                 Jan-11
Righteousness & Glory                Jan-06
Going with the Flow                    Jan-03

Be Not Unbelieving            Dec.24th
Curious                         Nov 28th
Crunch Time                   Nov 18th
I Am Your Everything         Oct 18th
Reset Your Focus             Sept 15th
Bombs Away                  August 4th
Stop Making My Father's House a Marketplace! 6/25
June Word                   June 12th
May   Word                 May 26
April  word                  April  7th  
Australia Word              March 31st     
Havoc Warning Glywn McInnes   2004 word
Leaning on the Everlastinhg Arms   Feb 21
Signs for the Church & Israel   Feb 11th
Surge of Mask Removals         Feb 4th
Word for Iraq & Soldiers       Jan 21st 
I Am Removing the Waste Places  Jan 5th
2011 Word: The Year of Opening Doors  
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Impact                        Dec 17th
Prophets for Profit           Dec 13th
Word for Japan               Dec 1
Word for Hawaii              Nov 25
Nervine                        Oct 27th
Which Way Does the Wind Blow   Oct 11
Romance in the Garden             Oct 5
Horses Hooves                      Oct 4
Smuggery                        Aug 30th
Viral Infection                  Aug 14th 
Quest-Bearers                  Aug 13th
Be Radical                       Aug 9th
Ripple Effect                    July 1st
Reigning As Kings & Queens    June 8th
Try to Remember               May 29th
Sponsored Chaos                May 5th
Governance                      Apr 10th
You are My Arrows             Apri 7th
Clamoring Voices                Feb 28th
Beefeaters                      Feb 24th
Verdant Repose                
Royal Diadems of Hope          Feb 1
Restoration & Reversals 2012 Word  Jan 9th.
Refreshing & Renewing         Jan 16th